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The Mask is Off - Raves

The Mask is Off - Raves

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Published by PRMurphy

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Published by: PRMurphy on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mask is Off
Ebben Raves January 29, 2012Source:http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/01/the_mask_is_off.html Last Thursday will be remembered as the day the Republican establishment unveiled itstrue face. We know they've just been inside the beltway too long. We expect theirinformed opinion to tilt in whatever direction keeps them on the cocktail circuit. That'swhy many of us don't pay a whole lot of attention to them. But to bring out JohnMcCain and Bob Dole to give us advice on picking presidential candidates and have whowe thought were "our" pundits treat it as gospel? Next they will tell us ObamaCare isnot so bad. Oh wait, they're already priming that pump.Let's face it, Reagan was an aberration. Before and since, can anyone truthfully saythat the party has gone to the mat for conservative, TEA party values? Or has it been just lip service? Why is it always that when we seem to be inside the twenty on anissue that matters, such as cutting the size of government and holding it accountable,we can never score? Newt tried somewhat in the nineties, but was stabbed in the backby his own party. What happened when the Republicans had both houses and thepresidency? What happened to the House of Representatives the TEA party put inoffice in 2010? Excuses. There always has been and there always will be excuses.That brings us to this election cycle. Mitt Romney is the establishment's man. Nevermind that Romney has never done anything conservative. Never mind that it is leakingout that he probably won't get rid of ObamaCare, the issue that gave Republicans theHouse in 2010. Never mind that his biggest qualification is that he is a businessman.So is George Soros. Pretty much the same kind of business, too. Woe on to anyonewho is a threat to the status quo that challenges him, though. They will be attackedwith a fervor never unleashed on a Democratic opponent.Now why is that? As always, money and power. And, as Ayn Rand told us, the biggespile of either resides in Washington, DC. For the Republican and Democraticestablishment and their lackeys, it has never been about principles or the middle class.It has always been about saying or doing whatever it takes to feed at the publictrough. Anyone who gets in their way or dares to shrink the trough will be destroyed.Those at the trough do share with each other, though. How often do you see anyonefrom either party suffer consequences from fleecing the taxpayer?So, TEA party, constitutional conservative folks, we have a choice to make. We canstay on the plantation, run away or abolish it. The first choice is easy and we may evensee some scraps from time to time. The last two will be more difficult, but since wenow know the face of the enemy, not so much.

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