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2011 Johnson County Junior Livestock Show and Youth Fair entries

2011 Johnson County Junior Livestock Show and Youth Fair entries

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Published by: ctrnews on Jan 31, 2012
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Junior Livestock Showand Youth Fair Entries
A special spplement to the
Cleburne Times-Review 
Cyan Yellow MagentaBlack
Johnson County
times-review community sunday, February 20, 2011
2011 Junior Livestock Showand Youth Fair Entries
Cleburne FFA’s Pete Black will be among exhibitors goingfor championship repeats in the Johnson County Junior Live-stock Show and Youth Fair on Monday through Saturday at theJohnson County Sheriff’s Posse grounds.Activities begins with set-up at 4 p.m. Monday. Chickensand turkeys arrive Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday, the chickenshow begins at 7 p.m., followed by the turkey show. Black,who has found the secret to growing Godzilla-sized turkeys,won grand champion in 2010 with his turkeys and pen of threechickens.Youth Fair judging opens the Wednesday schedule at 1p.m., and the Youth Fair auctions participants will be posted at5:30. Ag Mechanics judging begins at 10 a.m., with ribbonsexpected to be awarded by 5 p.m. Also on tap Wednesday arethe breeding rabbit and market rabbit shows beginning at 3p.m. and dairy cattle show at 7 p.m.On Thursday, the breeding goat and market goat shows be-gin at 7:30 a.m. The market lamb and breeding sheep showsfollow at 1 p.m., and the market steer show at 6 p.m.On Friday, the market hogs show begins at 7:30 a.m. andthe beef heifers are shown beginning at 3 p.m. On Saturday,scholarships, as well as Ag Mechanics and Youth Fair winners,will be presented beginning at 12:30 p.m., and the market ani-mal premium sale will begin at 1 p.m.
— Pete Kendall 
Exhibitor name Club Divisio
Aaron Estes Alvarado FFA Market RabbitAbigail Davis Alvarado FFA Market GoatAlex Gentr Alvarado FFA Wood WorksAlexis Williams Alvarado FFA Breeding RabbitsAlexis Williams Alvarado FFA Market RabbitAlexis Williams Alvarado FFA Senior ArtsAlexis Williams Alvarado FFA Senior CandAlexis Williams Alvarado FFA Senior CraftsAllen Featherstone Alvarado FFA Senior CakesAllen Featherstone Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographAmanda Cadenhead Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographAmber Chatham Alvarado FFA Breeding RabbitsAmber Chatham Alvarado FFA Senior ArtsAmber Chatham Alvarado FFA Senior Decorated CakesAmber Chatham Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographAmelia Finle Alvarado FFA Market RabbitAmelia Finle Alvarado FFA Senior CakesAmelia Finle Alvarado FFA Senior CandAmelia Finle Alvarado FFA Senior CookiesAmelia Finle Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographArmando Orso Alvarado FFA Market GoatAshlee Estes Alvarado FFA Market RabbitAshle Franklin Alvarado FFA Market BroilerAshle Franklin Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographAbr Martin Alvarado FFA Metal WorksAdriana Jones1 Alvarado FFA Senior CraftsAdriana Jones1 Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographAtmn Howell Alvarado FFA Jnior PhotographAtmn Howell Alvarado FFA Market RabbitBailie Abne Alvarado FFA Market SteerBailie Abne Alvarado FFA Senior BreadsBailie Abne Alvarado FFA Senior CakesBrianna Penner Alvarado FFA Market GoatBrianna Penner Alvarado FFA Senior CakesBrianna Penner Alvarado FFA Senior Creative StitcherBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Market RabbitBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Senior BreadsBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Senior CakesBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Senior CookiesBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Senior CraftsBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Senior Creative StitcherBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographBrittan Wofford Alvarado FFA Senior PiesBrooke Ware Alvarado FFA Market GoatBrooke Ware Alvarado FFA Market LambsBrooke Ware Alvarado FFA Market SwineBrooke Ware Alvarado FFA Senior PiesCaleb Flton Alvarado FFA Market RabbitCamille Larson Alvarado FFA Market GoatCamille Larson Alvarado FFA Senior PiesCheenne Carrthers Alvarado FFA Market GoatCheenne Carrthers Alvarado FFA Senior PiesCheenne Jones Alvarado FFA Beef Heifers EnglishChristopher Collier Alvarado FFA Market GoatCod Adams Alvarado FFA Wood WorksColton Cornell Alvarado FFA Market SwineConnor Cornell Alvarado FFA Market SwineDanialle Nicolls Alvarado FFA Market RabbitDanielle Bentle Alvarado FFA Beef Heifers EnglishDanielle Bentle Alvarado FFA Market LambsDanielle Bentle Alvarado FFA Meat TrkeDeserae Rees Alvarado FFA Market SwineDesiree Price Alvarado FFA Senior Can GoodsDlan Needham Alvarado FFA Beef Heifers EnglishDlan Needham Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographDlan Needham Alvarado FFA Senior PiesEmil Howard Alvarado FFA Market RabbitGarret Reid-Crz Alvarado FFA Market SwineGarret Reid-Crz Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographGarrett Fox Alvarado FFA Market SwineHannah Glass Alvarado FFA Market RabbitHannah Glass Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographHannah Graves Alvarado FFA Breeding RabbitsHannah Graves Alvarado FFA Market GoatHannah Graves Alvarado FFA Market RabbitHannah Graves Alvarado FFA Senior CakesHannah Graves Alvarado FFA Senior Creative StitcherHannah Graves Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographHaden Walraven Alvarado FFA Market SwineIv Bstillos Alvarado FFA Market RabbitJacln Donovan Alvarado FFA Market SwineJacln Donovan Alvarado FFA Senior CakesJessica Holder Alvarado FFA Market GoatJessica Holder Alvarado FFA Market SwineJessica Lopez Alvarado FFA Beef Heifers EnglishJessica Lopez Alvarado FFA Market GoatJessica Lopez Alvarado FFA Senior Decorated CakesJessica Lopez Alvarado FFA Senior PiesJessica Robbins Alvarado FFA Market SwineJoe Shelinbarger Alvarado FFA Metal WorksJoel Velasqez Alvarado FFA Market LambsJoel Velasqez Alvarado FFA Senior CakesJoel Velasqez Alvarado FFA Senior CookiesJohn Slowiak Alvarado FFA Market SwineJohnn Pettwa Alvarado FFA Market BroilerJonathan Salinas Alvarado FFA Market RabbitJordan Calahan Alvarado FFA Market GoatJordan Calahan Alvarado FFA Wood WorksJlian Cox Alvarado FFA Market SwineJstin Crmpton Alvarado FFA Metal WorksJstin Strickland Alvarado FFA Market GoatJstin Strickland Alvarado FFA Senior CakesJstin Strickland Alvarado FFA Senior Can GoodsJstin Strickland Alvarado FFA Senior PiesKala Abel Alvarado FFA Market GoatKala Abel Alvarado FFA Senior BreadsKala Abel Alvarado FFA Senior CookiesKala Abel Alvarado FFA Senior ClothingKala Abel Alvarado FFA Senior Decorated CakesKalon Gonzales Alvarado FFA Market BroilerKalon Gonzales Alvarado FFA Senior CookiesKatlnn Hornbeck Alvarado FFA Market SwineKeaghan Moore Alvarado FFA Market SwineKeel Crowder Alvarado FFA Market SwineKeith Thomas Alvarado FFA Market RabbitKle Ransom Alvarado FFA Jnior CakesKle Ransom Alvarado FFA Jnior CraftsKle Ransom Alvarado FFA Jnior PhotographLara Bttr Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographLee Hard Alvarado FFA Market BroilerLee Hard Alvarado FFA Market RabbitLori Cathe Alvarado FFA Breeding RabbitsMac Hanks Alvarado FFA Market SwineMaddison Holder1 Alvarado FFA Market RabbitMaddison Holder1 Alvarado FFA Market SteerMaddison Holder1 Alvarado FFA Market SwineMadison Townsend Alvarado FFA Market SwineMadln Needham Alvarado FFA Jnior Can GoodsMadln Needham Alvarado FFA Jnior PhotographMadln Needham Alvarado FFA Market RabbitMichael Head Alvarado FFA Beef Heifers AmericanMichael Head Alvarado FFA Senior CakesMorgan Martin Alvarado FFA Market BroilerMka Williams Alvarado FFA Market BroilerMka Williams Alvarado FFA Senior CookiesMka Williams Alvarado FFA Senior ClothingMka Williams Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographReina Vanchaik Alvarado FFA Senior CakesReina Vanchaik Alvarado FFA Senior PiesRowd Goff Alvarado FFA Market SwineSamel Mason Alvarado FFA Senior CakesSteven Schweitzer Alvarado FFA Metal Works
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Johnson Cont Jnior Livestock Show andyoth Fair Entries 2011, a special edition, is apblication of
Cleburne Times-Review 
, a partof The Lone Star News Grop.
Steve Knight/Times-ReviewDarlene Moore/ Special to the Times-Review
sunday, February 20, 2011 community times-review
Talor Vance Alvarado FFA Wood WorksTiffan Wooldridge Alvarado FFA Market LambsTiffan Wooldridge Alvarado FFA Market SwineTiffan Wooldridge Alvarado FFA Senior BreadsTiffan Wooldridge Alvarado FFA Senior CakesTiffan Wooldridge Alvarado FFA Senior CraftsTorrie Bers Alvarado FFA Market SwineTler Ransom Alvarado FFA Jnior CookiesTler Ransom Alvarado FFA Jnior PhotographTler Ransom Alvarado FFA Wood WorksTler Vance Alvarado FFA Wood WorksZacaria Cook Alvarado FFA Market BroilerZane Finle Alvarado FFA Jnior BreadsZane Finle Alvarado FFA Jnior CakesZane Finle Alvarado FFA Jnior CandZane Finle Alvarado FFA Jnior CookiesZena Goodwin1 Alvarado FFA Market SteerZena Goodwin1 Alvarado FFA Senior Can GoodsZena Goodwin1 Alvarado FFA Senior CraftsZena Goodwin1 Alvarado FFA Senior PhotographHannah Hall Bethan 4-H Market RabbitHannah Hall Bethan 4-H Market SteerHannah Hall Bethan 4-H Market SwineHannah Hall Bethan 4-H Native SteerHannah Hall Bethan 4-H Senior CakesHannah Hall Bethan 4-H Senior CandJeneva Moreno Bethan 4-H Market SteerJeneva Moreno Bethan 4-H Native SteerLogan Crawford Bethan 4-H Jnior PhotographLogan Crawford Bethan 4-H Market GoatBradle Pate Brleson 4-H Jnior ArtsBradle Pate Brleson 4-H Jnior CandBradle Pate Brleson 4-H Jnior PhotographCaleb Groves Brleson 4-H Jnior CakesCaleb Groves Brleson 4-H Jnior CandCaleb Groves Brleson 4-H Jnior CookiesCaleb Groves Brleson 4-H Market BroilerCalli Fritts Brleson 4-H Beef Heifer EropeanCalli Fritts Brleson 4-H Breeding RabbitsCalli Fritts Brleson 4-H Jnior CandCalli Fritts Brleson 4-H Jnior PiesClaton Edgmon Brleson 4-H Beef Heifer EropeanClaton Edgmon Brleson 4-H Market RabbitClaton Edgmon Brleson 4-H Market SteerClaton Edgmon Brleson 4-H Native SteerJosh Cope Brleson 4-H Market GoatReese Pate Brleson 4-H Beef Heifer EropeanReese Pate Brleson 4-H Beef Heifer CrossbredReese Pate Brleson 4-H Jnior ArtsReese Pate Brleson 4-H Jnior PhotographSarah A Sharp Brleson 4-H Beef Heifers AmericanSarah A Sharp Brleson 4-H Market GoatSarah A Sharp Brleson 4-H Senior CandTanner Singleton Brleson 4-H Market GoatTate Thomas Brleson 4-H Jnior ArtsTate Thomas Brleson 4-H Jnior CakesTate Thomas Brleson 4-H Jnior PhotographAddison Gilman Brleson FFA Market SwineAddison Gilman Brleson FFA Senior ArtsAlex Hines Brleson FFA Senior BreadsAshle Geeo Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsAshle Geeo Brleson FFA Market GoatAshle Geeo Brleson FFA Senior PhotographBailee Decker Brleson FFA Jnior BreadsBailee Decker Brleson FFA Market SwineBaile Gilman Brleson FFA Jnior BreadsBaile Gilman Brleson FFA Jnior PhotographBaile Gilman Brleson FFA Market GoatBrad Mappin Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsBrian Pagle Brleson FFA Market SteerBritne Johnson Brleson FFA Market SwineCassid Moble Brleson FFA Market SwineChanelle Davis Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsChanelle Davis Brleson FFA Market GoatChanelle Davis Brleson FFA Senior CakesChanelle Davis Brleson FFA Senior Can GoodsChase Cole Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsCheenne Hammons Brleson FFA Market SwineCheenne Hammons Brleson FFA Senior CakesChristine Haddix Brleson FFA Market LambsChristine Haddix Brleson FFA Senior PhotographCore Gair Brleson FFA Market GoatCore Gair Brleson FFA Senior CookiesCore Gair Brleson FFA Senior PiesDaniel Geeo Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsDrew Cassens Brleson FFA Beef Heifers AmericanDrew Cassens Brleson FFA Market RabbitDrew Cassens Brleson FFA Market SwineDrew Cassens Brleson FFA Senior Can GoodsElesia Salazar Brleson FFA Beef Heifer CrossbredElesia Salazar Brleson FFA Market GoatElesia Salazar Brleson FFA Market SwineElesia Salazar Brleson FFA Senior CakesElesia Salazar Brleson FFA Senior PhotographGeeo Daniel Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsGeeo Daniel Brleson FFA Jnior PhotographGeeo Daniel Brleson FFA Market GoatJarrett Barr Brleson FFA Market SwineJohn Olson Brleson FFA Senior CookiesJohnathan Skinner Brleson FFA Market GoatKace Kirb Brleson FFA Market GoatKaci Major Brleson FFA Market SwineKatie Brchfield Brleson FFA Market SwineKatie Brchfield Brleson FFA Senior Can GoodsKatie Sabin Brleson FFA Market RabbitKendell Rockers Brleson FFA Senior CakesKendell Rockers Brleson FFA Senior Can GoodsKendell Rockers Brleson FFA Senior CookiesKendell Rockers Brleson FFA Senior PiesKevin Mccrd Brleson FFA Market SwineLandon French Brleson FFA Market GoatLandon French Brleson FFA Senior Can GoodsLevi Wood Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsLogan Decker Brleson FFA Market SwineLogan Decker Brleson FFA Metal WorksLogan Decker Brleson FFA Senior Can GoodsRaegan Webb Brleson FFA Market GoatRan Skinner Brleson FFA Market GoatSamantha Holder Brleson FFA Market RabbitSarah Cater Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsSarah Sharp Brleson FFA Senior BreadsSarah Sharp Brleson FFA Senior CakesSarah Sharp Brleson FFA Senior CookiesSarah Sharp Brleson FFA Senior PiesShelb Lowre Brleson FFA Breeding RabbitsShelb Lowre Brleson FFA Senior CakesTimoth Thompson Brleson FFA Market RabbitTimoth Thompson Brleson FFA Market SwineTrner Crecelis Brleson FFA Market GoatTler Mcco Brleson FFA Market SwineTler Mcco Brleson FFA Senior PhotographVictoria Johnson Brleson FFA Market SwineWhitni Decker Brleson FFA Beef Heifers AmericanWhitni Decker Brleson FFA Market SwineWhitni Decker Brleson FFA Senior CakesAbb Zachar Clebrne FFA Market BroilerAbb Zachar Clebrne FFA Market RabbitAbb Zachar Clebrne FFA Senior CakesAlexandra Horton Clebrne FFA Senior PhotographAlexis Morton Clebrne FFA Senior CakesAlssa Foree Clebrne FFA Market GoatAlssa Foree Clebrne FFA Market Lambs
Matt Snider/Special to the Times-Review

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