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How to Master Incubus

How to Master Incubus

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Published by LSPMusic

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Published by: LSPMusic on Jan 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 _______________________________________________________________ ALWAYS USE YOUR EARS - Understand that mastering variesbetween genresStep 1Step 1Start by adding a stereo track to accommodate your un-masteredtrack. This should be an exported or recorded version of your entiremix-down. For best results this should be in the highest bit ratepossible. For example, if you original project was recorded at 24 bitthen this should also be at 24 bit.Step 2Step 2Check you have enough headroom for your mastering processors towork in. Do this by playing back the track at its loudest point andcheck the maximum level on your master output.
StepStep33 The next stage is to add a multi-meter onto your track. This will tellyou information about your track; levels (level meter), overallfrequency range (analyzer) and panning (goniometer)Step 4Step 4 The next stage is to think about whether or not the track needs EQ.If you find yourself adding a lot of EQ in one area it might be time togo back to your mix.If you have access to one, try to use a linear phase EQ.Step 5Step 5If you feel there are still areas in your mix that are too loud or quiet,even if it’s just in a small section of your mix, an excellent tool touse here is a multi-band compressor. Basically, using this sort of processor you can clamp down on a certain frequency and boost orcut it dynamically.StepStep66Sometimes some light stereo enhancement can go a long way in themastering process. Of course, don’t apply this as a rule of thumb asevery track’s requirements are different. Here you can see Logic Pro8’s ‘Stereo Spread’. Whatever you choose to use, remember to onlyspread the upper frequencies of your mix, leaving the lower end of the spectrum intact.

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