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pnl and christian humility

pnl and christian humility

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Published by sever_antobescu

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Published by: sever_antobescu on Nov 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PNL and Christian humility.
Who is else bethinks oneself of ALEXABDRIA the work on which read many in
childhood, can to see as the politicians, the current chiefs evolved to a fault.

Here, I quote incomplete from memory:
I, Darius emperator, emperor of emperors and which shines as the sun, and certainly
as The God, write to you Alexander.
Thereto follow the battle and persan sodiers ran away again and Alexander\u2019solders
chase them again, Darius tell himself, valleys me.
Follow, I Por-emperor, the emperor of emperors of all the world, certainly as The God
and shining as the sun and again the same words. And again everything is eventuated,
the solsiers ran away and macedonian solders chase them, and again that,valleys me.

This were my impression lessening to Antena 3, The conference of the organisation PNL- Bucharest of which in liberal arrogance have no least sign of some Christian humility.

Mr. Tariceanu says to Mr. Stolojan to see of his old age. If he burn be sayed these, in
particulary, burn be some common, to day, for the long ago old age.
But he argues not in particulary ,but as romanian PM,as roumanian liberal leader, long
ago old don't the maul and handle sincerely yours and humiliate.
But he says,also as Por emperator, as prime-minister of Roamania( PM) and across
6 millions of superannuations apprehend the leading vision about olds, sometime
esteemed for the their wisdom and their conservatism. But Mr. PM,he don't knows
what it is this, Christian humility,do it?

But Mr. Stolojan is the faces in someting coopertive, thing on which I don't find the
meanings. Quisles of his Iliescu where through beside PNL, PD, PSD, drove a
cabinets of technocrats, 6 monthes, for electoral pool.

How's that, on betraied the country for disbelieve as has seem good about dl. Iliescu.
Mr. Stolojan is an political walkersay Mr,tariceanu,this were just limb PNL in while
Mr.Tariceanu was an walker to their young wing PNL,in spite of division of his old
For nothing dl. Flutur arrests it as the chair of PM owes it just to this named as the
traitor and the cooperator Stolojan. No,Mr.Tariceanu don't knows what is this
Christian humility.

PNL Bucharest Congress was the unfurled as a festival of an exultation, a kind of
Cantare Romaniei although, outwardly, PNL is marginally precipice and the politic
No follow of Christian humility, in spite that, just the communist meetings one
tallking about of self-criticism.

Mr.Crin Antonescu, Orban exult, PNL is strong, from the detachment came out else
callous. They are the true liberal, the salt of the terra, of nobody don't tem, just in spite
as the about,they asks PD to let them in alliance(DA) as the thin pupil of the screen
of arrogant class PNL don't the maul has limits, than just in the case of Mr. Cinteza
ante the ministerial disaster .

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