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Published by Zoe Vera
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Published by: Zoe Vera on Jan 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   P   r   i   n   t   e   d   w   i   t   h
Great Tips – How to Care for Your Laptop
Great Tips - How to Care for Your Laptop
Is your laptop working slow and you are at the vergeof throwing it against the wall? Don’t blame the lap-
top and don’t blame the company that manufactured
it! It may be your fault. Yes. Our sneaky habits cause
problems in laptops over time. Let’s learn togetherabout how to take care of your laptop.When I was in college, one of my friends showedup late for a presentation. As he sat beside me and
switched on his laptop, I noticed that it had glowing
spots on the screen while the rest of it was relatively
darker than usual. I was perplexed because I didnot know that something like that could happen toyour laptop! When I asked him about it, he told me
that he had accidentally spilled cola over hislaptop 
screen! Poor thing, the laptop had crossed its war-ranty period 2 months before the incident. Good
heavens, how does anyone be that careless with his
laptop? But, let’s face it. Most of us give in to lethargyafter 6 months of buying our beloved MacBook, Dell,
Vaio or HP. The power cord that was once pulledout oh so gently like you could snap its bone if youwere a little harsh, is now pulled out like you couldgive it multiple fractures. But, hey! That is a wireso you don’t care much. And then, the day comeswhen your beloved, ahem, laptop doesn’t respond
to you and goes blank like it breathed its last, you sit
there praying to God to make it come back to life. Itmay not be your cord pulling routine, but the way
you have been taking care of your laptop, you have
denitely been taking it for granted. Now, you don’t
intend to cut its life short so, learn how to care foryour laptop, here.
Tips to Care for Your Laptop
Don’t Pull the Plug
: I just mentioned it, how youpull the battery charger by the cord to unplug it.
Don’t be so lazy, you fool! Just to avoid taking 2 leaps
to switch off the plug, you pull the cord. Very soon,you will need to empty your pockets to buy a newcharger because this one will stop working due to
loose wiring. That is why I told you, blame yourself 
if the laptop is not working properly now. You areeducated and you are mature enough to care for
your laptop, so get up and switch off the plug. Now,
disconnect the charger from the socket using theplug,
not the cord!
If you subject the socket and the
cord to such shock, they will both stop working and
there might be a short circuit someday. Also, try not
to trip over the cord or rest furniture on it, evenwhen not in use. I’d suggest that you either tape it
to the oor or tie it up.
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   P   r   i   n   t   e   d   w   i   t   h
Great Tips – How to Care for Your Laptop
It’s Not Your Theater
: Yes, your laptop is not your
personal movie theater. I know, we all love watching
movies on the laptop because it is so multipurposeand I am not going to stop you from doing so. But,you better keep a check on yourself and keep thefood away from the laptop. It deserves that kindof respect. Keep your colas, ketchup bottles, waterand all greasy food away. You never know, a little
drop might trickle down thekeyboardor you might
share the same fate as my friend in the above inci-dent. Your laptop might end up being a victim of ashort-circuit and you will lose all the data. In fact,once my laptop just gave up out of the blue andwhen I went to the company’s service center, theytold me it was the moisture that had corrupted themotherboard. This is when I hadn’t even broughtany liquid near it. But, it was the monsoon season!Make it a rule, no food, especially liquids, at leastwithin a 5 feet radius of the laptop. Forget aboutyour coffee dates with your laptop.
It Needs a Fan Too
: Okay. Your laptop is not a person
but it radiates heat and needs cooling too after allthe long hours you have been using it. You shouldgive it a 30 minute rest after every 2-3 hours of use.
If you need to use your laptop for longer durations,
get a laptop cooling pad for it. It is a small one-timeinvestment that will help prolong your laptop aswell as your battery’s life. It prevents condensa-tion of moisture in the atmosphere on its surfaceby maintaining a low temperature. The laptop’smotherboard will also survive longer because theheat can damage the internal components of thehardware causing your laptop to run slow and/ormalfunction.
Shut it Gently
: One of the stupidest things I haveever done with my laptop is that after it fell off mybed, I picked it up and shut the display against the
keyboard. This was when I was half-asleep though.
Next morning, as I switched it back on, I was gree
-ted by a screen that looked like a spider’s web. My
laptop’s LCD monitor was in shambles! It broke my
heart and burnt a huge hole in my pocket. Learnfrom my experience and immediately take it to theservice center without shutting down. Apart from
that, you should always wait for your laptop to shut
down completely. Yes, wait for it to complete theupdating process too. Then, gently close the LCD
monitor like it was a bubble that would burst if you
handled it a little too harshly. Make sure, there isno stationery or cellphone or iPod or anything elsebetween the monitor and the keyboard.
Antivirus Protection
: Has your antivirus software
validity expired? Did you even have one? The In-
ternet is full of viruses, malware and trojans. Then,you also download so many things. Your laptop caneasily get infected by a virus. If you don’t want your
les to get corrupted, your
laptop softwareor thehardware to malfunction, it’s time to give it somestrong antivirus protection. Update it time to time
as well! Always keep your rewall on, too.
Cleaning the Keyboard
: Do you care for your lap-
top keyboard? No? Then, I bet you don’t know that,
your laptop and cellphone contain more bacteria
per square inch as compared to a public bathroom’s
toilet seat! Hence, you should clean both every single
day without fail with a disinfectant. Don’t spray itdirectly. Instead, spray it on a soft cloth and then
use it to wipe off the entire surface. Also, it will pre-
serve the outer coating of your laptop that can be
damaged due to dirt and sweat. Better yet, get your
laptop laminated. It will really protect your laptop’sexterior and you can replace the lamination coating
anytime, maintaining your laptop’s appearance asthough it was new, for years.
Don’t Eject the Battery
: This is a common faux pas
that even I am guilty of committing. When my laptop
is taking longer to respond, I don’t wait for more
than 5 minutes for it to show some activity. I directlyhit the eject button of the battery and restart it. Thiscan really screw up your laptop and you might need
to restore it to its factory settings, losing data on it.
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   P   r   i   n   t   e   d   w   i   t   h
Great Tips – How to Care for Your Laptop
Preferably, charge your battery when it is almostfully drained out. Don’t ever over-charge your bat-tery. It severely affects the life of the battery due tooverheating and doesn’t give you any extra power
storage. Proper laptop battery carecan ensure that
your battery life is maintained at an average 3-4hours for up to 2 to 4 years. Else, it won’t last morethan a few minutes and you will end up changingit every 6 months.
7 Great Tips on Laptop Battery Care to Make it  Last Longer 
1. Dim Your Screen
 Almost all the new laptops come with an optionof dimming the screen. Some of these laptops alsohave an option by which you can control the CPU’s
cooling performance. Cut these to their lowest levels
so as to make the most of your battery savings. This
is one of the most basic tips in laptop battery careand is sure to yield some extra battery back up!
2. Cut the Extra Programs
When you are working on your laptop on its battery,
make sure you cut down on all the extra programs
that are running in the background for no important
reason. Sending an email to your client while wor-
king on a spreadsheet and listening to a new album
of Justin Timberlake, all on your laptop battery, will
lead you nowhere as the battery drains out fasterwhile multitasking, since it gives a lot of load to theCPU. Do one thing at a time and close all the otherapplications that are not important.
3. Cut Down on the External Devices
Using USB devices, DVD drives on laptop consumes
a lot of battery when your laptop is unplugged. Shut
these applications when you are not using them.Even the USB mouse that you might use at times,will lead to faster battery drainage. Hence, cutting
down on external devices like USB, DVD drives, USB
mouse, Bluetooth and Wi- help to a great extent
when it comes to laptop battery care.
4. Hibernate or Stand-by?
 This is the most frequently asked question in lap-top battery care and the answer is hibernate! The
reason behind this is that stand by option does save
laptop battery but not as much as hibernating does!
Hibernating your laptop will save it in a condition
the way it is and completely shut itself down, hence
saving more battery.
5. Battery Cleaning
 It is very important inlaptop battery careto cleanyour laptop’s battery. You must clean your laptopbattery’s metal contacts once every two months.Use a soft cloth and rub it with alcohol to moistenit. This will help in keeping the transfer of power
from the battery more ecient.
6. Defrag Your Hard Drives
Defragging your hard drive will make it work more
eciently. An ecient hard drive always works
faster and eases the load on the laptop’s battery,reducing its consumption and leading to batterysavings! But make sure you do not carry out de-fragmentation of your hard drive while workingon laptop’s battery!
7. Set Power options
Laptops come with various options for their power
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