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PK Summary of Spectrum Bills

PK Summary of Spectrum Bills

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Published by Public Knowledge

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Published by: Public Knowledge on Jan 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Summary of Spectrum Bills in the 112
In a the past few weeks both the House Democrats and Republicans have released discussion drafts of bills to deal with the issue of spectrum reform. In addition to those versions, there are two other proposed spectrum bills that are currently on the books thisCongressional session. All four bills address the issue of allocating spectrum to create a national public safety broadband network,freeing up additional spectrum to conduct more auctions, and designating portions of spectrum for unlicensed use.
This document is to provide a brief summary of the different versions of proposed spectrum legislation with a focus on the key issuesthat have been the focus of Congressional discussion:
Public Safety Broadband Network | Incentive Auctions | Unlicensed Spectrum | Federal Government SpectrumS.911
(May 9)
House Republican Draft
(July 13)
H.R. 2482(Dingell/Greene)
(July 11)
House DemocratDraft
(July 14)
Reid Amendmentto Debt Bill
Allocates D-block topublic safety
Different; assigns eachstate with an exclusiveuse license for spectrumin the 763 – 768 MHz and793 – 798 MHz bandsSame Same Same
Creates a nonprofitcorporation (sole D-block licensee) to bemanage deploymentof network
Different; establishes apublic safety planningboardSame Same Same
Enables FCC to adoptrules to improveability roam oncommercial networksfor reasonablecompensation
No Same Yes, but FCCmust adopt rulesthat requirecommercialproviders to offer roaming to publicsafetyNo
PublicSafetyBroadbandNetworkEstablishes a $250Mstate and local grantprogram
Same Same Same No
Incentive Allows licensees to
Yes, FCC may encourage Same Same Same
A Summary of Spectrum Bills in the 112
give up their spectrum rights inexchange for aportion of proceedsfrom auction
a licensee to give upspectrum rights inexchange for proceedsSame Same Same
FCC must conduct areverse auction todetermine the amount of compensation a licenseewould require to give upspectrumNo No No
Identity of any licenseethat participates in thereverse auction must bemade confidentialNo NoGives FCC authority toreassign TV broadcastspectrum licensees for the purpose of theauction and thenreimburse licensee for costs (along withmaking reasonableefforts to preservecoverage area and limitinterference)
Same Same Same SameNo Gives broadcast TVlicensees or MVPDs thathave been affected theoption of requesting awaiver of application of any legal provision or regulation administered byFCC in lieu of reimbursementNo No No
No FCC may conduct a No No No
A Summary of Spectrum Bills in the 112
forward auction to assignlicensees for the spectrumoffered up in any acceptedreverse auction bidsNo Requires the FCC to set areserve price to ensureauction proceeds wouldyield profitNo No NoNo Auction results will be voidif the proceeds are not atleast equal to the reservepriceNo No NoNo No No No Caps incentiveauction relocationfund to $1BLicensees can give upspectrum to have itdesignated for unlicensed useDifferent; spectrum canonly be allocated for unlicensed use by theFCC through acompetitive auction wherethe aggregate of bids for unlicensed use exceedsthe highest bid for licensed use of the samespectrumSame Different; after 84MHz of TVspectrum hasbeen assignedthrough theauction then theFCC may give aportion of theproceeds to other licensees toensure availabilityof unlicensedspectrumDifferent; if at least90 MHz of spectrum isauctioned off then6 can be madeavailable for unlicensed use
Modify part 15, title 47of Code of FederalRegulations to allowunlicensed devicesintended for indoor useto operate in 5350 –5470 MHz bandNo Same Same No

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