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Middle WI News - January

Middle WI News - January

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Published by Middle Wisconsin

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Published by: Middle Wisconsin on Jan 30, 2012
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Middle Wisconsin
January 29, 2012
January . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
Fighting Bob . . . . . . . . . . .2
American Health . . . . . . . 4
It’s Not Working . . . . . . . . 5
Working Wisconsin . . . . . 6
Progressive Festival . . . . 7
Republican Economics . . 8
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Challenging The Myth . . 13
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
Few would argue that 2011 was an extraordinary year, and 2012 promises to be justas remarkable. Our state of Wisconsin truly is the “Canary in the Coal Mine” for the rest of the nation as we fight for the rights of common people
for our kids andgrandkids, for our friends and neighbors. It is an age old battle that has been foughtmany times before in the course of human history.In the months ahead Wisconsin citizens will be deciding between a democracy “of, by, and for the people,” and a plutocracy “of, by, and for” the corporation and thewealthy. We will be deciding if we believe in community, and fairness, and re-spect, or if we believe it is every man for himself, and winner takes all. We will bedeciding if we want a society of opportunity for all, or if we want a society whereonly the most ruthless and selfish survive. We will determine if we wish to protectour environment and our home, or if the Earth is intended to be exploited for thegain of a few no matter how it harms all others or our surroundings.
In the months ahead we will be deciding what kind of world we want to live in
 what kind of a world we wish to leave our children. In the months ahead we will be fighting a battle to reaffirm all that America has stood for throughout its shorthistory. We will be deciding the future of our nation. Let us work together for thecommon good.
Given the dysfunctional condition of state and national politics and our economy, it became apparent that it was time to review the life and policies of Fighting BobLaFollette, Sr. The following report and quotations are from Nancy C. Unger’s book,
 Fighting Bob LaFollette: Righteous Reformer.
LaFollette lived in a time similar to ours: too much wealth concentrated in too fewhands, tax laws favoring the rich, government policies allowing corporations to do asthey wanted, without restraint. So LaFollette helped form the National ProgressiveRepublican League (NPRL). The NPRL was announced publicly on 21 January 1911.Following are the goals:
1. The election of United States Senators by direct vote of the people.
2. Direct primaries for the nomination of elective officials.
3. The direct election of delegates to national conventions with opportunity for thevoter to express his choice for President and Vice
Amendment to state constitutions providing for the Initiative, Referendum andRecall.
5. A thoroughgoing Corrupt Practices Act.
La Follette became the Independent Progressive Candidate for the US Presidency and provided these planks:
1. A thorough “housecleaning” of the Depart. Of Justice, of interior and others.
2. The recovery of the naval oil reserves and the creation of a national “super 
 power” system.
3. The repeal of the Esch
Cummins law in favor of railroad rates based on actual, prudent investment.
4. A reduction of federal taxes on individual incomes and legitimate business.
5. A Constitutional amendment giving Congress the power to re
enact a statuteover a judicial decision.
6. Abolition of injunctions in labor disputes and protection of the right of farmersand workers to organize.
7. Adjusted compensation for World War I veterans.
8. The construction of a waterway from the Great Lakes to the sea.
9. Nomination and election of the president by direct vote of the people.
10. Foreign policy to revise the Versailles Treaty and promote treaties to outlawwar, abolish conscription and reduce armaments.
Middle Wisconsin
January 29, 2012
Page 2
“Corporationsand individualsallied with cor- porations wereinvited to comein and take whatthey would. Idetermined thatthe power of thiscorrupt influ-ence, which wasundermining anddestroying everysemblance of representativegovernment inWisconsin,should be bro-ken.”
Robert LaFollette, Sr.
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
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By Virginia Kirsch
Elements found in the 1924 platform that came to life in the New Deal include thefollowing:
Tennessee Valley Authority Relations Act
Various aid programs to agriculture
The Securities Exchange CommissionThe abolition of child labor.
In 1998, Russ Feingold made the La Follette legacy a part of his successful bid for reelection to the U.S. Senate. Victorious despite being outspent by his Republicanopponent, Feingold told supporters on election night;
A year later, Doug La Follette, one of the founders of Earth Day and then serving inhis fifth term as Wisconsin Secretary of State, credited Robert La Follette Sr., (hisfirst cousin twice removed) as the inspiration for the lifelong activism of manyAmericans, including himself.
In 1959 Robert La Follette Sr. was named one of the Senate’s five greatest mem- bers. He was governor of Wisconsin for six years and was a US Senator for 20years. He served in the US Congress for a term. La Follette’s battle to more equita- bly redistribute the nation’s power and wealth continues to be waged. The true val-ue of his political legacy may be yet to come.“Proud, uncompromising, shrewd, resourceful, and inspired, the righteous reformer Robert LaFollette was indeed one of the “dull tools” of Almighty God.”
Middle Wisconsin
January 29, 2012
Page 3
“The essence of the progressive move-ment, as I see it,lies in its purposeto uphold the fun-damental principlesof representativegovernment. It ex- presses the hopesand desires of mil-lions of commonmen and womenwho are willing tofight for their ide-als, to take defeat if necessary and stillgo on fighting
Robert LaFollette, Sr.
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
“Now we have the chance, one hundred years after the great FightingBob La Follette, to send a message to Washington. Out of the Upper Midwest will come political reform, will come political changes, willcome the principle of one
vote again.”
“The battle against corporate takeover of government will be the longest and hardestever fought for Democracy.”
Robert LaFollette, Sr.

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