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Bee Newsletter

Bee Newsletter

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funny newsletter about truck loads that overturned. Newsletter features stories and news about the carhauler, autohauler, autotransport, trucking, towing, and car carrier industry.
funny newsletter about truck loads that overturned. Newsletter features stories and news about the carhauler, autohauler, autotransport, trucking, towing, and car carrier industry.

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Published by: East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales on Feb 01, 2012
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Crystal Glisson Sweet
East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales [cmonacelli@ectts.ccsend.com] on behalf of East Coast Truck &Trailer Sales [msaks@ectts.com]
Wednesday, February 01, 2012 9:54 AM
Crystal Glisson Sweet
News and Specials from East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales!
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Newsletter F
 There never seems to be a shortage of interesting stories in the transportationindustry. Every time I think the news is getting boring, I read of something I neverexpected. One of those unexpected stories, that made it into this newsletter, wasabout a driver who had the misfortune of overturning a load of bees. Anothersurprising story, that made it into this newsletter, was one of the new productsdesigned to stop cargo theft. Finally, I could not resist mentioning something to dowith fuel, or some angle about how to save fuel. Thus, I have a short feature abouthow to improve mileage by making a change to your mudflaps. Yes, you can savefuel by even making changes to your mudflaps.RegardsMichael SaksEditor of Haulinmsaks@ectts.com 
The Hazards of Overturned TrucksWe Will Miss Him!Save on Fuel Expenses
I have read of a trucker load of over 20 million bees that overturned on the highway. As youguessed, the overturned bees began to sting the driver and his wife multiple times after being throthe truck. Both of them are ok, but I was starting to wonder what other crazy or unusual trucker loafound themselves on the pavement due to a truck overturn. So here we go.
Here's A List Of The Craziest Overturned Loads I Have Read About:
Bees (driver should get hazard pay..bees get cranky and stingy when they are thrown from a moving
Heinz products (probably ketchup)
Multiple cases of Cocaine
Beer (of course...why couldn't it be cauliflower)
Vegetable oil
Bottled water
Jello (in powder form)
Chocolate (yeeeaaaahhhhhh)
Concentrated Orange Juice
Doughnut Glaze (imagine filling out that insurance report)
NewspapersIf you know of any others please send them in. Personally the doughnut glaze is my favorite. If I were giving awards for craziest lo
this would win. I mean, can you imagine explaining to the insurance company that your car is totaled because it's coated in Krispy Kremeglaze. Worse, what if they send you a cancellation notice on your insurance sighting, "bakery byproducts incident" as the reason.Regardless, drive safe and be on the lookout for unusual cargo, you never know when your car will be wearing it as a hood ornament.Click Here For More Information About Alternate Energy For Trucks & Heavy Haul Vehicles 
 After years of faithful service, sales manager Robert Berger has retired. It is with a heavy heart that weannounce his retirement this past December, after 13 years of loyal service. His knowledge of thetransportation industry has been indispensable. Many of the documents you have read in this newsletterwere suggested contributions from Mr. Berger. He will be missed, and we wish him all the best.Sincerely,East Coast Truck and Trailer
 Fuel savings through aerodynamics has been a hot topic over the last few years. These fuel savings havecome in the form of aluminum skirts added to the truck underbelly. They have come in the shape of fins forthe back of the truck. There are even self inflating tire systems to stop fuel inefficiency before it even starts.One area of potential savings that may have been overlooked are changes to your mudflaps.You can save fuel by using mudflaps that allow air to pass through, but not debris. This innovation offers afuel savings of between 0.5% to 1%. When I first heard that I did not get that excited. Still, 0.5% to 1.0 %fuel savings add up. Over a year, what could that mean in terms of actual cash savings? GovernmentStatistics estimate that the average truck uses about 12,000 gallons of gas a year. We will estimate theaverage cost of diesel at $3.84 a gallon. Together, we come up with a fuel expense of around $46,000dollars. So 0.5% to 1% of $46,000 gives us a savings of:
$230 to $460 a year
 That number adds up. Over a ten year period those seemingly insignificant mud flaps will equal about $2,000 to $4,000 in savings. You arealso saving time since you are filling up a little less frequently. You are helping the environment by using less gas. You get all this forsomething you probably will not give a second thought too, once the mud flaps are installed. This small change yields what seemed like asmall benefit but there is almost no risk involved by doing it. Also, that small benefit can become a large benefit quicker than you think
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 http://www.truckinginfo.com/npn/news-detail.asp?news_id=75130&news_category_id=47 http://www.bts.gov/publications/national_transportation_statistics/html/table_04_14.htmlhttp://www.eia.gov/oog/info/gdu/gasdiesel.asp East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales wants to be your premier dealer for truck and trailer sales, parts and service. We sell a variety of partsfrom tie down bars, chains & clusters, strap technology, chrome, dollies, safety gear, and more. Please call us anytime at 1-866-849-2178.Sincerely,Michael Saks, Internet Commerce ManagerEast Coast Truck and Trailer Salesmsaks@ectts.com 
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