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WRWCF Newsletter Fall 2011

WRWCF Newsletter Fall 2011

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Published by garnetstreet

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Published by: garnetstreet on Feb 01, 2012
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Newsletter Fall 2011
In This Issue:
Mark your Calendars for Future Events
Thursday, December 29, 2011
5:00 to 7:00 pm casual holiday gathering for members and their special guests hosted by Barbara Thrasher and the WRWCF Board. At the home of Barbara Thrasher & Rick Koffey.Wednesday, February 15, 2012 (tentative date)
Educational Winter Forum at The Valley Clubfrom 2:30 to 4:30 pm. It will be an exciting retrospective to celebrate our reaching over $500,000in pooled grant giving to nonprofits in Blaine County. Details to follow.
Morley Golden of WOW and the Wood River Foundation recently hosted an instructive seminar on principles of philanthropy for local nonprofits and foundations. The keynote speaker, LeanneKaiser Carlson, provided enlightening insights on capacity building, the implementation of collaborative efforts among nonprofits and constructive involvement of donors. She has beeninvited to return the week of January 9
to extend and elaborate on her presentation. WRWCF
members are welcome to attend this rare and informative opportunity. Invitations will be sentshortly after Thanksgiving. For further information, please visit www.wow-projects.org .
Membership Renewals
2012 Membership Notices with cover letter from President Barbara Thrasher have been sent.Renew your membership in the WRWCF so that we can continue our unique grant-making,enhancing the lives of Wood River Valley residents
 Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation
 Annual MeetingAugust 9, 2011 - The Valley Club
 By Debby Law
President Barbara Thrasher cordiallywelcomed members and guests to the Wood
River Women’s Charitable Foundation
Annual Meeting held at The Valley Club onAugust 9, 2011. She introduced the currentBoard members, all of whom stood to berecognized.Following are her remarks, well worthreading and contemplating. They clearlyarticulate why our members are passionateabout and committed to the work of thisorganization.
Barbara’s Address to the Annual
I thought I would tell you about where wehave been, who we are and where we are
today. And I can’t talk about this with
outsaying that I am talking about little miracles.So where we have been:Six years ago we were like a newly plantedaspen tree. The aspen tree spreads through aroot system that eventually sends up new
trees all around the original. That’s our 
That’s our logo. Here in Sun Valley“aspen” has a whole other meaning! Plant
one and many will follow. Jo Murray and Idecided that the model of pooled giving thatwas begun by Colleen Willoughby in Seattlecould work here in this valley. Indeed, ithad worked already in Boise and Coeur 
d’Alene. One cup of tea with a group of 
friends became a commitment. Acommitment to philanthropy that waseducated and compassionate.And that first year we funded three 501c3s.
One was the Bellevue Children’s Libr 
aryrenovation. A library that probably wouldhave closed became the proud symbol of accomplishment for a small town in Idaho. Ithink that was just a little miracle. Sincethen, 38 agencies have received our funding.In a state where the average grant is $3000,and hard to find, we are a beacon of hope.Our grants average over $10,000.
That’s just part of where we were then.
There are many stories, many little miracles.And this is where we are today:We are: 130 women making a difference.We are from all walks of life, all over thecountry, with one heart and one mission.We know that we are so lucky to live part-time, full-time and sometime in Idaho. Weknow that this is the last great place we willever live. We dream of leaving a place thatour children and grandchildren will returnto. We know that our neighbors around usare the reason we are so lucky. And we caredeeply about them. We started in 2005 - we
didn’t need 2008 to remind us that people in
our lives need help.We refuse to accept the status quo. Weknow that we can strive for an Idaho that haschildren without pain, elderly without fear,relationships without violence and a place toturn when there seems to be no hope left.We know change is possible. We believe inchange and we invest in it. We know thatwhen you are compassionate and giving itcauses others to do the same. Now six years later, we are here to celebrate$500,000 of grants invested back into our community.Dr. Judith Rodin, President of theRockefeller Foundation said:
The singlemost important thing we can do is unleash
the full power of half the people on the planet
 Thank you for coming. Thank you for beinga part of something that makes a difference.I would now like to introduceKathieLevison, our Governance Committee Chair.
Board Election Vote
Kathie Levison, Governance, &Carol Scheifele-Holmes, Publicity
Kathie emphasized the important functionthat Board members play in leading theWRWCF and, in particular, offered thatthose standing for reelection have playedsignificant roles in advancing the mission of our organization.She moved that the following Boardmembers be elected for a third 2-year term:Barbara Thrasher, Marcia Liebich, JoanneWetherell, Debby Law, Gale Elkins andGayle Stevenson. Motion seconded and passed.Kathie then urged any member or anacquaintance of a member who might beinterested in serving on the Board to let her or another Board member know. When wehave openings, it is helpful to have a list of those interested in serving; participating onthe Board is rewarding in many ways.Kathie then introducedJoanne Wetherell,our Treasurer.
Treasurer’s Report
Joanne Wetherell, Treasurer &Elly Davis, ICF
Joanne summarized the annual renewal andfunding process that the WRWCF followswith extensive support from the IdahoCommunity Foundation. Pooledmembership funds received each year areheld for a 6-month seasoning period by theICF and are distributed through our singleannual grants cycle in August.We accept memberships throughout theyear. Note, however, that pooledmembership dues must be received by mid-January to qualify for distribution in Augustof that year; otherwise, the funds will becarried over to the following annual grantcycle.The ICF distributes member-designatedfunds after the 6-month seasoning periodfollowing the quarter during which thosefunds were received.This procedure is detailed on our websiteunder FAQs at www.wrwcf.org and on the membership renewal form sent recently.Joanne turned the program over toCharlotteUnger and Jan DeBard, Grant co-chairs.
Grants Committee Presentation of 2010/11 Grantees
Grants Committee Co-Chair CharlotteUnger conducted the Grant presentation portion of the meeting. At the close of themeeting, a sign-up board was passed to

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