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Bagbusters Information Kit

Bagbusters Information Kit

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Published by Green Living Centre

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Published by: Green Living Centre on Feb 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  C  h  o  o  s  e  t  o
    r    e    f    u    s    e   !
    B    a    g    b    u    s    t   e    r    s   !
Printed on 100% recycled paper
For more information...
Marrickville Council:
City of Sydney Council:
Planet Ark:
Clean Up Australia:
 ABC - Issues About Plastic Bags:
The Watershed
218 King StreetNewtown NSW 2042
9519 6366
9519 7706
Australians dump 230,000recyclable plastic bags in landfillsevery hour, that’s 7 billion/year!Plastic bags take up to 1,000years to decompose in the naturalenvironment.Plastic bags cost Australianbusinesses $173 million/year.Plastic bags kill hundreds ofthousands of birds, fish, turtles andother sea creatures every year.
Did you 
The current 
NSW Premier Bob Carr indicatedin March 2004 that the NSWState Government is committedto addressing the plastic bagproblem.
State and Federal ministers haveindicated that the retail industrywill be required to halve plasticbag usage by 2005.
City of Sydney
have committedsubstantial resources to assistingthe community to break the plasticbag habit and move towards amore sustainable society.
How do plastic bagspollute 
survey revealed approximately200 plastic bags are used by every Newtown shoppereach year on average.Plastic bags that enter the stormwater system in KingStreet end up in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. Plasticbags threaten marine life, cause major pollution and canblock drains causing localised flooding.
Business NameBag MaterialBag DetailsContact
Styles Colours Handles Printing Available
BagWise Community BagsPolypropyleneCarry bags, bottle bagsVariety of coloursShort handlesYesbagwise@bigpond.net.auColquhoun’s Sydney Bag CoCalico3 sizesNeutralShort handles or shoulder strapsYes9310 2000DGM InternationalPolypropyleneCustomised or stock bags7 coloursavailableShort handlesYes9669 1333DGM InternationalCalico3 sizesNeutralShort handles or shoulder strapYes9669 1333EcocernPost consumer recycledpaperFlat or gusseted carry bagsBrownShort cut out or tape handlesUnsure93372737EcoSilk BagsParachute Silk(100% nylon)Singlet bags10 coloursavailableShort handlesYes6689 7408 info@ecosilkbags.com.auFresh Green BagCalicoShopping, gusset shoppingand shoulder bagsBlack and neutralShort handles, shoulder strapsor drawstring9736 3274GispacReusable Fabric BagsCustomised or stock bagsBlackShort handles or drawstringYes9906 3366Green ZucchiniPolypropyleneGift, boutique, shopper andbottle bagsOver 10 coloursavailable2 handlesYesgreenzuc@optusnet.com.auPaper-PakPost consumer recycledpaperVariety of stylesVariety of coloursShort paper twist handles, ropehandlesYes9648 4388Planet ArkCalicoNeutralShort handlesYesdoug@planetark.com 9300 9270Planet ArkPaperPrinted gusseted stockbagsBrownShort handlesStandard print onlydoug@planetark.com 9300 9270Planet ArkPolypropyleneGusseted stock bagsNavy blueShort handlesWhite print onlydoug@planetark.com 9300 9270Planet ZokCalicoShort handles or shoulder strapsYes0425 346 946RBS Recycling Pty LtdCalicoShort handles9673 2166
Bag distributor 
 contact list
Bag distributor 
contact list
What are we 
 about it?
Building a plastic bag free
& beyond!
>Avoid providing plastic bags altogether.>Offer reusable bag options for sale to customers, such as recycled paper,calico, hemp, boxes or polypropylene (green bags). The DistributorContact Information in this kit will help you find bag wholesalers inSydney.>Consider charging a 10c levy for each plastic bag. Bunnings Warehouseand Ikea have succeeded in reducing plastic bag usage up to 95% withthis levy. Proceeds can be donated to a local environmental charity!>Provide incentives for customers to avoid plastic bags.>Begin a plastic bag reuse system. Customers can bring in their plasticbags for reuse.>Train staff to ask customers; ‘Do you need a bag?” with their purchase.>Display signs reminding customers to bring their own bags.>
City of Sydney
have been distributing calicobags to residents. 
works together with local businessesand shoppers to reduce the amount of plastic carrybags used.
supports and acknowledgesbusinesses that have embraced sustainable changes.The
project is supported by
City ofSydney
Marrickville Councils
The Watershed
Building a plastic bag free
& beyond
Shopfront Advisory Service
The Watershed
is open from 10am – 4pm Monday toSaturday, and offers free advice on Council servicesand environmental issues to local businesses and thegeneral public. There is also a range of merchandisesuch as worm farms, compost bins, calico bags andreusable thermal travel mugs.
Environmental Reference Library
The Watershed
has an enormous range of resourcesand books on issues including waterwise gardening,local flora and fauna, environmentally friendly petcare,rainwater tanks, composting, sustainable urbandesign, natural cleaning, and environmental theory.Visitors are welcome to research issues inthe shopfront.
Volunteer Community Educators
The Watershed
supports a dedicated and talentedteam of volunteers, providing the support andresources to engage the local community insustainability issues. Volunteers are a central partof the project, assisting in the development andfacilitation of workshops, designing educationstrategies, and compiling research.
Cork Recycling
In partnership with
Taronga Zoo
The Watershed
provides a much-needed cork deposit facility for localrestaurants, hotels and residents. The sale of corksfor reprocessing into boat decking and floor tilingcontributes to the rehabilitation of animal habitats at
Taronga Zoo,
whilst diverting tens of thousands ofcorks from landfill every month.
The Watershed
The Watershed Sustainability ResourceCentre
at 218 King St Newtown is ajoint initiative of
City ofSydney Councils
. King St both formsthe boundary between the two localgovernment areas, and is a naturalridge line – or ‘watershed’ – betweenthe Sydney Harbour and Botany Baycatchments.Since November 2002,
The Watershed
has developed and delivered a rangeof innovative projects supporting localcommunity engagement in sustainability.
The Watershed
represents an ongoingCouncil commitment to the environment,focussing on issues such as stormwaterpollution, eco-business initiatives, andsustainability in the home.
The Watershed Awards
Recognising the environmental achievements oflocal businesses, residents and volunteers helpsto celebrate and promote positive initiatives.Inaugurated in 2003,
The Watershed Awards
areplanned to be an annual event.
Workshop Series
A free Saturday workshop series has inspiredhundreds of participants to take action forsustainability. Workshops are designed to bepractical, promoting simple and inexpensiveenvironmental solutions which can be easily passedon from participants to their friends and family. Thecurrent workshop schedule is:> 
1st Sat of every month:
 Worm Farming> 
3rd Sat of every month:
 Natural Cleaning> 
4th Saturday of every month:
Low Cost EnviroTips for Your Home.There are several projects in development,including a partnership with Realtors to addressillegal dumping and provide information onsustainability and council services to residents; anda partnership with local cafes addressing waste bypromoting reusable thermal travel mugs for takeaway beverages.
Some current
Watershed projects 

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