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Who is Controlling Media in USA

Who is Controlling Media in USA



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Published by Moiz Uddin Qidwai
Describes the Undue influence of Jewish people in Print, Film and Electronic Media in USA
Describes the Undue influence of Jewish people in Print, Film and Electronic Media in USA

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Published by: Moiz Uddin Qidwai on Nov 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Who is controlling America? (Dr. Irfan Tariq)
TV and Newspapers are the prime source of disseminating information to the public. InAmerica 1483 Newspapers have a total daily combined circulation of 60 Millions..It seems incredible that a minority group (Jews) could have power to distort the factsand pursue its agenda, but alas it is so. Majority’s participation is minimal in Newspapersand New media..Till 1945, more than 80 % of Newspapers were in the control of Local communities, whowere running them independently, these were Old Days, by 1970 s most of thesenewspapers were either purchased by Jews or were competed out. Now most of Local Newspapers are under the ownership of a few Big Media Companies and are beingcontrolled by persons sitting hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away. Now only less than 20 % of local newspapers are really independent, and less than 104of them have circulation of more than 100,000. Very few of them can repotindependently outside of their local areas because of lack of reporters. They have todepend for news on a few International News Companies.Associated Press has its Managing Editor, Michel Silverman a Jew, who sells to other newspapers news and editorial matters. AP s Executive Editor is Jonathan Woolmananother Jews and Boss of Silverman.Only 47 American cities have more than one Newspaper each, and there is hardly anyreal competition between them, it is like the owner of Morning and Evening paper be thesame. For example, Mobile, Alabama, Morning Register, Press Register, Herald Generalare published by Advanced Publications, which is owned by Jewish New House. New House is not a unique example, but it demonstrates the insatiable urge of Jewishcommunity to control and own any means that can influence public opinion. New Houseowns more than 30 Newspapers, some of which are very influential. It also owns 12 TVBroadcasting stations and 87 Cable TV systems, some of which are biggest in the nation.For Example, Sunday Supplement Parade which has a circulation of 2.2 Million copieseach week, More than two dozen big magazines like New York, Vogue, MademoiselleGlamour, Vanity Fair, Bride, Gentleman, Self, House and Guard all are owned by JNH.The question arises, how one empire can hold so many Newspapers? We must know that Newspapers do not run on the subscription that common public pays, but they are reallydependent on the strength of Advertisement they receive. All expenses, including salariesof staff all come thru these Ads. If a Newspaper gets more Ads, it progresses and itscompetitors go down.. Now since the beginning of Twentieth Century, Jews Industrial and Financial Powerswere growing very fast and by the use of Ads, Jews were able to own and control the
 News and Print Media. Even non Jewish Papers are dependent on Ads to the JewishCommunity and therefore cannot write or print any item, that is detrimental to the interestof Jewish Community.Every thing printed or showed should be in the favor of Jewish Community. You can judge the Jewish power by this: Three Largest Newspapers of USA New York Times,Wall Street General and Washington Post are in the hands of Jews. These Papers havemuch influence in the Political and Financial Capitol of USA. Further these papers aretaken as ideal by other smaller papers who try to copy them. News and Views expressedin these papers control the Public Opinion and can be used to turn them into anydirection. New York Times, for example, has a daily circulation of 1.1 Million, decides the trend of Social, Fashion, Cultural trend on the country. Which Book to buy, which film to see,Which of the Views are Acceptable, Which of the Political or Spiritual Leader, Artist or Businessmen are successful are decided by this Newspaper. NYT was started in 1851 Wood Gomes, It was the property of a Non Jews, after his deathin 1896, it was purchased by a Jew of the name of Adolph Oax, Now the Grandson of thisAdolph Arthur Salzburg Jr. is the Chairman of NYT Company and Joseph, son of aJewish Rabbi is its Editor. The NYT empire also owns 33 other Newspapers includingBoston Globe, 13 Magazines, including Michael’s Family Circle, each having circulationof 5 Millions or more. NYT group also owns 13 TV and Radio Stations, one Cable TVsystem, and three Publishing Houses for books. NYT distributes, News, Features andPhotos to more than 500 of smaller papers, agencies and magazines.Washington Post is also a Newspapers of National Importance. It is known for itsreliable sources in the governmental circles. It was also in the hands of Non Jews till1933 when it got Bankrupt. A Jew, Eugene Myers, also bought it now his daughter Catherine Myers runs it and her Son Donald is the President of Washington PostCompany. WP has a daily circulation of 7.6 Millions for daily editions and 1.1 Millionfor its Sunday Edition. It also owns many TV and Radio Broadcasting stations andMagazines, including the influential\al Newsweek. Its TV programs reach more than 7Million Houses. WP also publishes International Herald Tribune, which has the highestworldwide circulation.Coming to Wall Street Journal (WSJ), with a circulation of 1.8 Million Copies daily, isthe largest of all Newspapers. Dow Jones & Co owns it. The same company owns and publishes twenty-four other Newspapers. CEO of DJC is Patrician another Jew.Another Big Media Company Viacom is headed by Summer Redstone another Jew. Itsearning in 1997 were 13 Billion Dollars. This company produces programs for threeBiggest TV Networks. It owns 13 TV and 12 Radio Broadcasting stations and alsomakes Feature Films for Paramount Pictures. Paramount Pictures is owned by anotheJew Sherry Lislings. Redstone acquired CBS in 1999. Another Jew Malone Karmazenalso heads CBS. He also owns major shares in CBS and CBS TV Network, 14 other 
Major Market TV Stations, 160 Radio Stations, Country Music TV, Nash Wail Network Cable Channels .Viacom Publishing owns, Simon and Schuster, Secretor, The Free Press and PocketBooks. The fame of Viacom is thru Showtime, MTV, Nickelodeon , and many other  programs thru TV and Cable TV networks.In 2001, First Quarter MTV held the Number 1 position for sixteen consecutive quarters. Nickelodeon was #1 TV channels for Children aged 4 to 11 years with a user base of 65Millions. These networks are slowly getting popularity in Europe also.These TV channels are slowly molding the minds of its viewers to Homosexuality as weeas damaging the reputation of America as a White Majority nation. It regularly shows programs in which White Male and Black women and vice versa are shown as marriageand sexual partners.Fourth Jewish Media Mogul is Edgar Bronfman is Chairman of Seagram Company. Thiscompany owns Universal Studios and Inter Scope Records. His father is the President of World Jewish Congress. Bronfman in 1998 became the Biggest in its category by payingPhilips 12 Billion Dollars for Jin Poly Gram. Now the picture is that Jews Own the Two Biggest Media Companies and haveControlling Shares in the other two. It is highly unlikely that it could have happenedwithout a calculated strategy and pre planning.Let’s now have a look at smaller media companies. Murdock an Australian Murdoc News Corporation, Fox TV Network, 20
Century Fox Films, and Fox 2000. It is thefifth largest media company in USA with an earning of 11 Billion Dollars. WhileMurdock himself is not Jew, but Films, TV and Publishing operations in US arecontrolled by a Jew Peter Churner. Head of 20
Century Fox is another Jewish woman by the name of Lara Zikson. Another Jews Peter Ruth is head of Fox Entertainment.Murdock told to the media that he will make Churner CEO of his empire, so that after thedeath of Murdock it goes to his children, many of whom are in their thirties. How a Jewwould relinquish the control of this empire to non Jews is to be carefully watched.Churner told that he would like to control all the feature films that are shown in theworld.Coming to smaller media companies, most of which are also under Jewish Control. NewWorld Entertainment, supposed to be the Largest Free TV Company is owned by DonaldPearlman another Jew. Pearlman offered job to Monica Lewinsky when Bill Clinton wastrying to buy her silence.Dream Works was started by three Media Moguls David Kevin Chairman of DisneyPictures, Jeffery and Steven Spielberg, all of these are Jews. It will soon grow to be thefourth largest company.

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