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Tips on ECPE

Tips on ECPE

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Published by Rallia Saatsoglou
Here are some useful tips a student should read before taking the exam.
Here are some useful tips a student should read before taking the exam.

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Published by: Rallia Saatsoglou on Jan 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Tips on ECPE Listening Section
 Try to predict the speaker's question after you have listened to what the 2 speakershave just said about the situation! (Practise asking wh- qouestions: who / what /where /...e.t.c..)
ll 3 pictures of each numbered item have similarities and differences!! Make sure that you run your eyes over them quickly to spot those similarities and differencesbefore you listen! That will help you with the correct answer which is based on thedifferences that you will have to remember!!!
: Pre-read the questions and answer choices to the passage you are going to hearbefore you hear it, trying to predict the answers. When you listen to a mini dialogue, a question or a brief extract from an interview,consider the following before choosing one of the a, b or c options:who is talking?who is he talking to?who/what is he talking about?when? (past, present or future)why do they say this? (reason)where is it happening? (place)what is better/worse/more expensive/less interesting? (choice)
Multiple choice Section
In multiple choice questions use the process of elimination. Cross out the choices that you know are wrong. Focus on the most probable choices. Then, select theoption you think is correct.Many times after class tests students say, ´I had the right answer, but I filled in thewrong circle on the sheet.µ Students who have completed the test before the timelimit can take advantage of the remaining time to check their answers carefully.
Make sure you fully answer all parts of the topic question.Often students fill in a different answer choice to the one they know to be thecorrect answer simply because they are stressed and in a hurry.
nswer choicesshould be checked again and again.
on·t spend too long on one item. Pay attention to the words before and after the gap in the grammar, vocabulary andcloze sections.
Grammar section
 The Golden Rule of the Grammar and Meaning Tango!!" Remember!!!e.g: He is always ---------- in footballa. interested b. enthusiastic c. concerned d. eager The correct answer is a. ( 
ll distractors have almost the same meaning but!! =interested in / entusiastic about / concerned about / eager to ): Once you have decided on the answer, read the whole sentence to see if it makessense.
 Watch out for correct reference: Is it a man, woman, you, me, us, him, her, oneperson/thing or many?
on't translate from Greek. Think about the correct English word order. Remember that every question may test one or more specific grammar topics. Itmay not only be about Passive Voice but also about the correct passive verb tense.
 Vocabulary section
 Look at the stems of unknown words: They may be of Greek or Latin origin (of another language you may know such as French)
Check to see if a preposition or particle follows the blank so that you choose theitem that agrees with it.
on't waste time by staring at the questions over and over. Go through thissection quickly so that you can have adequate time for the Reading section.
 Writing Section
 Writing essay: Participle clauses can be used to express time relationships,replacing 'before', 'after', and 'when'. They can show causal relationships, replacing 'because', 'as', and 'since'. They can sometimes replace the if + verb in conditionalsentences. They can also be used to express results, replacing 'as a result', 'so that'etc. By correctly using participle clauses, a student can create a less 'formulaic'essay.
 t the third level of generality (secondary supports) elaborate on your idea of 'responsible' (for instance) by thinking of either:1. examples (taking care of their health, preparing proper meals, teaching them values)2. "causes" of the situation under discussion (Since children are immature, it isparents who must bear the responsibility of what children should eat, how theyshould dress or how they should behave) 3. "effects" of the situation under discussion (Responsible parents dress theirchildren with warm clothes so that they will not get sick and will stay healthy. Theyprepare them proper meals so that the children can get all the necessary nutrientsand can grow up as expected).
if for example the question of the topic is 'What three qualities do you think aremost necessary to be a good parent?' you can briefly summarize the ideas directlyanswering the question (primary supports) in the form of bullet points either asadjectives, verbs or nouns:
djectives: responsible, watchful, tolerant.Nouns: assume responsibility, watchfulness, show tolerance towards. Verbs: hold themselves responsible for, watch closely/intently, be prepared/willing  to tolerate
Once you have chosen the topic of the essay you will write about, use the'brainstorming' or 'planning' stage to generate content: Try to come up with atleast three ideas that answer the question of the topic directly. These can be in the form of bullet points and as brief as possible.
Speaking Section
hink of synonyms or synonym ways you can use: e.g. If you want to say: "I like being independent in my life" (Let's suppose you don't know / don't remember the wordindependent. In what other ways can you express the same idea?). You can say: "Ilike doing things on my own, I like being free to chose what I want to do, I can take good care of myself, etc.
Cloze tips

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