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Free Daily Christian Bedtime Stories - Come & Eat

Free Daily Christian Bedtime Stories - Come & Eat

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Published by: The Christian Entertainment Company on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Inspired by a true life event in my childhood that I didn't find funny when ithappened.]FREE DAILY CHRISTIAN BEDTIME STORIESAuthor: Alfred Benjamin KingTitle of Today
’s Story: Come & EatDate: 26th January 2012 (Thursday)Website: www.thechristianbookcompany.comCome & Eat Once upon a time in a Christian home in the beautiful country called Nigeria, Obinna
s Mum sat at the dinning table with him teaching him good table manners. One of the things she taught him was that it was polite to say COME & EAT when you are eating and a visitor happens to meet. Obinna
s Mum told him that it is not as if you really want the person to come andeat with you but it just something you have to say to be polite, nice, and in-line with proper etiquette. She told him that when you tell them to come and eat, they should smile and politely reply; "No, Thank You I
m Ok!." Even if they are really hungry. One day while eating with his Mum, Obinna
s best friend showed up. Obinna told him to come and eat and his friend replied, "Thank You, that
s very kind of you."Then he actually begins to approach the dinning table to eat Obinna
s food withObinna. Obinna
s friend picked up a spare cutlery and just started digging in. To make matters worse he was a very fast eater. Obinna could only open his mouth and watch in shock. When he regained his wits, he slapped his friend as hard as he could upside his head and said, "You are notactually supposed to come and eat. Didn
t your mother teach you good table manners yet?" Obinna
s friend replied, "No, I haven
t been told that yet. But I do know that slapping somebody upside their head when they are eating can
t be good table manners either."The End.WHY THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN:- To encourage table manners.- To help enlighten people about proper etiquette in our daily dealings with people we meet.- To make you see etiquette as guidelines not at hard rules. They should be understood in other to be carried out appropriately.If you choose to follow it strictly by the letter you could miss the point, butif you choose to ignore it completely you would be a social disaster.WHAT YOU
VE GAINED FROM READING THIS STORY: Amongst other things,- You laughed.- I
ve made some of you look up the word "ETIQUETTE" in a dictionary.- You have been reminded about the existence of table manner manners in case youare one of those people who choose to forget it.FUN QUESTIONS:(Feel free to share your answers as comments below.)1) How do you feel Obinna felt when he saw his friend coming to eat his food?

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