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1928 - Amelia Earhart

1928 - Amelia Earhart

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Published by destrysullivan

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Published by: destrysullivan on Feb 02, 2012
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Amelia Earhart
By: Anh Thi
Amelia Earhart was a huge changeagent in the 20th century. She wasthe first woman who flew across theAtlantic Ocean. Her full name isAmelia Mary Earhart. She was bornon July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas.Her parents are Edwin Earhart andAmy Earhart. On Feb 7 ,1931,shemarried George Palmer Putnam. Eventhough she was married, she didn’thave any children.
Her mom was the daughter of therichest man in Atchison who wasthe judge. Edwin, her dad was alawyer. Amelia has a younger sisternamed Muriel. People call Muriel “Pidge .”Muriel has trouble sayingAmelia’s name so she calls Amelia”Millie”. They share the same inter-est - climbing trees, playing foot-ball also they love animals.
She went to college in 1918 To-ronto, Canada but she quittedschool because she wanted to be anurse and help the soldiers thatwere hurt in World War 1.Sheworked at the Toronto hospital.
The Canary
Amelia took flying lesson in 1921.Shebought her first plane in summer1922 and she named it The Canarybecause it was yellow. She took fly-ing lessons from a woman namedNeta Snook. It cost $1.00 per min-ute but Amelia was willing to pay forit.
Flying Across The Atlantic Ocean
Making records for flying AmeliaEarhart’s kind of thing. During herlife she made many records like thefirst women to fly across the Atlan-tic Ocean even though she was just apassenger. The plane that she rodeon was called the “Friendship”. Thistrip was on July 17,1928. After thatshe decided to fly alone over the At-lantic Ocean. When she got back, shereceived a medal from America’spresident, Herbert Hoover in Wash-ington D.C.
Amelia and her firstplane, The Canary
Her husband,George.
Amelia receiving amedal from presidentHerbert Hoover.
The woman with a heart to fly.
Flying Around The Word
Amelia wanted to fly around the world. She wouldfly near the equator so her trip would be longer.Her navigator was Fred Noonan. The trip startedon March 17, 1937. They flew to Hawaii but theplane was damaged after the crash so they had tofix it. On June 1, 1937, they continued to fly.South America, India, Africa, Thailand, Singapore,Indonesia, Australia, Burma and New Guinea werethe places that they stopped by for fuel.The last message they got from Amelia was thatthe plane was running low on fuel and that theyneeded to land. She and her navigator was unableto locate Howland island, where they were supposeto land so people said that they crashed into theocean somewhere near Howland Island.There was a huge search for her. It cost 4million dollars. Unfortunately, after the sixteenthday of the search, they never found her or Fred sothe search was abandoned in July.
Amelia was a change agent because shechanged many people’s lives. She was oneof the first women in the whole world tofly a plane. She was super brave and tal-ented. She showed us that women couldalso do thing that men did.
Another record that she made the woman’shighest altitude. She flew up high in the air14,000 feet( 4.2672 Kilometers). This was inOctober 1922.
Amelia’s plane crashedin Hawaii.A map of Amelia’s jour-ney around the world.

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