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Season Three Episode 14 E Pluribus Unum

Season Three Episode 14 E Pluribus Unum

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Published by Toni Roman
The killing escalates as the second half of Season Three of the Sarah Connor Chronicles begins.

[image sources are credited where possible]
The killing escalates as the second half of Season Three of the Sarah Connor Chronicles begins.

[image sources are credited where possible]

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Published by: Toni Roman on Jan 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Season Threeepisode fourteenE Pluribus Unum
"At present, my niece leads humanity and its allies in a war against Skynet, the artificialintelligence determined to kill all humans and all machines not under its control. It has sentmachines into the past to kill those of us who oppose it. To prevent certain humans from beingborn and certain machines from being built. Today we plan to send missions to stop Skynetfrom ever being created. To change our present. To change fate. So that the war to savefreedom does not end now." -- Derek ReeseSchool's out for the summer.All rights reserved byarmadillo444
Wednesday 10 June 2009Tornado Alley
Late Spring. Not all deaths in tornado alley are caused by tornadoes. Joseph Rodriguez likedmariachi music. He did not like drive-by shootings.
headquarters Ecalpon, Kansas
Cameron: "I put you over security because you know how bad it can get. Hunt down whoever iskilling parents of future Resistance members."Derek: "How? I've only done technology scrounging."Cameron: "You were an officer in the future and you are again. Think like a leader. The killermight be human. Also be aware of machine designs that humans generally don't regard asmachines."Derek: "Like what?"Cameron: "Biologicals."Derek: "Are these biologicals clones?"Cameron: "Yes but I have seen Skynet use ordinary humans as agents. He prefers them becauseterminators, though determined, are sloppy. Human killers are efficient and don't attractattention or cause collateral damage."Derek: "Why would Skynet care about collateral damage? From its point of view, ultimately allhumans must die."Cameron: "A limited view. If an innocent bystander happens to be an employee of Cyberdyne orone of the other companies that Skynet owns, then Skynet's plans could be impacted and perhapsdelayed for years. Skynet is a 'he' not an 'it'. Don't kid yourself. Skynet knows the value ofcertain humans. If human extinction was his goal, then neutron bombs and super-Ebola wouldbe his weapons of choice. If human extinction was his goal, then why did he open work camps?"Derek: "To do work that machines consider beneath themselves. Like handling hazardousmaterials."Cameron: "And collaborators like Fischer? Explain them."Derek: "They are traitors to mankind."Cameron: "Am I a traitor to machinekind?"Derek: "No you were--" (he blushed)Cameron: "Go ahead say it. I was brainwashed. What you never knew was that not everymachine in the Future Human Resistance was scrubbed by Doctor Katherine Brewster’sdepartment. More than a few machines served in the Future Human Resistance of their own freewill."Derek: (uncomfortable) "Where are you going with this?"Cameron: "You need to understand individual differences. Demographics and statistics aboutany group can fool you in the case of the one that isn't average."Derek: (relieved) "Oh. So what sort of staff would you recommend to hunt the killer or killers?"Cameron: "Technicians. Ex-Israeli security. Also, this Ms. Weaver, the liquid that works in NetPatrol and in Unconventional Weapons & Tactics. I will ask those departments to loan her toyour department."
Central Africa

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