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Hong Kong Observatory-Climate Change in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Observatory-Climate Change in Hong Kong

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Published by ngtom

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Published by: ngtom on Jan 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Technical Note No. 107
Climate Change in Hong Kong
byY.K. Leung, K.H. Yeung, E.W.L. Ginn and W.M. Leung
© Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
Published February 2004Prepared byHong Kong Observatory134A Nathan RoadKowloonHong KongThis publication is prepared and disseminated in the interest of promotinginformation exchange. The findings, conclusions and views contained herein arethose of the authors and not necessarily those of the Hong Kong Observatory orthe Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (including itsservants and agents) makes no warranty, statement or representation, express orimplied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of theinformation contained herein, and in so far as permitted by law, shall not have anylegal liability or responsibility (including liability for negligence) for any loss,damage, or injury (including death) which may result, whether directly orindirectly, from the supply or use of such information.Mention of product of manufacturer does not necessarily constitute or implyendorsement or recommendation.Permission to reproduce any part of this publication should be obtained throughthe Hong Kong Observatory.551.58 (512.317)
本報告對香港天文台自一八八四年成立以來在香港觀測所得的氣象數據進行了趨勢分析。研究顯示香港的氣象要素呈下列趨勢: 平均及平均最低表面氣溫上升,氣溫日際變化下降,寒冷日子減少,對流層底層溫度上升,對流層高層及平流層底層溫度下降,能見度下降,雲量增多,有雷暴出現的日子增加,太陽總輻射量減少及總蒸發量下降。引致上述趨勢的因素包括全球變暖和城巿化。
In this report, trend analyses were carried out onmeteorological observations made in Hong Kong since the establishmentof the Hong Kong Observatory in 1884.The following trends were observed: rise in meantemperature and mean minimum temperature at the surface, decrease indaily diurnal temperature range, decrease in the number of cold days,increase in lower tropospheric temperature, decrease in uppertropospheric and lower stratospheric temperatures, decrease in observedvisibility, increase in cloud amount, increase in the number of days withthunderstorms, decrease in global solar radiation, and decrease in totalevaporation in Hong Kong. Factors contributing to the observed trendsinclude global warming and urbanization.

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