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Final- Legally Blonde

Final- Legally Blonde

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Published by slassygetsamasters

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Published by: slassygetsamasters on Jan 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The good and common sense| 1Running Head: The Good and Common SenseWho Determines “the Good” and “Common Sense”Leah Beth ParsonsQueens University of CharlotteDecember 9
, 2010When I was a little girl my mother always asked me to share my belongings,to be kind toward others, and to maintain an open, yet strong, belief system. I did
 The good and common sense| 2not know at the time that my mother was introducing me to the study of communication. In this field, we learn that each individual has a different view andconception of reality. This reality is based upon a person’s culture, their lifeexperiences, and who they are as an individual. There are no two people that areabsolutely alike and with the understanding of that notion, we can work towarddeveloping a better understanding of the study of communication ethics. There are multiple ideas and definitions of communication ethics, due tovarious perceptions of reality. However, “each definition assumes an understandingof a good that underlies communication ethics practices… Communication ethicsassumes the importance of the Other, highlighting the consequences of questionsabout how to engage competing views of the good” (Arnett, Fritz & Bell, 2009).Even though individuals have various opinions of reality and what theyconsider to be “good,” we still live in a society where we must respect and workwith one another. Therefore it is important for each community to have basicassumptions. This year our class read
Communication Ethics Literacy: Dialogue and Difference.
In this book, it states: “the knowing and doing of common practicesinvites common sense; without the collective knowing and doing of given practices,common sense is not a connecting link between persons” (Arnett, Fritz and Bell,2009). A community of any sort cannot properly function, unless the memberswithin that community have a basic understanding of what is considered acceptableand ethical. “A communication ethic lives wherever there is a common agreementamong persons about the knowing and/or the doing of practices that protect a givensense of the good” (2009).
 The good and common sense| 3A community, according to Webster, can be defined as “a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society”(Webster, 2010). Every city, town, organization, and office building holds acommunity. These communities vary from place, office and organization; however,a recurring commonality is that each member within the shared community has aclear understanding of what is and is not accepted. These are the goods that areprotected and promoted by the individuals within the community.In the film
Legally Blonde
directed by Robert Lucketic, there are a multitudeof communities and relationships that could be dissected: sororities, families,friendships and so forth. For the purpose of this discussion I would like to focus onone; the work/classroom community and the relationship between Elle Woods, thelead character who is a law student at Harvard Law, and Dr. Callahan, her professorand employer. This breaks all pre-conceived assumptions of the blonde stereotype. At firstElle Woods appears to be a “typical blonde.” She is beautiful, bubbly, fashionable,and fun; traits incorporated into the usual blonde stereotype. However, she is alsosmart, determined, and not easily persuaded. She has an idea of “the good” andshe does not compromise her idea of “the good” to better her professional,academic, or social status.Dr. Callahan is an established professor of law as well as a practicing lawyer.He pushes his students to work hard and think outside the box. Viewers initiallybelieve he is a man of character who is there to help his students. In a turn of events, it is discovered that Dr. Callahan readily uses his position of power to get

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