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The Second Coming - Can LeBron James Really Match Michael Jordan's Career

The Second Coming - Can LeBron James Really Match Michael Jordan's Career

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Published by ddith1
The championship crown, winning the playoff title, eluded LeBron James once again. He is in a league of his own when it comes to basketball. When LeBron is focused, he plays a brilliant game of basketball. When his game is off; however, there is more...
The championship crown, winning the playoff title, eluded LeBron James once again. He is in a league of his own when it comes to basketball. When LeBron is focused, he plays a brilliant game of basketball. When his game is off; however, there is more...

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: ddith1 on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====For More Details visit:http://DownloadFreeInfo.com ==== ====Number 23, the greatest basketball player of all-time, "Black Jesus", and MJ. Nothing really needsto be said about Michael Jordan, but it wasn't always this way. Jordan wasn't always bowed to andreferred to as the G.O.A.T. Most people don't remember when he couldn't win the big one or whenthe big bad Pistons more often than not got the best of him, but even those of us who doremember the old days probably don't realize that it was his time facing adversity that thenecessary ground work was laid for his unprecedented reception as "The greatest basketballplayer of all-time". We all remember his first three-peat, and when he "retired" only to make histriumphant return to glory and win it three more times, but what we don't know is why he was/isloved the way he is. If LeBron is going to receive anything near Michael's praise he's got somemore foundation to establish, even before he wins a title. Two-time NBA MVP, NBA defensive player of the year, All-star game MVP, two-time slam dunkchampion, and Olympic Gold medalist. This sounds respectable enough for any Hall of Famer, butfor Michael Jordan he accomplished this much before he ever won a title. It's what happenedbefore Michael Jordan's numerous titles that played a huge part in how he became known as thegreatest ever, the foundation for success, glory, but most important of all..love from fans of allages and walks of life all over the globe. Heck, even as much as Magic and Bird were loved theywon titles within their first three seasons (Magic in his rookie season, Bird in his third) onfranchises with no lack of history. This is also one of several differences between the career of Jordan and the career of KobeBryant. Kobe joined a much storied and glamourous franchise right out of the draft, started hiscareer with arguably the most dominant center of all time, soon to be joined by sure-thing hall offame coach Phil Jackson, and was winning titles before he was even 22. Granted, Kobe was notthe center peice of the Lakers mini-dynasty, Shaq...obviously (3 strait finals MVPs), but thedownfall of the early success for Kobe Bryant is the shortened courting period between himselfand the NBA public, and it wasn't until after his time at the top that he was considered the bestplayer in the game. This may also in part explain why Bryant only recently (2007-2008) won hisfirst MVP, as political as the award has become there simply was a gag order put on the man afterhe helped dismantle a winning machine with his, and Shaq's, inflated ego, not to mention a certainvery public....cough*...indescrepency in Colorado... When Michael finally won his first title in the summer of 1991 he had been defeated twice by theBoston Celtics and three consecutive times by the Detroit Pistons, needless to say he had somedemons to overcome. However, in the process he rounded out an already highly impressiveoffensive game with a lock-down defensive game resulting in his winning the Defensive Player ofthe Year in 1988, teamed up with a couple of half-decent draft picks Scottie Pippen & HoraceGrant, a new head coach Phil Jackson and most of all love and respect from fans far and wide.After Michael Jordan's title drought ended, in his seventh season at the ripe age of 28, he went on
to win three more MVPs, two more All-star MVPs, and another Gold Medal...not to mention finalsMVPs in every one of his titles. These are the more known facts of Jordan's career, the ones weuse as a benchmark for current and future greats like Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and ShaquilleO'neal. If LeBron James wants to finish his basketball career one day with anything like theacclaim Jordan has garnered he'll face the same measuring stick, and no one knows that morethan LeBron himself, but how does he matchup so far?? You really must start from the beginning when LeBron was selected first overall in the 2003 NBAdraft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, an unproven franchise without a championship history. LikeMichael, this blessing in disguise is the perfect opportunity to make his place in history just asJordan did with the Chicago Bulls, on a team with no history of winning. Much like Michael Jordanpaid his dues, so does LeBron James right now. What most "experts" don't realize is every yearthat passes as LeBron racks up more records and awards he builds the platform for his reign as awinner deserving of our praise. In his seventh NBA season LeBron already has a gold medal, an MVP award and was the runaway pre-season favorite to win it again for the 2009-2010 season, two All-Star MVPs, one scoringtitle, runner-up in defensive player of the year voting (2009-2010). Early on in LeBron's career hewas subject to harsh criticism for his lack of commitment on defense and his poor jump shootingskills, but much like Jordan after early criticisms of his defensive effort he came into the 2008-2009season with a new mind set on the defensive end of the floor resulting in the runner up voting inDPOY balloting. All the accolades aside, we live in a world of instant gratification and all this build up draws morecriticism from the so called "experts" each and everyday, but what we forget to notice is what'sbeing laid right before our eyes. Although it's not likely LeBron will win a title this season or next(barring a blockbuster trade) what is likely is another NBA MVP and possibly another all-star MVP,also he's unofficially put his hat in the dunk contest for this season which will be a nice addition tohis resume..assuming all goes well there... After Michael started winning titles his team almostalways remained at the top of the league standings and he remained undoubtedly the league'sbest player. This is yet another similarity James' career shares with Jordan's, holding the un-officaltitle of best in the league before and during their title runs. The Kobe Bryant/LeBron James debateis definitely still a valid one but it's becoming less so every season and soon will leave LeBronalone at the top. Once the titles start to rack up as will additional league MVPs and the finals MVPs, however anoften overlooked aspect of Michael's fairytale of a career is the timing of it all. Michael reached thepeak of his game at just the right time (although you could argue he never stopped getting better),unlike Kobe Bryant who unfortunately spent the prime of his career on a non-contending team.The best thing, timing wise, for LeBron's career would actually be to spend the next season or two(while LA and Boston dominate) continuing to develop his mid-range and post up game, becausehe may be able to outrun and outjump almost everyone in the league but that won't last forever.LeBron will likely have a decent shot at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's scoring record and at remainingthe centerpeice of a chamionship team but it just won't happen without a finesse game. There aresome circustances that are currently out of LeBron's hands like a true star teammate or great sixthman but with what is in his hands he's on the Jordan path. In the near future (pre-titles) it'd do LeBron some good to win at least one more MVP, a dunk

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