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Textual analysis plan 'The Blair Witch Project'.

Textual analysis plan 'The Blair Witch Project'.

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Published by hayleymedia

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Published by: hayleymedia on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Textual analysis plan - ‘The Blair Witch Project’ theatrical trailer (1999).
SymbolicScreen lightningflashes, shaky,handheld shot of ablack-and-white forestmid shot. Crookedtrees snapped in half,leaves on the ground.Screen lightningflashes, handheld shot,close up of a person, inlow-key lighting,leaning over, handcovering faceScreen lightning flashes,handheld shot of someonerunning through a field ofcrops, black-and-whitecolour used.The screen flashes in syncwith the sounds of lightning.Technical[NON DIEGETIC]Ghostly sound effects.[DIEGETIC,ASYNCHRONOUS]Ghostly sound effects,lightning and thundersounds, a girl quietlyscreaming, she feelsclose, sound of wolvesin the background.[DIEGETIC,SYNCHRONOUS]Someone says ‘oh mygod’ in a fearful,echoing voice,[DIEGETIC,ASYNCHRONOUS]sounds of ghouls,lightning sound effects,ghostly music, echoingsounds.[DIEGETIC,ASYNCHRONOUS]Lightning sounds, footstepsfrom the person running,ghostly music, a boy yells infear “tell me where you areJosh”.Sudden loud crash oflightning, ghostly screamsheard.WrittenMPAA green banner,RESTRICTED rating.Film distributor.‘ARTISANENTERTAINMENT’.White color text over ablack screen.‘In October of 1994, threestudent filmmakersdisappeared in the woodsnear Burkittsville,Maryland while shootinga documentary.A year later their footagewas found.’Quote from a film critic.“GenuinelyFrightening” -Newsday.White colour text.Quote from a film critic.“One of the creepiestfilms since TheExorcist”-Entertainment Weekly.White colour text.Quote from a film critic.“Scary as Hell” -RollingStone.White colour text.Film title: ‘THE BLAIRWITCH PROJECT’.

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