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short yardage package at midland lee

short yardage package at midland lee

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Published by Michael Schearer

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Published by: Michael Schearer on Nov 16, 2008
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Midland Lee is a large (5A) high school

located in West Texas. We are a two- back, 75 percent-run football team that may be considered a dinosaur, in that we still bang the run with a lot of two tight end/three tight end schemes. Our staff has experi- ence in doing this and it is what we can teach the best. My personal experience is as a defensive coach defending the wing-T every week in a hard-core West Texas foot- ball league. Anyway, this has been a good fit for us (77 wins in the last seven years). We feel that it is difficult, sometimes, for the teams that we play who have played vs. one-back offenses all year to change gears to defend against our style and tempo.

Our Run Philosophy

Sometimes, in every game at every level, you come to a situation where you need to just get after it and run the ball to get that yard or two on the goal line or short yardage. If you have plays that are sound in those situations, why not use them at times on first down or other situations dur- ing the course of the game? We work hard at getting a body on a body and, for the most part, are a \u201crule\u201d blocking team. We can\u2019t block every defense known to man, but we do a good job of making line calls, recognizing fronts, and adjusting during the game on the sideline.

We don\u2019t use a lot of zone blocking, although we use zone concepts in many schemes. We use no sleds, chutes, dum- mies, etc., with our linemen, but we pad up every workout and learn to come off of the ball, get a body on a body, and finish off a block. These guys take great pride in the tra- dition that has come out of our school in this area (currently we have three starting in the NFL and another half-dozen playing D-I football). We feel that a good back can work o ff stalemates and make yards if we can just maintain contact with the defensive men.

Personnel and Personnel Groupings

When we select offensive linemen, we look for tight ends first and select them for blocking ability as a main consideration. A profile of our tight ends over the past seven years would be about 6\u20193/240/4.8/340 bench type guys. We run a lot of two-tight (closed) sets and three-tight (big) sets with a tight end playing at the wing or slot posi- tion. We signal in our personal groupings from the sideline and can actually run the same set several different ways with differ- ent personnel groupings. We try to do a lot

with sets and personnel that might give us
an advantage by alignment or by personnel.
How Our Short Yardage Package

We have always run a lot of wing sets to create a four-man blocking surface to run the pitch sweep and we are probably known as a sweep team. We found that, by alignment, defenses were always dictating that we double team a defensive end in order to get the edge.

We hated to waste a man on a double team when we didn\u2019t have to. We started making a \u201cflip\u201d call that helped us on the perimeter but wasn\u2019t much help spreading things out on the inside.

The \u201cFlip\u201d set has eventually evolved into a \u201cNasty\u201d slot that still gives us a four- man blocking surface, but allows us to use the \u201cBig\u201d back in more things to help our offense. The things that we are doing out of this set is what we want to talk about today.

Our three basic short yardage plays from the \u201cNasty\u201d slot are the Sweep (Toss 48-49 punch), the Wedge/Iso (Killer 46-47 wedge) and the Trap (Belly 34-35 Banger).

P r o c e e d in g s
7 9 th AFCA Convention
2 0 0 2
Diagr am 2: Shor t Yar dage Package
Diagr am 1: Shor t Yar dage Package
John Par chman
Head Coach
Lee High School
Midland, Texas
Goal Line/ Short Yardage
Package at Midland Lee
Diagr am 3: Shor t Yar dage Package

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