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ebooks reviews

ebooks reviews

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Published by liviaburity
Resumos dos mais vendidos!
Resumos dos mais vendidos!

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Published by: liviaburity on Feb 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====EBOOKS: RESUMOS EM PORTUGUÊShttp://www.ebooksreviewsbrasil.blogspot.com/  ==== ====Goals begin behaviour, consequences maintain behaviour! Introduction It is ESSENTIAL to set goals, objectives, targets, expected outcomes... throughout the eBookauthoring process.The positive consequences of completing tasks that accomplish the goals you have set is themotivation to keep moving forward.For ease of communication the term 'goals' shall be used to represent all of the synonymsassociated with the word. Big Picture Goals You must have a general overall goal which is to write and publish your own eBook. This is theBIG PICTURE goal. You need to see yourself weeks or months from now as a published authorcollecting "passive income" for your efforts. Passive income is income generated forever after youhave completed the initial eBook writing. Updates are recommended but not essential. If you choose to provide your eBook for free you willstill receive passive results through your ongoing contribution to someone's successful use of yourwork. Better still, you could see yourself writing another eBook. The big picture goals include some visualizations, some dream fulfillments, some majoraccomplishment you have always wanted to pursue, some lasting contribution to a body ofknowledge. Working Goals Besides the big picture goals, you must establish goals for each of the steps in the eBookauthoring process. These 'working' goals are your nitty-gritty, hard working daily motivators. Without the big picture goal you won't get started and without the working goals you won't keepgoing. "You dream won't come true, it won't happen to you - unless you have goals to motivate you tobegin and continue." We all understand the importance of goals but we're not as good at establish appropriate goals,deciding how to reach them or taking the time to write them down. Even after goals are written, the
most important step is often left out - HOW you are going to reach them! Let's look at a couple of examples. Big Picture Goals February 11, 2002 My goal is to write an eBook titled, Classroom Visits by School Administrators, for use by teachersand administrators in schools where teacher evaluations require classroom visits as part of thesupervision and evaluation process. I shall complete the book by March 31, 2002 and bepublished by the end of May, 2002. What does this big picture goal have going for it? It has purpose. It talks about the reason for writing and the target audience. It is specific. It includes a proposed title and suggests the content. It is time oriented. It establishes time commitments and completion dates. Sounds great so far but you should also: oWrite the goal down, preferably in a colourful and dramatic fashion, and post it in a prominentplace where you must read it every day. [Bathroom mirrors?] oShare the goal with as many people as possible but especially with those persons closest to you.This commits you to pursue your goal. oEnlist the support of 2 or 3 people who may not help you write but will encourage you to keepgoing during the rough times. This allows you to keeping progressing toward the goal. They act asa mirror of your commitment. They keep you on track. What next? Big Picture Goal: to write an eBook entitled, Classroom Visits by School Administrators Start: Feb. 11,2002 Finish: May 31,2002 Now you must break that goal down into several sub-goals that are very general in nature butmore specific than the overall big picture goal. This step in goal setting involves breaking down your big picture goal into smaller and moremanageable goals; establishing a target date for completion of the goal; listing the means toaccomplish the goal (your to do list); and recording the actual date when the objective wasreached. Goal
 Targeted FinishDate Actual Finish Date Means to Accomplish the Goal To prepare myself to write an eBook Feb. 20take the eBook Teleseminar from AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com Feb. 18contact 2 colleagues or friends to act as mentors Feb. 21write my big picture goals and share them with my mentors and others Feb. 13set aside on my calendar a minimum of 6 hours per week to author the book Feb. 10talk to my significant other about what I intend to do and why. Ask for help. What does this format of goal writing have going for it? 1.The big picture (overall) objective is clearly articulated in very specific language. 2.A specific time/date is declared for the completion of each task. THIS IS A MUST! 3.The big picture goal is broken down into WORKING GOALS each one with a targetedcompletion date. 4.The working goals are also specific and dated. 5.The most important aspect of goal setting and writing is the use of ACTION VERBS to begineach of the means to accomplish the goals. Words such as take, contact, write, gather, set aside,talk...are CRUCIAL to success. 6.The goals use present tense verbs. There is "immediacy" about them! These goals are your action plan.Always record the 'means to accomplish' goals beginning with action verbs. The more action thebetter!Include completion deadlines!Remember:"There is doing and not doing. There is no such thing as trying!"You can't try to write a book. You have to do something before it really happens. Working Goals Let's take a closer look at working goals. These are the day to day goals leading you to completionof the bigger goal of writing an eBook.

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