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Formats for the Electronic Bank Statement

Formats for the Electronic Bank Statement

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Published by Naresh Kumar Dash

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Published by: Naresh Kumar Dash on Jan 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Formats For The Electronic Bank Statement
The following section contains an overview of the formats that are supported for the electronic bankstatement in Germany. However, this overview is relevant for all countries where the bank softwarepackage MultiCash is available or the MultiCash format is supported.The following Formats are supported:
ltiCash format
This format is generated from the SWIFT MT940 formats using BCS software (BankingCommunication Standard) and is recommended by SAP for use with its electronic bankstatement.It is a format that is standard for all banks and can be easily controlled by means of aspreadsheet program or a word processing program. It consists of two files with the formats AUSZUG.TXT and UMSATZ.TXT. AUSZUG.TXT contains the header information from thestatement and UMSATZ.TXT contains the item information. This format allows you to import datafrom several electronic statements at the same time, even from different banks.BCS software is usually MultiCash software. This is often used by banks under a different name(Cotel - Commerzbank, Dretec - Dresdner Bank, ELKO - Sparkassen, ...). If the BCS program isfrom the
Deutsche Bank 
, you must install the program µdb-direct¶.
Banks usually provide statements in the SWIFT MT940 format (with or without structured field86).SAP recommends that you do not import these files directly into the R/3 System, since this formatis not provided as standard by many banks. You are therefore advised to convert these formatsinto the MultiCash format using the BCS software (see MultiCash format).SWIFT MT940 should only be used in cases where it is not possible to use the MultiCash format.
TAUS format
The main advantage of the electronic bank statement is that it ensures that all the businesstransactions contained in the statement are posted in your system.The DTAUS format only contains a single business transaction (for example, cash receipt) per fileand therefore only represents a fraction of the items processed in an account. Using the DTAUSformat usually entails more than one files being imported into the system and even somebusiness transactions (that are not supported by this format) being posted manually.What is more, the header record of DTAUS files does not contain any reference to the statementthe items originated from (such as statement date or number). This means that the importprogram cannot carry out the usual checks, such as those which prevent the same items beingimported multiple times or which check the completeness of the imported data.The DTAUS format originated in the mainframe era and has certain disadvantages; the individualdata records, for example, are not separated with the special character denoting a µnew line¶

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