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THON 2012 Dancers

THON 2012 Dancers

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Published by Eli Glazier

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Published by: Eli Glazier on Feb 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dancer Number Organization
A 1Student Red Cross ClubB 1Student Red Cross ClubA 2Student Red Cross ClubB 2Student Red Cross ClubA 3Worthington-ScrantonB 3Worthington-ScrantonA 4Alpha Omicron PiB 4Sigma ChiA 5Alpha Omicron PiB 5Sigma ChiA 6Alpha Omicron PiB 6Sigma ChiA 7Alpha Omicron PiB 7Sigma ChiA 8AbingtonB 8AbingtonA 9College of Earth and Mineral SciencesB 9College of Earth and Mineral SciencesA 10College of Earth and Mineral SciencesB 10College of Earth and Mineral SciencesA 11College of Earth and Mineral SciencesB 11College of Earth and Mineral SciencesA 12Theta Delta ChiB 12Alpha Delta PiA 13Theta Delta ChiB 13Alpha Delta PiA 14Theta Delta ChiB 14Alpha Delta PiA 15Phi Mu DeltaB 15Alpha Kappa Delta PhiA 16TrilogyB 16TrilogyA 17TrilogyB 17TrilogyA 18Ski ClubB 18Ski ClubA 19TapestryB 19TapestryA 20Penn State Gymnastics ClubB 20Penn State Gymnastics ClubA 21AcaciaB 21Gamma Phi BetaA 22AcaciaB 22Gamma Phi BetaA 23AcaciaB 23Gamma Phi BetaA 24AcaciaB 24Gamma Phi BetaA 25College of Communications Student CouncilB 25College of Communications Student CouncilA 26Phi Sigma KappaB 26Phi Sigma KappaA 27BerksB 27BerksA 28BerksB 28BerksA 29Society of Engineering ScienceB 29Society of Engineering ScienceA 30Kinesiology ClubB 30Kinesiology ClubA 31Alpha Xi DeltaB 31Tau Kappa EpsilonA 32Alpha Xi DeltaB 32Tau Kappa EpsilonA 33Alpha Xi DeltaB 33Tau Kappa Epsilon
A 34Nittany NationB 34Nittany NationA 35Club Water PoloB 35Club Water PoloA 36HPA ClubB 36HPA ClubA 37Sapphire Leadership ProgramB 37Sapphire Leadership ProgramA 38Sigma Phi EpsilonB 38Sigma KappaA 39Sigma Phi EpsilonB 39Sigma KappaA 40Sigma Phi EpsilonB 40Sigma KappaA 41FutuRESB 41FutuRESA 42Sigma Alpha MuB 42Chi OmegaA 43Sigma Alpha MuB 43Chi OmegaA 44Sigma Alpha MuB 44Chi OmegaA 45Sigma Alpha MuB 45Chi OmegaA 46LIFE HouseB 46LIFE HouseA 47SpisisB 47SpisisA 48Phi Gamma DeltaB 48Phi Gamma DeltaA 49Alpha Chi OmegaB 49Pi Kappa PhiA 50Alpha Chi OmegaB 50Pi Kappa PhiA 51Alpha Chi OmegaB 51Pi Kappa PhiA 52Alpha Chi OmegaB 52Pi Kappa PhiA 53Alpha Chi OmegaB 53Pi Kappa PhiA 54Penn State Figure Skating ClubB 54Penn State Figure Skating ClubA 55IIEB 55IIEA 56BeaverB 56BeaverA 57Air Force Silver WingsB 57Air Force Silver WingsA 58Lambda Chi AlphaB 58Alpha Sigma AlphaA 59Lambda Chi AlphaB 59Alpha Sigma AlphaA 60Lambda Chi AlphaB 60Alpha Sigma AlphaA 61Lambda Chi AlphaB 61Alpha Sigma AlphaA 62Lambda Chi AlphaB 62Alpha Sigma AlphaA 63AtlasB 63AtlasA 64AtlasB 64AtlasA 65AtlasB 65AtlasA 66AtlasB 66AtlasA 67Atlas
B 67AtlasA 68Kappa DeltaB 68Beta Sigma BetaA 69Kappa DeltaB 69Beta Sigma BetaA 70Alpha Tau OmegaB 70Zeta Tau AlphaA 71Alpha Tau OmegaB 71Zeta Tau AlphaA 72Alpha Tau OmegaB 72Zeta Tau AlphaA 73Alpha Tau OmegaB 73Zeta Tau AlphaA 74Alpha Tau OmegaB 74Zeta Tau AlphaA 75DITTOB 75DITTOA 76Alpha Epsilon DeltaB 76Alpha Epsilon DeltaA 77Phi Sigma RhoB 77Alpha Chi RhoA 78Phi Sigma RhoB 78Alpha Chi RhoA 79Sigma AlphaB 79Delta Kappa EpsilonA 80Sigma AlphaB 80Delta Kappa EpsilonA 81Delta Sigma PiB 81Delta Sigma PiA 82Delta Sigma PiB 82Delta Sigma PiA 83Club CroquetB 83Club CroquetA 84Beta Alpha PsiB 84Accounting SocietyA 85Zeta PsiB 85Sigma Sigma SigmaA 86Zeta PsiB 86Sigma Sigma SigmaA 87Club Swim TeamB 87Club Swim TeamA 88Club Swim TeamB 88Club Swim TeamA 89Penn State Lionettes Dance TeamB 89Penn State Lionettes Dance TeamA 90Sign Language OrganizationB 90Sign Language OrganizationA 91Fusion AssociationB 91Fusion AssociationA 92National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)B 92National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)A 93ISTB 93ISTA 94Womens Club BasketballB 94Womens Club BasketballA 95Bee HouseB 95Bee HouseA 96Pre-Vet ClubB 96Pre-Vet ClubA 97Wilkes-BarreB 97Wilkes-BarreA 98La VieB 98La VieA 99Gamma Sigma SigmaB 99Phi Kappa ThetaA 100Gamma Sigma SigmaB 100Phi Kappa Theta

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