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February 2012 Commerce Newsletter

February 2012 Commerce Newsletter

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Published by napachamber

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Published by: napachamber on Feb 01, 2012
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• Cetg  Stg Lcl Ec• Ptg Te Ct
1556 First Street | Napa CA 94559 | 707.226.7455 | napachamber.com
• Meet Your 2012 Compliance Needs• Member Spotlight: Business Competition• Join us in Welcoming our New President & CEO• Workplace Communication Tips• Annual Dinner Recap• Leadership Challenge Series
BuSinESS CommuniTy GaThErS in ForCE aTnaPa ChamBEr annuaL DinnEr
The Board of Directors of theNapa Chamberof CommercewelcomesChris Messina,CDP, as its newChief Executive
Ofcer. Chris
will beginworking at theChamber onFebruary 21,
Chris comesto the Napa Chamber bringing experience andexpertise as a business owner, as well as six years
of nonprot leadership including his present
position as the President/CEO of the Foster CityChamber of Commerce, the former managerfor the Advocacy Division of the Santa RosaChamber of Commerce and three years as the
on page 6…
mESSina namED nEwChamBEr PrESiDEnT & CEo
 Exertec Health & Fitness Napa Recycling & Waste Services
 Home Depot  Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Bank of Marin
Travis Credit UnionGolden State Warriors Mark Coleman, State Farm
 Napa Planner Financial Group
 Markstein Beverage CompanyComcast  Napa Valley Marketplace MagazineSilverado Resort and Spa
 Net-Flow Corporation
 Infuence Internet 
The Valley’s Daily News Source
Marketing Group
Business Growth Strategies
• repesetg Bsess t Gveet
Vte recd 2011:
Dd y Legslts Vte f y?
The Napa Chamber’s Annual Dinnerand Awards event offers a point in time forthe Napa Chamber to install its new Boardof Directors and show appreciation to the
Chamber membership. This year they did just
that at a beautiful gala evening held on January
20th at the Napa Valley Marriott and Spa.
With Jeri Gill, CEO of Sustainable NapaCounty, at the emcee helm, the evening
owed smoothly with warmth and laughter
from the immediate surprise announcementof the Napa Chamber’s new President and
CEO, Chris Messina, who will be ofcially
in place on February 21st; to the businessof the Chamber’s 2011 wrap up remarksfrom outgoing Chairman Ryan Gregory; the
installation of the 2012 Ofcers and Board
Directors; and the positive and grateful
on page 2…See
on page 4...
remarks by the new Board Chair, Debra
Dommen, of Treasury Wine Estates.
The theme for the 2012 membershipmeeting, “Breathe, Balance, and Bold,”was eloquently explained and supportiveof what our business community has been
experiencing. Reecting the industry of the
incoming Board Chair, Debra commented,“The boundaries (community, regulatory andbusiness climate) have been stretched and theywon’t go back to the old shape, so we mustblend what we’ve learned and boldly move
forward, thriving as a community.”
The award presentations shed a detailedlight on the abundant work that is beingaccomplished in the community, much of 
which is unknown to many people. The threeThis report for the rst year of the
2011–2012 legislative session focuses
on California legislators’ oor votes
on California Chamber of Commerce
priority bills.
This is the 36th vote record the
CalChamber has compiled. The
CalChamber publishes this report inresponse to numerous requests by
member rms and local chambers of 
commerce that would like a gauge bywhich to measure the performance of 
their legislators. To help readers assess
legislators’ voterecords, the chartsgroup bills into sixareas: economicdevelopment,environmentalregulation, healthcare, labor andemployment,litigation, and
Febraury 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 2 | napachamber.com
Executive Director of Santa Rosa Main Street, a
non-prot that worked directly with the Chamberof Commerce and the City of Santa Rosa. He is
a graduate of the three year educational series of the Western Association of Chamber Executives
(WACE), the Certied Downtown
Professional program (CDP), and willreceive his Accredited Chamber Executive
(ACE) certication in February, 2012. He
is earning his Institute for Organizational
Management (IOM) certication, and
most recently he was chosen as one of 
twenty Chamber ofcials to attend abusiness trade mission to China.The Board is condent that his proven
track record of creating and maintainingprofessional partnerships, his fundraisingand promotional expertise, and hiscommitment to community involvementare going be a positive contribution tothe retention and expansion of the NapaChamber of Commerce’s membership base
and community partners.
With the departure of Lisa Batto inSeptember of 2011, the Board asked RandyMartinsen to act as Interim CEO until a
new candidate could be found. Randy will
continue in that role until February 21st,
when Chris takes the helm.
continued from page 1...
– m
Stop for a second and think aboutthe different ways you communicateevery day at work – phone calls,
emails, meetings and more. With all
the ways to contact people, it seemslike communication in the workplace
shouldn’t be a problem.But according to a recent Hiring Trends
a survey conducted by ExpressEmployment Professionals,leaders and employees agree:effective communication is
an issue in today’s workplace.
Survey results showed that bothleaders and employees nationwidebelieve effective communicationis the most lacked trait among
their leadership team. The survey
also revealed that effectivecommunication was the mostimportant quality a good leader
can possess. It’s important to start
2012 off the right way to helpgrow your business, and one of the best approaches to that is by
becoming a better communicator.
Meetings are one of the most common
forms of communication in the ofce. A
Microsoft survey showed that employees
spend more than ve hours a week inmeetings. But unfortunately, 71 percent
of respondents also said the meetings
were un-productive. Despite this
information, an abundance of meetingscontinue to persist, often being seen as an
unnecessary evil part of the job in whichmost employees are disengaged.
To help combat some of the challengesthat come with too many meetings likedisengagement and ineffectiveness,consider declaring a weekly “No MeetingDay” to make sure your employees’ time
isn’t taken away by yet another meeting.
Another time-consuming form of communication is the barrage of emails
workers receive every day. According toa study by market research rm RadicatiGroup, Inc., a business person received onaverage 75 emails per day and sent 37 perday in 2011. It’s important to understand
how much time emails add to your
employee’s workday. So when sending
out emails, make sure the information is
clear, concise, and relevant to the recipient.
Meetings and emails are typicallythe two most used forms of workplacecommunication, but we also spend a lotof time communicating with non-verbal
signals. When you’re speaking with co-
workers and team members, be aware of your arm positioning, avoidingcrossed arms as it sends a defensive
message. A simple smile can also
go a long way in starting the day off right, so remember that the next time
you come into the ofce with your
mind already racing through the
day’s to-do list.
Effective communication affectsevery aspect of the workplace,
both positively and negatively.
Communicating effectively can
impact productivity and morale.In a 2011 Express Hiring Trends
Survey, business leaders reported
a 42 percent drop in morale. Moreefcient meetings, fewer emails,
and a feeling of reassurance fromcompany leaders can go a long way to amore engaged and happy workforce, whichwill lead to more growth and success in
For information about Express Employment Professionals contact SandiWeimer at sandi.weimer@expresspros.comor call 707-224-9252. Learn more at www.expresspros.com.
Leadership: Cultivating The Best In Ourselves, Our Teams, and Our Relationships
Tues. February 14th, 2012
Ceck-in: 7:45 a.m.. • Worksop: 8 a.m. -12 p.m.
Exemplary Leadership and Authentic Teamwork® for Outstanding Results
Tues. March 13th, 2012
Ceck-in: 7:45 a.m. • Worksop: 8 a.m. -12 p.m.
Managing Conict: From Roots to Resolution
Tes. April 10t, 2012Ceck-in: 8:45 a.m. • Worksop: 9 a.m. -12 p.m.
Workshops will be held at the Napa Chamber, 1556 First Street, Napa, CA 94559
Sherry McKillop, proprietor of Follow Your Compass, a leadershipcoaching and company, will leadyou through this Series.Sherry has been successful atequipping business owners,managers, directors, and otherswith tools to assist them in overcomingtoday’s common leadership challenges.
Registration for this must-attend trainingseries ends February 7th!
For more info orto reserve your seat todayplease visit us online:
February 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 3 | napachamber.com
ExCiTinG DECiSionS Fora BriGhT FuTurE
by Debra Dommen,
Vice President,Gov’t & Community Relations,Treasury Wine Estates2012 Napa Chamberof CommerceChair of the Board 
This year has already been a busy one!Over the past few months of transition, theChamber’s extraordinary staff and team of volunteers have paved the way to achievegreatness in 2012. We are happy to start our year with a new President & CEO,Chris Messina.While we are poised to do great things,the path that got us here was both challengingand exciting. I’d like to take this opportunityto walk you through our journey.Last fall, a great team of volunteersagreed to form the “Search Committee”for our new President/CEO. The core teamconsisted of Board members Ryan Gregory,Cherie Knox, Pamela Gleeson, KathyD’Angelo Holmes and I. In addition, we brought on past Chair Connie Anderson. Wemet over twelve times and put in countless
“...d e t  epeecedCbe CEo  see ll ce  t  fespespectve t ell bgvle t  ebes?”“i ve cdece  tepcess ts Cbe flls d ts dedct t ct.”
The Board of Directors of the NapaChamber of Commerce welcomes ChrisMessina, CDP, as its new Chief Executive
Ofcer. Chris will begin working at theChamber effective February 21, 2012.
Chris comes to the Napa Chamberbringing experience and expertise as abusiness owner, as well as six years of Non-
Prot leadership including his present position
as the President/CEO of the Foster CityChamber of Commerce, the former managerfor the Advocacy Division of the Santa RosaChamber of Commerce and three years asthe Executive Director of Santa Rosa Main
Street, a non-prot that worked directly with
the Chamber of Commerce and the City of 
Santa Rosa. He is a graduate of the three year
educational series of the Western Association
of Chamber Executives (WACE), the Certied
Downtown Professional program (CDP),and will receive his Accredited Chamber
Executive (ACE) certication in February,
nEw ChanGES aT ThEnaPa ChamBEr
by Randy Martinsen,
President/CEO, Accelerated Marketing Group Napa Chamberof Commerce Interim CEO
volunteer hours, so rst I’d like to extend a big
thank you to this “A Team.”Our process began by reviewing the current job description, our policies and discussing whatqualities we wanted our new leader to possess.
Many descriptors were used: gure head, agent
of change, possessing that “wow” factor, mentor,leader, seasoned CEO, etc. After placing ads andcombing through over 200 resumes, we narrowed
our list down to fteen candidates.
The next step is what we referred to as
“speed dating.” You know, when you rst meet
someone, not sure if you want to commit todinner, but coffee seems appropriate? So we met,
either by phone, Skype or in person, with fteen
candidates for thirty minutes each. We had astrict agenda, getting through our questions whilegiving them an opportunity to reveal more aboutthemselves and ask us questions as well.After discussing the interviews and going
through our notes, we went from fteen to ve.
At this point we decided to broaden our teamto keep the Board informed and involved.We added Board members Paul Hicks, JaimePenaherrera and Past Chair Jeff Gerlomes toour team. They were great assets, and quitefrankly, validated our process and decisions.
The next step, nal interviews. Wespent over an hour each with ve top-rate
candidates. While all were fabulous, andcould have come in and hit the groundrunning, Chris clearly rose to the top.We could not contain our excitementand put the process on fast track in order to introduce Chris to our members andthe community at our Annual Dinner. If you could not make it, I encourage you toreach out to Chris and introduce yourself.He’s excited to jump in and meet as manymembers as possible.One of the questions we kept askingourselves during this process was “do wewant an experienced Chamber CEO or someone who will come in with a fresh perspective to really bring value to our members?” We think we got both, a seasonedChamber President/CEO that knows we canno longer conduct business as usual. I look forward to this year’s journey into successwith Chris and all of you.
2012. He is earning his Institute for OrganizationalManagement (IOM) certication, and most recentlyhe was chosen as one of twenty Chamber ofcials toattend a business trade mission to China.The Board is condent that his proven track
record of creating and maintaining professionalpartnerships, his fundraising and promotionalexpertise, and his commitment to communityinvolvement are going to be positive contributionsto the retention and expansion of the Napa Chamberof Commerce’s membership base and community
I thought my last article in these newsletters wasDecember of 2010 as my position as Chairman of 
the Board was winding down. I am honored that theBoard felt condence in my ability to ll in as Interim
CEO giving them time to create a Search Committee
for the new CEO.Given that this is my last article as an ofcer of 
the Chamber I want to express my gratitude for themany opportunities I have been given in my eight
years of service on the Board and as Interim CEO.
As a marketing consultant, I am proud that theStrategic Marketing Plan I helped to create in 2001is still part of the marketing efforts of the Chamber
today. Although I will not be involved with the day-
to-day operation of the Chamber after Christakes the helm, I will be involved as a ChamberAmbassador and a volunteer with MembershipServices, Legislative Action Committee and
“Wake Up Your Business Wednesday” events.
I believe in the Napa Chamber of Commerce and what it does for all businesses
in the Napa Valley. It is much more than just a marketing benet to my business. It
is an advocate on policy issues; it helps meunderstand propositions and candidates when
voting time comes. It believes in and gives back
to the community with the same passion I have
for giving back. It believes in education and
supports our education systems in Napa to makeit possible for new entrepreneurs and developers
to thrive. It is interested in making Napa a
destination for visitors, and is an advocate forhealthcare like no other Chamber in which I
have been a member.I have condence in the process this
Chamber follows and its dedication to our
community. I look forward to working withChris, and the future Board of Directors.
Lastly, I want to express gratitude for allthe Board Members I have met and workedwith over my eight years in these capacities of 
service. I thank the staff - who work so hard for
our Chamber and the true passion they have to
make the Chamber succeed in its vision. I look
forward to many more years of association withthe Chamber and with all of you – its members!

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