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The Interview

The Interview

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Published by Timothy J. Thompson

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Published by: Timothy J. Thompson on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I, Timothy J. Thompson, am an historian. For as long as I canremember, I have always displayed an insatiable appetite for historyand writing. While enrolled at college, I would spend virtually everywaking minute reading history books; whether they were military,political, national, or economic. This was even the case when I wasseated at a desk in the middle of class; any class; not just a history class.Yes, it is true, even when I was sitting in the middle of anAccounting class, an Algebra class, or even an English class, I wouldsoon become bored with the current lecture and calmly pull out ahistory book and begin to read it. And, on more than one occasion, theprofessor would become irritated, stop lecturing, and give me an evillook, forcing me to put away the history book and pay attention to hislesson.After graduating college from the University of Missouri St. Louisin 2002, I relocated to central Florida where I began pursuing mywriting career. Thus far in my life, I have published five major works ona variety of historical subjects. My very first book is entitled: GRITAND VALOR: THE STORY OF SWALE. It is all about the life andcareer of a great thoroughbred racehorse named, SWALE. He was oneof the greatest and most beloved sons of the legendary and immortalSeattle Slew.I followed this one up with MAGICIANS ON ICE. In this book, Idetail the very inception of the great and unmatched Soviet HockeyDynasty. My third book was on the Second World War. It is entitled:WACHT AM RHEIN. Wacht Am Rhein is German for: Watch On TheRhine. These were the special code words used by the Germans to lullthe Western Allies, most notably the Americans, into a false sense of security during the late fall of 1944, just prior to them launching theirgreat Ardennes counter offensive.My fourth book, was a major expansion upon the prior one. It isentitled: THE ARDENNES ON FIRE. In this one, I take WACHT AMRHEIN to a whole new level. In both, I detail the intensive Germanmilitary buildup just prior to them unleashing their massive attack.However, in, THE ARDENNES ON FIRE, I go into tremendous detailon weaponry, commanders and then examine the very first day of theGerman assault.
Without question, I am extremely proud of each of thesepublications. And this pride also extends to my fifth and latestpublication: THE INTERVIEW. It chronicles a series of in depthdiscussions I had with a very remarkable man, my friend, Mr. DonBeeton. It is based entirely upon an equally remarkable event he justhappened to witness early one evening just by accident.Perhaps what is even more intriguing about this whole story ishow I came to meet Mr. Don Beeton. In August of 2009, I began a radiotalk show with an internet pod cast called, Blog Talk Radio. The nameof my show was: THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE. Over the course of the next 16 months, I performed countless radio broadcasts; sometimesas many as 10 per week. I would inform my audience about every aspectof the Battle of the Bulge, ranging from weapons, units, commanders,and quotations. I even devoted a portion of each show to answering E-mails that I received from fans of the show as well as many close friends.Over the course of each and every show, there were manyhighlights. Each show was unique in its own special way. I always had adifferent topic and answered different E-Mails as well. However,through it all, there was always one constant; something that alwaysmade my show worthwhile. And that was when Don Beeton would showup in my chatroom. I always thanked him on air for his participation. Iwould even say that “It was never the same without him”, and I meantit. Later on, Don would even have his two wonderful children listen inon my broadcasts. He soon became a very special friend of mine. Thereare literally hundreds of pod casts on Blog Talk Radio; hundreds. Withthat in mind, I once asked Don how he ever came across my show. Heresponded that he was going through the historical category, and whenhe came across the photo of mine, it looked very interesting, so hedecided to check it out. I am so glad that he did.Soon after he appeared in the chat room of my show, I went intothe chat room of Don’s show on BTR. His was, and still is, entitled: THERETURN VIEWER’S GUIDE. I was intrigued by the title. Within a fewminutes of listening to his show for the first time, I became even moreintrigued by the subject matter; eventually I would become hooked.That’s because early on the evening of May 22 1970, when Don was justa ten year old boy, he literally bore witness to one of the most incrediblesights anyone could ever have seen. What Don saw that evening is thesubject of this book. It is based upon his testimony to myself over aseries of in-depth conversations we had beginning in January 2011 andlasting until this very day.

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