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VeikoKaru_Water Filled Underground Oil Shale Mines as Heat Source

VeikoKaru_Water Filled Underground Oil Shale Mines as Heat Source

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Published by Veiko Karu

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Published by: Veiko Karu on Jan 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Water filled underground oil shale mines as heat source
Veiko Karu
, veiko.karu@ttu.ee Teaching Assistant, Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Mining
 Jana Pavlenkova
, jana.pavlenkova@maetagusevv.eeDevelopment Manager, Mäetaguse MunicipalityUnderground oil shale mining has been performed for 90 years in the middle-north part of Baltic oil shale deposit in Estonian deposit. After the mine closuremine workings are filled with water. Underground oil shale mining createsunderground water pools called technogenic water bodies (Figure 1). Estonian oilshale deposit comprises ten closed mines that are fully or partly filled with water.Eight mines in the central part of the deposit: Ahtme, Kohtla, Kukruse, Käva,Sompa, Tammiku, mine No. 2 and mine No. 4 form one water body. Ubja mineand Kiviõli mines are located in the western part of the deposit, away from othermines. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the feasibility of using minewater asheat source for heat pumps and to find suitable places to set up such systems. Itwould be useful to use this mine water like heat source for heat pumps toproduce heat.
Figure 1 North-South cross section of underground mining area and heat pump installation example
For defining underground space, properties and classification of used miningtechnologies have to be created and evaluated for defining hydro geologicalparameters. Classification helps defining space that is available for water inabandoned mines. 3D model was built with geometrical data from mine plans,
mine closing acts and borehole data and from land survey data. The main toolschosen for spatial modelling were spreadsheets and MS Access databases forsystemising and querying data, MapInfo for georeferencing, Vertical Mapper forinterpolating and grid calculations and Modflow for pumping simulation. With helpof interpolated grids, surface elevations, layer thicknesses and requiredproperties were calculated.Using minewater in heat pumps, the best possible technical solution is:1) pumping the water through drillhole onto the ground surface2) water goes to heat exchanger unit3) minewater temperature will be lowered in heat pump heat exchanger about1...4 degrees,4) after that minewater is directed back to the mine.If we use underground water pools water then the recommendation temperaturereduction must be more then one degrees, it depends how large heat exchangeris economical. When temperature is lowered less, we have to use large volumesof minewater. The best location for heat pump complex is nearAhtmePowerPlant. The heatpump complex in Ahtme will need water pumps and heat pumps. Building thisunit in Ahtme then the water requrment and COP values as shown in Table 1.
Table 1 COP values for Ahtme 10MW heat pump complex
Minewater usage for heat pump complex is unique in the world. First pilot pumpin Estonia was opened in 2011 in Kiikla settlement in Estonia. In Kiikla settlementthe installed heat pump is like pilot unit for using minewater as heat source andthe COP values and other parameters is shown in Table 2.

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