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The Monster Among Us

The Monster Among Us

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Published by Kregener
There has been much angst lately about the impending, tyrannical crackdown on the private ownership of firearms. However, unfortunately, going after guns is just one prong of a many pronged attack upon you that is about to be unleashed.
There has been much angst lately about the impending, tyrannical crackdown on the private ownership of firearms. However, unfortunately, going after guns is just one prong of a many pronged attack upon you that is about to be unleashed.

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Published by: Kregener on Nov 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Monster is Amongst Us
by Mike RostovNovember 15, 2008 There has been much angst lately about the impending, tyrannical crackdown onthe private ownership of firearms. However, unfortunately, going after guns is justone prong of a many pronged attack upon you that is about to be unleashed. Just remember that Obama is a Communist.He's not a 'Socialist', he's not a 'Liberal', he's not a mere European style 'Leftist',he's a hard core, REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST, a devotee of Mao, Lenin, and KarlMarx. He's the hand picked, groomed protegee of William Ayers, a dedicated,murdering Communist revolutionary who has talked in the past for the eventualneed to eradicate 25 million Americans who will refuse to be 're-educated'.All in all, the man about to take power this January is an evil monster, right out of your worst nightmares. Expect no quarter, no mercy, no understanding, no parlay,no peace. He wants to take everything from you - your wealth, your children, yourproperty, your hopes, your dreams, your future, even your life if you refuse tosubmit and surrender everything you have and everything you are. He and thosebacking him will NOT stop, ever.If you simply ask, "What do they want?" The answer is, "Everything." It won'thappen all at once, it never does, but it will be attempted and sooner than youmight think. Just what is Communism? Lenin himself was asked that once, and he responded,"Communism is Socialism in a hurry." The mistaken belief amongst most people (because most people have neveractually studied Communism) is that the primary enemy of the Communists arethe rich.
This is FALSE.
The primary enemy of the Communists, those that they desire todestroy first and foremost, the greatest obstacle they face is the 'bourgeois', akathe 'middle class'. Yes, that is right. The primary enemy to Communism is not the rich, but themiddle class. Don't believe me? Do some reading. This has been in print sincelong before any of us were ever born. The super-wealthy Globalist elite, the same crowd that attends the Bilderberggroup every year, especially the transnational bankers which form the coreleadership of that elite... they love Communists, they always have. This is why thefinancial backing of Communists and Communist takeovers often come from themoney houses of New York and London.
Communists are useful tools for the power brokers behind what is termed theNWO (New World Order - oh yes, it is real), aka the 'Globalists'. This is because theCommunist leaders are willing pawns, easy to control. The types of people thattypically lead Communist movements tend to be self-centered, amoral,vainglorious powermongers who love to privately indulge in personal comforts,fetishes, and luxuries. The Communists create a captive market, brutally squash dissent, and theyconcentrate power, putting large decisions in the hands of a very few. This makesit a lot easier for the Globalist crowd to rape a country of it's wealth and naturalresources with little to no regard for the people or any future consequences tothat country. The 'Great Leader' gets his luxury cars, cocaine, whores, andwhatever else he wants, plus he gets to kill whoever he wants to. That is usuallyall that matters to an amoral, narcissistic sociopath.Russia found that out the hard way, suffering for decades while their country waslooted down to the bone and the local environment raped. This is also why Russiais now (unlike the USA) officially a Christian nation, run by a faction of hardenednationalists at loggerheads with Jacob Rothschild and the rest of the NWO. This isalso why Russia is becoming the new official 'Big Enemy'(tm) again.Odd, isn't that? The world has truly gotten upside down, with national roles rapidlybecoming reversed. Russia learned it's lesson. The USA hasn't yet.
That the Communists have as their top priority the extermination of thebourgeois, aka, the middle class is a huge plus in the eyes of theGlobalist power elite.This ideological mandate within Communist doctrine to destroy thehated and despised bourgeois (middle class) eliminates the primaryobstacle towards total power for the NWO and their end goal, which isthe re-implementation of serfdom and oppressive feudalism, eventuallyon a global scale (sometimes referred to by those who oppose it as the'Global Plantation').
 Unlike the Middle Ages, however, this time the serfdom will be imposed through ascientific methodology and a modern, high tech socialist state as a controlmechanism. Socialism is for you, the serfs, not for your elite overlords. TheGlobalists' long term goals delve heavily into eugenics and get even weirder andmore evil, but first, they have to win the current, coming struggle. The first step to destroying the bourgeois (middle class) is to disarm them while atthe same time taxing them to financial death while heavily regulating everyaspect of their lives on an ever increasing scale. Think of yourself as being thelobster in the pot of cold water, the burner on high, and they are about to slamthe lid down.After that, a good Communist rounds up all of those that still refuse to set aside
their old ways and inflict physical death upon them, one way, or another - for thegood of the 'proletariat', of course. This is why all Communist flags are red. The revolution isn't complete until it'sbeen drenched in blood - the inevitable outcome of all Communist takeovers.A couple of years ago, it was apparent that Hillary Clinton was the obvious choiceto be preselected as the next President. She actually won the Democraticprimaries, but due to vote fraud, manipulation of the caucuses, and interestingnew rule changes in the Democratic Party, Obama was allowed to steal theelection. Then the controlled media ran massive, universal propaganda for Obama and shutout all negativity about him. Meanwhile the amount of cash the bankers funneledinto the Obama campaign was vast and unprecedented. Those that control the banks, the media, and other sources of power that havecreeped into control of this nation, have pulled out all of the stops on this at amassive level of trouble and expense.Why? Why get that despicable cretin, Obama, in office instead of just lettingHillary, who is already in their camp and already quite evil herself, win theelection at a much lower level of trouble and expense?Why? To go through such great lengths to put such an incredibly flawed, fraudulentpiece of degenerate filth like Obama into office and to have the controlled mediaperpetually run interference for him means that the takeover of this country hassuddenly shifted into high gear.In short, the NWO has decided to speed things up radically. They are now in ahurry and you need to be very, very concerned. This isn't business as usual. This isn't another Bill Clinton administration. Thismonster taking over the office of the President is a another potential Mao Tse Tungor Pol Pot. Obama will walk into an office which, thanks to GW and his blindsupporters, has been bestowed with massive, unprecedented powers, especiallyin a declared 'national emergency'.What constitutes a 'national emergency'? It's whatever Obama says it is andwhatever he feels he can get away with. With the banks and the media behindhim, a Democrat majority in both houses, he can 'get away' with almost anything. The United States of America has NEVER seen a looming crisis of this magnitudefor it's future and it's freedoms like what is about to start on January 21, 2009. There will come a time soon when many in this country will have nothing left butgunpowder and prayer.

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