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Times Leader 01-29-2012

Times Leader 01-29-2012

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Published by The Times Leader
The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader 01-29
The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader 01-29

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Published by: The Times Leader on Jan 29, 2012
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Victoria Azarenka beatMaria Sharapova 6-3, 6-0Saturday night to win theAustralian Open and takeover the women’s No.1ranking, all in her firstGrandSlamfinal. The22-year-old Bela-rusianhad herservebroken intheopening game and wasdown 2-0 after a nervousstart before winning12 ofthe next13 games to takethe match away fromSharapova.
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AdrienneWrenPartly sunny, evening snowshowers.High40.Low25.
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Since 2006, tectonic shifts intheDioceseofScrantonshutteredscores of schools and churches,displacing thousands of studentsand worshippers.Andmorethan300,000faithfulin 11 countiesare left trying to figure out afundamentalquestion: Whatdoesitmeantobe Roman Ca-tholic in the af-termath?Dramaticchanges since2005 include:• Consolidation cut the num-ber of schools nearly in half dio-cese-wide.InLuzerneCounty,thenumberwentfrom20inthe2005-06 school year to seven this year, withfourhighschoolsmergedin-toone.Accordingtostatedata,en-rollment in the11-county diocesedropped 38 percent, from 11,379in2005-06to7,024in2010-11.Da-ta provided bythe dioceseshows enroll-ment in Lu-zerne Countyschools fellmore dramat-ically, from5,437 to 2,537,adropof53per-cent.The dio-cese went fromnearly 200churches toabout 126 par-ishes, withsome parisheskeeping morethan one build-ing operating.In LuzerneCounty thenumber plum-metedfrom103in2005to57in2012. Of thosebuildings stillin use, sevenare “worshipsites” for consolidated parishes,meaningtheirfatedependsinpartonhowneededtheyareincoming  years.The decline in availablepriests continues unabated, de-spitearenewedandsofarmod-estly successful – effort to recruitnewseminarians.In2005,whenareport commissioned by the dio-cese noted the number of priestshaddroppedfromahighof419in1970 to 224, the prediction was afurtherslideto164by2010.Itheldtrue. The diocese currently hasabout150 active priests.• All of this consolidation wasintended to shore up a diocesanbudgetthathadbecomeawashinred ink A look at annual financialstatements suggests success sortof.In2005and2006,totaldio-cesanrevenuesandsupportintheadministrative budget hoveredaround$26millionwithoperating deficits. In 2010 and 2011, it was$36 million and $40 million, re-spectively,withmodestsurpluses.Buttheamountof“doubtfulnotesandloansreceivablesoaredfroma bit above $2 million in thoseearly years to more than $12 mil-lion in recent ledgers, reflecting agrowing effort to reserve funds tocover doubtful loans..Is the worst over? Has the dio-
Is there life after the restructuring?
Area Catholics still adjustingafter a major consolidationof schools and churches.
“What it’slike to beCatholicnow is thesame aswhat itwas like tobe a Ca-tholic be-fore.Structureswere chal-lenged, butnot theheart andsoul of ourpeople.”
First of atwo-part seriesthat looks athow unprece-dented orga-nizational res-tructuring hasreshaped theDiocese ofScranton.
Latinos welcome,
Arguments are synonymous with politics, but there’s no dis-agreeing with the fact that Penn-sylvania’s late primary electionsleaves the state at a competitiveand financialdisadvantagemost presiden-tial election years. While Iowa votershadtheirchoice of sevenRepublicans whose nameappeared onthe Jan. 3 bal-lot, those vot-ers in NewHampshire, who went tothe polls justone week laterhad but sixnames tochoose from.OnJan.21,inSouth Caroli-na, the thirdstate where votershadasayin who will bethe Republicannominee forpresidentinthefall, the list thinned to just fivenames.By the April 24 primary inPennsylvania, some political ob-serverssaytheballotwillbeevensmaller.“Ifthey’relucky,theremightbetwo choices,” opined Tom Baldi-no,apoliticalscienceprofessorat
Traditionis key toorder of elections
By April 24, some politicalobservers say the ballot willbe even smaller in Pa.
“Basically,states areexpectedto keeptheir orderand re-spect thepoliticaltraditionsof the pri-maries. ’’
Keystone Collegepolitical scienceprofessor
SCRANTON – When JosephMartino became Diocese of Scranton bishop in 2003, hismantra quickly evolved: Financ-es were dire and drastic steps were needed.He followed through withsweeping cuts in the number of schools and churches, sparking fierce criticism from many of the faithful. But he held firm,insisting it was necessary forfiscal solvency.A look at some key figuresfrom administrative budgetspublished in The Catholic Lightin 2007 and this year suggestshis moves – and those of hisreplacement, Joseph Bambera – worked.Comparing the years 2005and 2006, before the consoli-dations, to 2010 and 2011shows:
Report: Diocese cuts saved money 
Source: Diocese of Scranton Financial Statments Mark Guydish/The Times Leader
A snapshot of administrative budget income before and after church and schoolconsolidations. Not all items are listed, so amounts will not add up to the total.2005 2006 2010 2011
Diocesan (parish assessments) $3,526,821 $3,549,324 $4,699,969 $4,242,208Self-insurance premiums - General 4,786,512 4,369,595 4,290,924 3,976,973Self-insurance premiums - Medical $0 2,824,302 7,132,690 8,401,359Clergy benefit programs 2,872,376 1,175,871 2,868,164 2,676,334Diocesan Annual Appeal 4,153,892 4,176,868 4,324,322 5,191,003ScholarshipFoundationcontributions 953,653 885,690 890,099 507,476Unemployment 540,786 342,000 361,553 859,960Called to Holiness transfers 5,155,234 2,001,440Investment income 2,853,369 4,334,329 1,802,971 1,588,703Netrealizedgainonsaleof property $36,058 $0 65,144 4,889,676
Totalrevenues,gainsandsupport $26,342,446 $26,232,644 $36,200,745 $40,422,285
While diocese has seen biginfusions of cash in the lasttwo years, it won’t last.
King’sCollegepoliticalscienceprofessor Dave Sosar said Penn-sylvania’s late presidential pri-maries leave the state “stuck onthe sidelines picking nominees.”And that’s bad news for mediaorganizations. Restaurants, ho-tels and rental car businesses inthe state are missing out on mil-lions of dollars that campaignsspend in the earlier primary andcaucus-holding states. Throw in the nationally tele- viseddebates,thenationalmediaattentionandthechanceforglad-handing and pose-with-baby pic-tures that candidates are used toin Iowa and New Hampshire.“They get lots of attention andlotsofmoney,”KeystoneCollege
Late primary hurts stateeconomy 
Pa. misses out on mediaattention and millions inbusiness, ad revenues.
PAGE 2A SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2012 THE TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com
Page 2A, 13A
The Times Leader strives tocorrect errors, clarify storiesand update them promptly.Corrections will appear in thisspot. If you have informationto help us correct an inaccu-racy or cover an issue morethoroughly, call the newsroomat 829-7242.
 Jim McCabe – 829-5000jmccabe@timesleader.com
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Issue No. 2012-027
ae Anita Ayers, age 57, of PikesCreek, passed away Saturday,January28,2012afteracourageousbattle with cancer.Ms. Ayers was born February 21,1954, in Kingston, and was thedaughter of Shirley Patton Ayers of BeaumontandthelateWilliamRay-mond Ayers.She graduated from Lake-Leh-manHighSchoolin1972.Raewasa wonderful, caring and loving moth-ertoherchildren,whowillmissherdearly.Gardening was one of her joys inlife.Herson,ThomasGordon,diedin2010.Surviving, in addition to hermother, are children, Heidi Gordonof Lehman, and Jeremy Gordon of Harding; brothers, Bill, Dan, Jack,Joe, and Todd Ayers; sisters, CharYurko, Cindy DeGraff, Holly Mali-nowski, and Kelly Johnson.
A memorial
service will be held Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 8 p.m.fromtheCurtisL.SwansonFuneralHome, Inc., corner of routes 29 and118, Pikes Creek.Friends may call from 6 to 8 p.m.prior to the service on Tuesday.Online condolences can be madeat clswansonfuneralhome.com.
Rae Anita Ayers
January 28, 2012
– A man de-tained by police investigating aperson attempting to openlocked doors on Market Street was arraigned Friday in Wilkes-Barre Central Court.Police charged Edward J.Longfoot, 41, last known ad-dress as Rees Street, Wilkes-Barre, with false identificationto law enforcement, unswornfalsification to authorities anddisorderly conduct. He was jailed at the Luzerne CountyCorrectional Facility for lack of $20,000 bail.Police said they stoppedLongfoot while investigating aperson attempting to opendoors to businesses on MarketStreet at 8 p.m. Thursday.Longfoot provided police with a fake name, walked awayand caused a disturbance by yelling at people leaving the109th Field Artillery Armory onMarket Street, according to thecriminal complaint.A preliminary hearing isscheduled on Feb.1before Dis-trict Judge Paul Roberts inKingston.
– A man was ar-raigned Friday in Wilkes-BarreCentral Court on charges heassaulted a woman.Raymond Ingram, 21, of Grant Street, Exeter, wascharged with simple assault,disorderly conduct and harass-ment. He was jailed at the Lu-zerne County CorrectionalFacility for lack of $5,000 bail.Police allege Ingram struck a woman with a metal pipe sever-al times at his residence atabout1a.m. Friday, according to the criminal complaint.A preliminary hearing isscheduled on Feb.1before Dis-trict Judge Joseph Carmody in West Pittston.
– Karen Block,of Helen Street, reported Wednesday an unknown personentered her unlocked vehicleand stole a black Apple Iphone,an AT&T Gophone and about$5 in coins, township policesaid.
– Police warn about aseries of vehicle break-insthroughout the borough withinthe last week.Police said items consisting of electronic devices, credit cardsand money have been stolenfrom more than 20 vehicles.Residents are urged to re-move valuable items and to locktheir vehicle.Anyone with informationabout the thefts is asked tocontact Avoca police at 457-4011.
– Citypolice reported the following:• Ian Hughes, of ElizabethStreet, reported Friday thatitems were stolen after a win-dow was smashed on his vehi-cle. The interior had waterdamage and there was damageto the passenger side doorframe.• Geoffrey Heidig, of OldRiver Road, reported Fridaythat two Apple Ipods and acompact disc were stolen after a window was smashed on acompany vehicle.• Phillip Leco reported Fri-day a global position system was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the area of 345 S.Meade St.• Police said they arrestedMichael Cohowicz, 34, of Casp-er Street, Old Forge, on evi-dence of drunken driving afterhe crashed his1989 Plymouthinto the rear of a 2004 Pontiacat Wilkes-Barre Boulevard andConyngham Avenue at 4:53p.m. Thursday.Police allege Cohowicz wasfound to be under the influenceand had slurred speech andunsteady balance.• Jaesoon Frank, owner of Soonie’s Salon, 259 Carey Ave.reported a break-in at her busi-ness. She closed at 5 p.m. Thursday and returned at 8:45a.m Friday to find items scat-tered on the floor. Entry wasmade through a rear window,but nothing appeared to betaken.• Stella Gebhardt of MalleryPlace reported the driver’s side window of her vehicle wassmashed while it was parked inher driveway between Thursdaynight and Friday morning.• Ashley Raspa reportedFriday her vehicle was brokeninto while it was parked onNorth River Street and iPod vehicle charger, a Pennsylvania Turnpike EZ Pass, her vehicleinsurance information and loosechange was stolen.• Tina Deisenroth reported acounterfeit $100 bill was passedat the Turkey Hill store at 632Carey Ave. between 6 p.m. Thursday and 6 a.m. Friday.• Robert Quinn of 52 Madi-son St. reported Saturday cop-per pipes and tools were stolenfrom his property at183 Madi-son St.• Michelle Zinga of 62 GovierSt. reported Saturday the backdoor of her residence waskicked in.• Richard Hadvance, 22,Ashley Street, Ashley, will becharged with retail theft after hestole cigarettes, cigars, a lighterand work gloves totaling nearly$82 from the Turkey Hill storeat 335 E. Main St. on Tuesdayand Wednesday. The thefts wererecorded by the store’s videosurveillance system.• Madonna Trombetta of173Old River Road reported Sat-urday a landscape block wasthrown at her vehicle while it was parked in her driveway andthe windshield and right frontpassenger window were dam-aged.• Kim Chin of SchoolhouseLane reported Saturday cashand prescription medication were taken from his vehicle while it was parked at 205 N.Main St.• Darren Stucker of 56 Beek-man Street reported Saturday asliding glass window on his2002 Ford Van was smashed toget inside the vehicle and stealhand and power tools.• Laurie Bartholomew of Spruce Hollow Road, North-umberland, reported Saturday a window on her 2008 Kia wassmashed and a Garmin GPSunit was stolen while it wasparked at 83 Conwell Street.• Sherri Weidlich of 21Cum-miskey St. reported Saturdaythe two left tires of her vehicle were slashed.• The Turkey Hill store at200 N. Pennsylvania Ave. report-ed Friday night a womanpumped nearly $53 of gasolinein her vehicle and drove off  without paying.• Vanessa Rosada of Wilkes-Barre was charged with driving under the influence Saturdayafter police found her in her vehicle on the railroad tracksnear the intersection of NorthMain and Johnson streets. Sheshowed signs of intoxicationand failed field sobriety testspolice administered. She wastaken into custody, transportedto police headquarters and laterreleased.• Anthony Karsko, no age oraddress provided, was charged with simple assault after a do-mestic dispute at the residenceof Jennifer Breish on StanleyStreet Friday night.• George Blauer of Wilkes-Barre was charged with simpleassault after he struck JennyBlauer in the face at a residenceon Hortense Street Fridaynight.• Mark Hickman of Wilkes-Barre was charged with harass-ment Friday after he damagedthe property of Kristy Rackin-son of Wilkes-Barre at a resi-dence on Academy Street• Diana Jimison of191Loo-mis St. reported Friday moneyand jewelry were taken from herresidence.• Jessica Bialko of 575 N.Franklin St. reported Friday atelevision was taken from herresidence.• Mark McDermott of BarneyStreet reported Friday for WorkForce heaters valued at $40each were taken from 326 CareyAve.• Randy Rosado, 27, of MillStreet was charged with publicdrunkenness Friday on GeorgeAvenue. He was taken intocustody, transported to policeheadquarters and held until he was sober.• Lisa Thomas of 36 Wyom-ing St. reported Friday sneak-ers, computer game systems, alaptop computer and two iPods were taken from her residence.• Keith Donald reportedSaturday a GPS unit was re-moved from his vehicle while it was parked on WestminsterStreet.• Brenda Battle of Wilkes-Barre reported Saturday therear door damaged at her resi-dence on North Sherman Streetin the Sherman Hills housing complex.
– A cityman was arrested by Swoyers- ville police and the LuzerneCounty Drug Task Force oncharges he sold marijuana fromhis Simpson Street residence.David J. Brink, 44, was ar-raigned by District Judge DavidBarilla in Swoyersville on twocounts of possession with intentto deliver a controlled sub-stance, and one count each of possession of a controlled sub-stance, possession of drug par-aphernalia and criminal use of communication facility. He was jailed at the Luzerne CountyCorrectional Facility for lack of $50,000 bail.Police allege Brink sold mari- juana from his residence at101Simpson St. on Thursday.A search warrant was laterserved at the residence result-ing in the discovery of morethan one pound of marijuana,$1,129, contraband, a shotgunand shotgun shells, according tothe criminal complaint.A preliminary hearing isscheduled on Feb. 2 in Wilkes-Barre Central Court.
– Two people were arrested Thursday oncharges they sold heroin.Guy J. Moscatelli, 41, andJosephine Ann Collazo, 36, bothof 75 Blair St., Plymouth, werecharged with possession withintent to deliver a controlledsubstance and criminal conspir-acy. Moscatelli was furthercharged with possession of acontrolled substance, posses-sion of drug paraphernalia andcriminal use of communicationfacility.Moscatelli and Collazo werearraigned by District JudgeMartin Kane in Wilkes-Barreand jailed at the Luzerne Coun-ty Correctional Facility for lackof $30,000 bail each.Police and the Luzerne Coun-ty Drug Task Force allege Mos-catelli and Collazo sold heroinin a parking lot near West Mar-ket Street and Wyoming Avenueon Dec.13, according to thecriminal complaints.Preliminary hearings arescheduled on Feb. 2.
– A woman was taken to the hospital Fridaynight after an apparent assault,police said.Police Chief Joseph Jacobsaid police were called around10:30 p.m. to a house on Inde-pendence Drive in the CapitolHill development, where thefemale victim had knocked onthe door and asked the home-owner to call 9-1-1.Jacob said the woman, who isfrom Wilkes-Barre, said she waspicked up from a house in Wilkes-Barre and taken to thedevelopment by a black maleshe did not know, who thenassaulted her. But Jacob alsosaid police received conflicting reports and need to interviewthe woman again to gain a bet-ter understanding.Jacob said the woman hadlacerations on her face and headand appeared to have beenassaulted. The incident wasoriginally reported to 9-1-1as astabbing, but Jacob said thatreport was inaccurate.She was transported to anarea hospital for treatment,Jacob said. Investigation iscontinuing.
– State policearrested Robert Hollenbacg, of Kingston, on DUI charges fol-lowing a traffic stop at12:30a.m. Saturday on Route 315.
Torrey Sattof, Forty Fort,and Debra Sattof, Swoyersville
Peter Bacumpas, King-ston, and Zoe Ann Bacumpas,Kingston
Michele T. Schirf, HanoverTownship, and John J. Schirf,Flinton, Pa.
Jeffrey E. Aschman, RockGlen, and Beverly Aschman,Kingston
Sandra L. Yenalevitch,Luzerne, and William J. Yena-levitch Jr., Luzerne
Harold Heskell Jr., Brown-dale, and Libby Heskell,Browndale
Richard Roth, Wilkes-Barre, and Arlene Roth,Wilkes-Barre
Melissa S. Kitchell, WhiteHaven, and Clark Martin Kitch-ell, Wilkes-Barre
Jill Marie English, Ed-wardsville, and Daniel LeeEnglish, Mountain Top
Tina Greskewicz, Dallas,and Anthony Greskewicz,Edwardsville
Debra Weisgerber,Swoyersville, and Dean Weis-gerber, Pittston
Katheryn Vozar, Drums,and James Vozar Jr., Wilkes-Barre
Toneisha Drennon, Wilkes-Barre, and Reco Drennon,Troy, Pa.
Sharlene Androckitis,Nanticoke, and Michael An-drockitis, Nanticoke
Melanie J. Dulina, McA-doo, and Nicholas A. Dulina,Tresckow
Timothy J. Barletta, Ha-zleton, and Michele J. Barlet-ta, McAdoo
Christine Herbener-Got-wols, Freeland, and Thoams A.Gotwols, Freeland
Donald R. Buckinghamand Alise M. Kryznewski
Gerfin Arony Navarro andOzeny Marcelly Tejeda
Colby Christopher Ozgoand Catrina Alicia Lispi
Karim Twyman and Jo-lene Mintzer
Gerard Beozzo and Do-rothy Stoffa Johnson
Glenn Parada and LoriSmith
Roberto SosaHernandezand Lauren T. Vargas
Jeffrey Haraschak andLinda Massa
Lucas Felix Ynoa Rosarioand Kenia R. Herrera Jimenez
Robert William Thomasand Annette Hogan
David Hardin and MollieMcEvoy
Joseph Patrick Jacksonand Chynna Marie Kishbaugh
Edward Ovalles and Da-niela Hernandez
William Arthur Hempleand Jessica Lynn Myerski
Homeowner arrested at site of Dupont fire
damaged the rear of a house at11Wilson St., Dupont. BoroughFire Chief Don Hudzinski said he contacted a state police fire marshal to investigate ‘whatappears to be a fire that started on the back porch.’ The homeowner, Dominick Dente, 58,was taken into custody after he fought with firefighters who responded to the call around3:10 p.m. Police filed charges of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and public drunk-enness against Dente, saying he was abusive to Red Cross personnel and combative withpolice. Additional charges are possible pending the results of the fire investigation, policesaid. Dente declined to comment. He was arraigned by District Judge James Dixon in Ha-zle Township and committed to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of$25,000 bail. Hudzinski said the damage was contained to the ceiling and walls on theenclosed back porch.
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THE TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2012 PAGE 3A
Seeking the Super-linked
 The Times Leader is seeking Lu-zerne County residents who have aconnection to the three cities involvedin this year’s Super Bowl – New YorkCity, Boston and Indianapolis. We want to talk to you if you havebeen a dedicated fan of the New YorkGiants.Ditto for ardentsupporters of theNew England Patri-ots.Are you familiar with Indianapolis, where the game willbe played? Tell us about what’s good about the home turf of Peyton Manning, the brother of Gi-ants quarterback Eli.Please e-mail us at tlnews@time-sleader.com and leave your name,hometown and a telephone number where you can be reached.Please label the subject line SUPERBOWL. Or call the Times Leader citydesk at 570-829-7180.
Nominate citizen heroes
Gov. Tom Corbett is encouraging residents to nominate Pennsylvania“citizen heroes.” The nominations are for a Congres-sional Medal of Honor Society andFoundation award to be presented inMarch. The “Citizen Service Before Self Honors” program recognizes people who have demon-strated a willingnessto sacrifice for others, whether it was risk-ing one’s life througha single act of ex-traordinary heroismor through a pro-longed series of self-less acts. The commendable acts must havetaken place within the past three years.Nominees may include individuals who are deceased. The nomination deadline is Feb.10. Three individuals will be selected toreceive the award at a March 23 cere-mony in conjunction with the Nation-al Medal of Honor Day at ArlingtonNational Cemetery in Arlington, Va.Previous Pennsylvania honoreesincluded Timothy Brooks, who res-cued a woman and her three childrenfrom the Delaware River after a boat-ing accident, and Dr. Pascal Spino, forhis career-long commitment to treat-ing children.For more information about theaward and to make a nomination, goto www.CitizenServiceBeforeSelfHon-ors.org.
Vigil for murder victim
A candlelight vigil will be held at 6p.m. Tuesday outside the LuzerneCounty Courthouse in memory of murder victim Patricia Moreton.Moreton, 35, was found dead inside340 Hazle Ave., Wilkes-Barre, on Jan.31, 2006.Her case remains unsolved.Police said Moreton died from asingle gunshot wound to her head.
Child travel safety eyed
 The Traffic Injury Prevention Pro- ject will hold a National Child Pas-senger Safety Technician Course atHazleton General Hospital, 700 E.Broad St., Hazleton, from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. daily from April 24 to April 28,according to a news release from theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics’Pennsylvania chapter. Those interested can register andpay the $75 fee for the course at www.safekids.org/certification.
Lien filed against Powell
 The U.S. Attorney’s Office on Fridayfiled a $60,200 federal lien in LuzerneCounty Court against attorney RobertPowell. The lien is part of a restitutionorder given at Powell’s recent sentenc-ing on corruption charges.He is serving an18-month prisonsentence after pleading guilty in July2009 to charges of failing to report acrime relating to his kickback pay-ments to former county judges Mi-chael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella.
UNION TWP. – Ronald Grevera con-cedes he picked a bad time to become aschool district superintendent. He takesthe helm at Northwest Area as publicschools cope withdeep cuts in state sub-sidies,dramaticchang-es in teacher evalua-tion and certificationsystems, and immi-nent implementationofcurriculumandtest-ingmandates.Yet he sounds up-beat when discussing plansforadistricthehasheadedforonlysixweeks.“We just launched our new website … We’ve gotten off to a great start with ourprofessional learning communities  We’ll be implementing a child study sys-tem…Wewillbeputtingtogetheracom-mitteetoexamineourmissionstatement…”Maybe the guy has an abundance of  youthfulenergy.At38heistheyoungestsuperintendent in Luzerne County,though not the young-est ever (Lake-Leh-man’s Jim McGoverntook office in 2006 attheageof37.Maybe the Edwards- ville native is a naturalborn leader. After get-tinghismaster’sdegreefrom Indiana Universi-ty,hespentmostofhisrelatively short career in administration,starting as social studies teacher at Co-lumbia-MontourAreaVocationalTechni-calSchoolandmovingtoassistantprinci-pal at North Schuylkill Middle School,principal at Panther Valley MiddleSchool,andnearlyeightyearsasprincipalat Crestwood’s Fairview elementary be-fore landing the top job at Northwest Ar-ea.Ormaybehe’smotivatedtomakepub-liceducationbetterbecausehisthreechil-drenareeitherenrolledorsoonwillbeatRiceElementaryinMountainTop,whereGreveraandhiswifeof15yearslive.Certainly,he’squicktopraisepastmen-
Ronald Grevera is a big proponent of teacher collaboration
New superintendent optimistic
Ronald Grevera, newsuperintendent ofNorthwest AreaSchool District. Hisprevious adminis-trative experiencehas been as assist-ant principal atNorth SchuylkillMiddle School, prin-cipal at PantherValley MiddleSchool, and principalat Crestwood’s Fair-viewelementary.
See GREVERA, Page 6A
“I’m really blessed tohave had such goodmentors and such agreat staff.”
Ronald Grevera
Northwest Area superintendent
LUZERNE Walt Disney Worldtheme park, “The place where dreamscome true,” has made dreams a realityfor two dance instructors from the JoanHarris Conservatory for the Arts in Lu-zerne.MarkPetrucelli,26,ofClarksSummit,and Thomas Wilkins, 26, of Wilkes-Barre, auditioned in Philadelphia a few weeks apart from one another in Octo-ber for different positions with Disney World. InNovember, theybothreceivedlife-altering news that they have beenhired.According to Jim Harris, manager of the Joan Harris centerand founder of theNortheastern Pennsyl- vania Theatrical Alli-ance, this is the firsttime they’ve had twomale performers fromtheir conservatoryhired by Disney. Wilkins is expectedto work for Disney un-til the end of Augustthrough a college in-ternship program andPetrucellihasbeenem-ployed indefinitely.Petrucelli is a gradu-ate of King’s College withaBachelorofArtsdegree in theater andan associate degree in human resourcesmanagement. The graduate was a drama instructoranddirectorfor“BackstagePass,”achil-dren’stheaterworkshopheldatthecon-servatory for the last six years, and hehas appeared onstage in more than adozen plays, ranging from Shakespea-rean to contemporary.“I’ve been blessed to be in the compa-nyofsuchtalentedprofessionals,admin-istrators, instructors and friends at ‘JHarris,’ ” said Petrucelli. “I’m so sad toleavethembecausewereallyarelikeonebig family and I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without them,” continuedPetrucelli.Unlike Petrucelli, Wilkins began hisdance training in Durham, N.C., wherehe studied modern and jazz dance thenmovedtoMontclair,N.J.,wherehestud-ied creative dance.For the last seven years, Wilkins hasresidedinWilkes-Barrewhereworkedasa choreographer for the “Pink DiamondDance Team” and the “West Side StarzAll Star Cheerleaders” for the conserva-tory. Wilkins appeared in
Dancersfind theirdreamscome true
Two dance instructors from JoanHarris Conservatory for the Arts,Luzerne, hired by Disney World.
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Times Leader Intern
 WILKES-BARRE The LuzerneCounty Historical Society hosted a se-riesofeventsonSaturdaytoculminateits"PolishHeritage"exhibition,whichbeganinOctober. The multi-faceted exhibit was orga-nizedasawaytohonorthemanyfam-ilieswhoimmigratedtotheareainthelate1800s. Thedaybeganwithachildren’spro-gramtitled,"SmokthePolishDragon," which featured a Polish-themed story-telling hour, craft making and refresh-ments.TheprogramcontinuedwithanafternoonsessionwhichfeaturedaPol-ish-costume embroidery discussionanddemonstrationbyAliceRaeKutishoftheEmbroideryGuildofAmerica.“We wanted to celebrate the ethnicexperienceandcontributionofthePol-ish immigrants here in Wyoming Val-ley,"saidMaryRuthBurke,thehistor-icalsociety’scurator.According to Burke, many Polescametothiscountrytofindworkinthecoal-mining industry with a plan to re-turn to Poland once they had savedenough money. However, the two world wars and ensuing Russian occu-pationpreventedmanyofthemfromre-turning to their home-land.“Their community was centered aroundtheir neighborhoodchurch," added Burke."The exhibit demon-strated that once estab-lished in the region,home ownership be-came the goal for manyPolish immigrants, as a way to escapetheharshconditionsofminingcompa-nyhousing.”Burke said the historical societyplanstopublishanethniccookbook.
Historical Society program celebrates Polish traditions
Helen Grebski of the Wilkes University Polish Roomshows Polish animal crafts to children at a Polish Heritageevent at the Luzerne County Historical Society Museumin Wilkes-Barre on Saturday morning.
Honoring heritage
Times Leader Correspondent
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SCRANTONMorethanahundredanti-abortion advocates protested for-merCongresswomanMarjorieMargo-lies’ appearance at The University of ScrantonSaturdaywitharallynearthecampus. Thecrowdnumberedfewerthanthe“hundreds, maybe thousands” that or-ganizerJamesBurkeofBearCreekpre-dicted would gather, but larger thanthe number of those attending Margo-lies’ speech. University Vice PresidentforAlumniandPublicRelationsGerryZavoskisaidabout40hadsigneduptomeet with Margolies and 14 otherspeakers at the
Anti-abortion protesters rally against U of S speaker
Families, priests andstudentsprotestedabortion and The University ofScranton’s decision to have Marjorie Margolies speak at the school.
Ex-congresswoman’s appearanceseen counter to Catholic teaching.
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