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Table Of Contents

ARTICLE 16 Equality of rights
ARTICLE 17 Romanian citizens while abroad
ARTICLE 18 Aliens and stateless persons
ARTICLE 19 Extradition and expulsion
ARTICLE 20 International treaties on human rights
ARTICLE 21 Free access to justice
ARTICLE 24 Right to defence
ARTICLE 26 Personal and family privacy
ARTICLE 27 Inviolability of domicile
ARTICLE 28 Secrecy of correspondence
ARTICLE 29 Freedom of conscience
ARTICLE 30 Freedom of expression
ARTICLE 32 Right to education
ARTICLE 33 Access to culture
ARTICLE 34 Right to protection of health
ARTICLE 35 Right to a healthy environment
ARTICLE 36 Right to vote
ARTICLE 38 Right to be elected to the European Parliament
ARTICLE 39 Freedom of assembly
ARTICLE 40 Right of association
ARTICLE 41 Labour and social protection of labour
ARTICLE 42 Prohibition of forced labour
ARTICLE 43 Right to strike
ARTICLE 44 Right of private property
ARTICLE 45 Economic freedom
ARTICLE 47 Living standard
ARTICLE 48 Family
ARTICLE 49 Protection of children and young people
ARTICLE 50 Protection of disabled persons
ARTICLE 51 Right of petition
ARTICLE 52 Right of a person aggrieved by a public authority
ARTICLE 53 Restriction on the exercise of certain rights or freedoms
ARTICLE 54 Faithfulness towards the country
ARTICLE 55 Defence of the country
ARTICLE 57 Exercise of rights and freedoms
ARTICLE 58 Appointment and role
ARTICLE 59 Exercise of powers
ARTICLE 60 Report before Parliament
ARTICLE 61 Role and structure
ARTICLE 62 Election of the Chambers
ARTICLE 63 Term of office
ARTICLE 64 Organizational structure
ARTICLE 65 Sittings of the Chambers
ARTICLE 66 Sessions
ARTICLE 67 Acts of Parliament and legal quorum
ARTICLE 68 Publicity of sittings
ARTICLE 69 Representative mandate
ARTICLE 70 Term of office of Deputies and Senators
ARTICLE 71 Incompatibilities
ARTICLE 72 Parliamentary immunity
ARTICLE 73 Classes of laws
ARTICLE 74 Legislative initiative
ARTICLE 75 Notification of the Chambers
ARTICLE 76 Passing of bills and resolutions
ARTICLE 77 Promulgation of laws
ARTICLE 78 Coming into force of laws
ARTICLE 79 Legislative Council
ARTICLE 80 Role of the President
ARTICLE 82 Validation of mandate and oath-taking
ARTICLE 83 Term of office
ARTICLE 84 Incompatibilities and immunities
ARTICLE 85 Appointment of the Government
ARTICLE 86 Consultation with the Government
ARTICLE 87 Participation in meetings of the Government
ARTICLE 89 Dissolution of Parliament
ARTICLE 90 Referendum
ARTICLE 91 Powers in matters of foreign policy
ARTICLE 93 Emergency measures
ARTICLE 94 Other powers
ARTICLE 96 Impeachment
ARTICLE 97 Vacancy of office
ARTICLE 99 Liability of the Acting President
ARTICLE 100 Acts of the President
ARTICLE 101 Emolument and other rights
ARTICLE 102 Role and structure
ARTICLE 103 Investiture
ARTICLE 104 Oath of allegiance
ARTICLE 106 Cessation of membership of the Government
ARTICLE 107 Prime Minister
ARTICLE 108 Acts of the Government
ARTICLE 109 Responsibility of members of the Government
ARTICLE 110 End of the term of office
ARTICLE 111 Information of Parliament
ARTICLE 113 Motion of censure
ARTICLE 114 Assumption of responsibility by the Government
ARTICLE 115 Legislative delegation
ARTICLE 116 Structure
ARTICLE 117 Establishment
ARTICLE 119 Supreme Council of National Defence
ARTICLE 120 Basic principles
ARTICLE 121 Commune and town authorities
ARTICLE 122 County Council
ARTICLE 123 The Prefect
ARTICLE 124 Administration of justice
ARTICLE 125 Statute of judges
ARTICLE 126 Courts of law
ARTICLE 127 Publicity of debates
ARTICLE 128 Use of mother tongue and interpreter in court
ARTICLE 129 Use of appeal
ARTICLE 130 Police in the courts
ARTICLE 131 Role of Public Ministry
ARTICLE 132 Statute of Public Prosecutors
ARTICLE 134 Powers
ARTICLE 135 Economy
ARTICLE 136 Property
ARTICLE 138 National public budget
ARTICLE 141 The Economic and Social Council
ARTICLE 142 Structure
ARTICLE 143 Qualification for appointment
ARTICLE 144 Incompatibilities
ARTICLE 145 Independence and irremovability
ARTICLE 146 Powers
ARTICLE 147 Decisions of the Constitutional Court
ARTICLE 148 Integration into the European Union
ARTICLE 149 Accession to the North-Atlantic Treaty
ARTICLE 150 Initiative of revision
ARTICLE 151 Procedure of revision
ARTICLE 152 Limits of revision
ARTICLE 153 Coming into force
ARTICLE 154 Temporal conflict of laws
ARTICLE 155 Transitory provisions
ARTICLE 156 Republication of the Constitution
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Constitution of Romania

Constitution of Romania

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Published by: Lidia Herciu on Feb 01, 2012
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