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BN NCM PME Modernization_v4_3 Nov 11 1

BN NCM PME Modernization_v4_3 Nov 11 1

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Published by Ralph Mercer

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Published by: Ralph Mercer on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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References: A. Canadian Forces Non-Commissioned Member in the 21
Century (NCM Corps 2020)
B. Beyond Transformation, The Chief Warrant Officer Strategic Employment Model (CWO SEM), Nov2010
C. Duty With Honour: the Profession of Arms in Canada (2009) (DWH)
D. Canadian Forces Non-Commissioned Member in the 21st Century: Detailed analysis and strategy for launching implementation (NCM Corps 2020)
1.This BN is intended to provide context to the collaborative development of the NCM ProfessionalMilitary Education (PME) initiative and to seek approval for the next steps in the development of the programme architecture.
2.Against the backdrop of the Somalia report, the CF considered the nature of membership in theProfession of Arms. As articulated in the first release of “Duty with Honour” in 2003 andconfirmed in the 2009 edition of the manual, the CF adopted an all inclusive model by stating:“All regular force and primary reserve members of the Canadian Forces, of all ranks, aremembers of the profession of arms.”
It was from this foundational concept that Armed Forces
Council approved and commissioned NCM Corps 2020 (reference A) in 2003. NCM Corps 2020was intended to provide the strategic guidance for the professional development of non-commissioned members for the next 20 years.
3.Both NCM Corps 2020 and the strategy document for the implementation of the NCM Corps2020 (reference D), provide a guide for the modernization of NCM professional development. Notwithstanding these seminal documents, the educational development of NCMs as members of the profession of arms has remained largely unfulfilled. As the CDS of the day, Gen Henault,stated in the foreword to NCM Corps 2020: “We must now evolve the development of non-commissioned members... This means more emphasis on creative thinking, intellectualdevelopment through life long learning and timely access to education, training and experience.”
4.NCM PME Modernization is a key component of the Individual Training and Education
(IT & E) Modernization Strategy. The NCM PME aspect of the strategy prescribes an adaptableand progressively delivered NCM PD system that engages and involves NCMs as partners in thedevelopment of their career-long learning, better preparing them for the challenges of the FutureSecurity Environment. NCM PME Modernization has three objectives, as follows:
a.Alignment of the NCM PD system with NCM Corps 2020. This is achieved through highquality NCM training and education that is guided by the Leadership Developmentframework (LDF) and the requirements of the Profession of Arms while also beingrecognized and accredited, where applicable, by academic institutions and governing bodies for professional and trade related standards;
 b.Relevant and readily available academic development opportunities for NCMs. The aim of thisobjective is to provide academic development opportunities for NCMs that are relevantand readily available. These educational opportunities will serve to enhance critical
 Duty with Honour: The Profession of Arms in Canada (Ottawa: DND, 2009), 11
The Canadian Forces Non-Commissioned Member in the 21
Century (NCM Corps 2020)
(Ottawa: DND, 2003), iii
thinking skills thereby enabling the NCM Corps to meet the challenges inherent in thechanging operating environments; and
c.Professional certification alignment with NCM MOSIDs. This objective complementsObjective 2 by opening up learning paths for exploiting academic opportunities. Thisinitiative supports the development of partnerships between NCM occupations and professional and trade associations enabling NCMs to achieve professional certification.
5.NCM PME Modernization will proceed in step with a concurrent review of NCM capstone documentsincluding NCM Corps 2020 and the CWO SEM as well as the NCM General Specification.
6. CDA Strategic Training and Education Programmes / Profession Development (STEP / PD) has thelead in the simultaneous development of the three objectives of NCM PME Modernization. This briefingnote will focus on a description of Objective 1, the alignment of the NCM PD system with the vision of  NCM Corps 2020. The goal of this objective is the creation of an NCM PME curriculum designed to promote a progressive and systematic approach to NCM PME and career-long intellectual development inkeeping with the intent of NCM Corps 2020.
7.The end state is an NCM PD framework built upon strong governance and sound principles thatreinforce the modernization of the NCM Corps and ensure alignment with the LDF and the attributesdemanded by the Profession of Arms. With this purpose in mind, the development of the new NCM PMEarchitecture will be guided by the following concepts and principles:
a.Relevance. All of the proposed PME modules will be reviewed and vetted to ensurealignment with the Core Body of Knowledge described in references A and C and theLDF. Contemporary initiatives, such as the CWO SEM, will also be consulted to ensurePME development meets the requirements of preparing CWOs for employment at thestrategic level.
 b.Progression. A progressive and systematic approach to NCM PME and career-longintellectual development will be adopted with increasing emphasis on critical thinkingskills as a member advances in rank and responsibility. Care will be taken to ensure that NCM PME requirements impose minimal demands on the time allotted for formaleducation at DP levels 1 and 2, where the focus is more on training than education.
c.Cost and Flexibility. All topics and modules will be designed, where possible, to re- purpose existing academic content and to ensure that relevant developments in Officer PME are reviewed for common application. To reduce delivery cost, while increasingflexibility and access, it is intended that DL delivery will be used as much as possible.
d.Recognition. Sound academic principles will be incorporated into the programme designand content development to ensure accreditation, to the fullest extend possible, throughacademic institutions.
1.The matrix at Annex A aligns the NCM PME modernization themes with the Core Body oKnowledge found in Duty With Honour and the key strategic objectives from NCM Corps 2020and the CWO SEM. Annex B outlines the components of the NCM PME Architecture.
9.NCM PME Modernization provides the NCM Corps with the opportunity to implement a modernand focused PME strategy leveraging the traditional NCM roles of tactical excellence. A renewedPME programme for NCMs will expand opportunities for self development and further strengthen the command team relationship at the operational and strategic levels. NCM PME
Modernization will provide the foundation to enhance NCM critical thinking skills and broaden both professional and personal knowledge.
10.In order to advance the collaborative development of NCM PME, it is recommended that:
a.content be developed for the PME modules outlined at Annex B;
 b.a communication plan be developed to inform all stakeholders of the NCM PMEModernization strategy;
c.NCM PME modernization content be embedded in Chapter 2, Annex C (Common DutyAreas and Performance Requirements) of the NCM General Specification during the nextcyclical review; and
d.future versions of NCM capstone documents, such as the successor to NCM Corps 2020, be written to ensure consistency with the tenets of NCM PME modernization.
Prepared by:
CWO R. Mercer, CWO NCM PD Modernization, 3739
Reviewed by:
LCol D.G. Hartnett, SSO PD, 3930
Approved by:
Col B. Horn, COS STEP, 8772
Date prepared:
3 Nov 11
A. NCM PME Comparison Table
B. NCM PME Architecture

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