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Events Attended by Consortium Members

Events Attended by Consortium Members

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Published by Distance Expert
List of events that members of the eSangathan consorium did attend during the project .
List of events that members of the eSangathan consorium did attend during the project .

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Published by: Distance Expert on Nov 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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eSangathan Consortium 2008 All rights reserved
Events attended by the members othe consortium during the project
Date(Start/End)MeetingplaceNumber of persons perPartnerinvolvedWP5/Task/expected results/details
02/11/06 The Hague,NLAP: 1 (MZ) Meet & greet meeting EG-Liaison25-27/10/06 Barcelona,SpainDE: 1 (NTS) eChallenges 200621-23/11/06 Helsinki,FinlandDE: 2 (NTS-MFM)IST conference27-29/9/06 Amsterdam AP: 1 (MZ) Crossmedia Congress Picnic28-29/11/06 Kerkrade AP: 1 (MZ) Silver Economy Congress9/11/06 The Hague AP: 1 (MZ) Grijs Werkt Congress11/12/06 Tilburg AP: 1 (KK) SVB, Netspar, Univ Congress. Tilburg15/01/07 Brussels DE : 1 NTS eInclusion Meeting15/02/07 AngersFranceDE: 1 (NTS)Colloque emplois seniors1 to 3/03/07 LyonFranceDE: 1 (MFK) Forum Midlife13/03/07 Paris,FranceDE : 1 (HF) Conference on solution for humanressources session on seniors30/03/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) Salon emploi public03/04/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) Conference on senior workers situation,realities at APC Espace Charenton05/04/07 Paris,FranceDE 1 MFM CCIP - Les Cadres et la durée du travail24/05/07 Paris,FranceDE 1 MFM Geront'Expo - Handicap Expo 200713/06/07 The HagueAP: 1 (MZ)eContentPlus/EG Liaison: disseminationby flyers
eSangathan Consortium 2008 All rights reserved
19/06/07 GothenburgCBS: 1 (LBR)FU: 1 (MSB)Conference in – Competence 50+ 2007
Fuelling knowledge to work further withpilot group, SIG-mapping
21/06/07 The Hague,NLAP: 1 (MZ)ICT program/EG Liaison: disseminationby contacts27/06/07 AmsterdamAP: 1 (MZ)Midlife Resourcing Congress:dissemination by contacts02/07/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)Séminaire Senior Compétences05/07/07 Brussels,BelgiumDE 1 NTS AAW Workshop ppt24/09/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)Turning silver into gold27/09/07 ParisDE: 1 (NTS)L’emploi des seniors + ANVIE meeting3/10/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)Forum Mondial eDémocratie4/10/07 Paris DE: 1 (MFM) Forum Mondial eDémocratie16/10/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)ANACT Meeting18/10/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)ANVIE Meeting25/10/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) Diversité et théâtre d’entreprise (withseniors illustrations – can be of interestfor Brussels Conference)20/11/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) Des seniors plus sexy pour l’emploi22/11/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)ANVIE Meeting26/11/07 Paris,FranceDE: 2 (MFK-MFM)50-70 La transition active27/11/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) ITG Portage Salarial29/11/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) Colloque COR « Augmenter le tauxd’emploi des seniors »4/12/07 Lisbon,PortugalDE: 1 (NTS)European Commission13/12/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)Silverlife « Seniors créateurs derichesse » ppt13/12/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) Closure of Equality Project14/12/07 The Hague,NLAP: 1 (MZ)Congress eWorkForum: dissemination bycontacts
eSangathan Consortium 2008 All rights reserved
17/12/07 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) CNAM – Social networks, tools andusages06-02-2008 Utrecht(NL)AP: 1 (MZ)Congress SZW ‘Experience works’,dissemination by contacts14/02/08 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM) Forum Cadres 4 ( MFM at Round Table)21/02/08 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (MFM)NCP: 1 (MM)eSangathan presentation by MFM andCWE by MM at GATP Members (ANPE)21/02/08 Mumbai,IndiaM&M : 2(MV+SB)Presentation on eSangathan project wasmade in “Fun Forum” which is a groupof persons from Accounts & Financefraternity.06/03/08 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)VIE senior project meeting11-03-2008 Doorn (NL)AP: 1 (MZ)Congress Age Managementdissemination by contacts28/03/08 Landskrona, SwedenFU: 2 (MSB-URL)Workshop for Active Seniors inLandskrona29/04/08 Paris,FranceDE: 2 (NTSMFM)NCP: 1 (MM)eSangathan presentation by NTS andCWE by MM to 15 ANPE CadresCounsellors29/04/08 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)VIE senior project meeting16/05/08 Paris,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)RH&M meeting04-06/06/08 Aix-en-Provence,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)eSangathan presentation by NTS atUniversité de Printemps FING (seevideo)11/06/08 St Brieuc,FranceDE: 1 (NTS)Conference17/04/08 Mumbai,IndiaAP: 1 (MZ)CBS: 1 (LBR)FU: 1 (MSB)DE: 2 (MFM-NTS)MM: 1 (MV)NCP: 1 (MM)TM: 1 (CM)International conference in India(organized by Mahindra in collaborationwith the eSangathan team – speakers :NTS (DE), MZ (AP), MSB (FU), LBR (CBS),CM (TM) MV (M&M)22-26/06/08 Lisbon,PortugalCBS: 1 (LBR)FU: 1 (MSB)ICE-conference –presenting theaccepted paper CWE as GlobalizedInquiry for All23/06/08 Lisbon,PortugalCBS: 1 (LBR)FU: 1 (MSB)Presentation of MSB/LBR article at ICE14 on results of eSangathan

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