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Advice for College Students

Advice for College Students

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Published by essaytask
The article titled 'Advice for college students' will give you an idea how to make your academic life more enjoyable.
The article titled 'Advice for college students' will give you an idea how to make your academic life more enjoyable.

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Published by: essaytask on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advice for College Students
College is an extremely important time in the lives of most men andwomen. After all, we’ve been told that anyone who goes toUniversity, and that the adult world demands degrees, diplomas,and other fancy pieces of paper. We’re told that, if we’re good atwhat we do, we must prove so – and that only that piece of paperdemonstrates our quality. And so, we break our backs, splinter ourminds, and poison our bodies with coffee and Cup O’ Noodles –doing whatever it takes to excel, because (we’re told) it is not onlyenough to get that paper, but because we must work harder thananyone else in order to obtain it.
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I will tell you here and now, this is a farce. It is, perhaps, the mostbought into hoax in all of mankind. All the world of academia is acarnival game, and we’re all suckers.Of course, I’m not trying to convince the lot of you to throw cautionto the wind and abstain from higher learning. The truth is thatcollege is important to the outside world, and without it you willhave a difficult time going much of anywhere without a degree.However: Now that I have gone through the first few years of integration into “the real world”, I want to share some importantadvice for college students. I wish I had known it during college. They have all been learned after dedicating a great deal of trial anderror, tremendous pain and bother, and a modicum of pride.I won’t be able to help you with the last two on that list, but I canpromise to save you from having to make unnecessary mistakesthat will cost you several months – maybe even years – of yourpost-college existence.
No matter what career you plan on entering, it is undeniable thatthe men and women who will control your destiny will demand aknowledgeable, hard-working addition to their team. At the same
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time, these same demanding men and women want someone whoisn’t socially inept. In fact, higher-ups prefer employees that areeducated and
over employees that are educated and dull. The key is to be as personable as possible. Personable is just afancy short-hand for “Worth keeping around”. If you learn how to beas easy-going and pleasant as possible, you’ll stand a better chancemoving up in whatever job you pursue.
 The dirty little secret within all colleges is that you aren’t there toprove your intellectual worth, so much as you are there todemonstrate your endurance level. Now, I don’t mean “endurance”as it pertains to running, jumping, boxing, or other physical things. Imean you are being tested on your mental, emotional, and spiritualendurance.College, like life, is a never-ending obstacle course. You’re beingtrained to jump through hoops, first and foremost – and, yeah, you’lldissect
and the human anatomy on the side, but that’sincidental.Look at how every department is set up: From the constant ups anddowns within the financial aid department, the ineptitude of the

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