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The Source by Neville Goddard

The Source by Neville Goddard

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Published by Sydney Chase

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Sydney Chase on Feb 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Neville 10-14-1968THE SOURCEMan is seeking the source, the cause, of the phenomena of life. In his search, he grows and outgrows hismanyconcepts ofGod untilhe finds the one God he cannever outgrow, and therefore cannever lose. That isthe God whichhe finds ina first person, present tense experience.Here is a true storythat verges onthis truth. While a friend was shaving, his little girlwatched, and questioninghim, asked: "Where does God really live?" and he absentmindedly answered: "In the well." Laughing at hissilly answer, the little girl ran to tell her mother. At breakfast that morning when his wife asked why he hadmade sucha statement, he could not answer, but later that dayhe remembered.When he was a small boy in Poland, a band of gypsies passed by and stopped at the well in his parent'scourtyard. One in particular held his attention. He was a giant ofa man, with a short-cropped red beard. Asthe little boywatched, the man drew the wooden bucket ofwater fromthe well. His posture and great handsmade the bucket appear as though it weighed no more than a teacup, and as he drank, the water trickleddown his beard and onto his chest. When the man was finished, he untied a multicolored silk scarf andmoppinghis face, he wiped his beard; and leaningover, he looked deep into the well for what seemed to thechild a verylongtime.Curious, the little boytried to climb the well's side to see what was inside. Seeinghim, the mansmiled, pickedthe smallboy up, and said:"Do you know where God lives?" Shakinghis head no, the manheld himover thewell, and said:"Look."In the stillness of that water the boysaw his ownreflection and said:"That's me!"andthe manreplied:"Ah, now youknow where God lives."This concept is nearer to the truthof God than ninety-nine percent of the people hold. Here was a so-calledignorant gypsy, traveling from townto town, who knew where God lived and turned to no other. Seeing thewell, he knew there would be water. Owned, yes, by the one who lived in the manor, but they would notstop himfromusing"his"water. Havingno desire to accumulate things, this giant ofa mantaught this little boya marvelous lesson for all of us to remember. When you see your reflection, whether in a mirror or in thesurface ofa pool, youare lookinginto the face ofGod.Now, the first verse ofGenesis and the first verse of Johnare equated. Genesis begins: "Inthe beginningGodcreated the heavens and the earth,"and Johntells us:"Inthe beginningwas the Word and the Word was withGod and the Word was God."
InHebrew and other schematic languages, the words for "head"and "beginning" have the same root. Achaia,one ofthe great scholars ofthe first centuryand a friend and close companion ofPaul, translated the ancientmanuscript of Hebrew into Greek. In his translation he used the word "head" in place of "beginning". Hismanuscript reads:"In the head God created the heavens and the earth." This Hebrew word "rosh"is definedinStrong's Concordance as "the top; the highest part; the beginning; the head; the chiefcornerstone." So, it isinthe head that God created the heavens and the earth.Blake, claiming that his great poem "Jerusalem" was dictated from on high, stated: "All that you behold,thoughit appears without, it is within, inyour Imaginationofwhichthis world ofmortalityis but a shadow."Blake meant us to take that statement literally. Allthat youare conscious ofis withinyou. Where else could itbe? Looking out, and seeing this world as mechanical and not spiritual, causes you to remain lost in yoursearch, for the world is your minor. Youare its source. Everything youperceive is within, for it is in the headthat God created the heavens and the earth.I am not speaking of your mortal head. It is only a symbol, a reflection of your immortal one. The day willcome when your mortalhead willreturn to dust, but there is a head that survives this one. A head capable of instantlyrestoring and clothing youina mortalframe just like your present one - onlyyoung - to find yourselin a terrestrial world just like this. That is the head in which God sleeps. It is there that the patternis buried.And it is inthat head that the patternmanunfolds to revealyouas the source.Manfinds it difficult to believe he is the cause ofall life, yet I saythere is no other. Look into the eye ofyourfriend - or enemy- and youwillsee onlyyourself. Youwillsee Jacob, the apple (little man) ofGod's eye.Imagination(God) is forever seeinghimselfreflected inthe world, just as you, lookinginto the eye ofanother,see your reflected self. So the little boy looked into the well, and uponseeinghis reflectionsaid:"It's me,"andthe wise manreplied:"Ah, now youknow who God is."Mancanbe told over and over again that he is not going to find God as another, but he cannot believe it untilthat patternburied inthe head unfolds. Thenand onlythenwillhe know beyond alldoubt who God is.I know who the Lord is, for I stood in his presence. I saw his form and conversed with him as manto man.His appearance was the likeness and similitude oflove, and when we embraced I was incorporated into thatone bodyoflove.IfGod is the beginningof the universal humanity, and I amone withthe bodyof God, and one with the spiritof God, thenI am God; therefore, I saw in advance what I really look like. Divine appearance, wearing thelikeness of love, questioned me and I had no other answer thanlove. What could be greater thanwhat I waslookingat? So whenhe incorporated me into his bodyoflove, he incorporated me into universalhumanity.Having seen the face of radiant love, and being incorporated into the bodyof love, I cannot lose my God. Ihave found himto be myown wonderfulhuman imagination, and cannot outgrow him. I cannot go elsewhereand I cannot lose this God. He is myGod forever and forever, and he is myveryself!
Having revealed himself to me, he and I became one in a first person, singular, present tense experience.Theneverythingsaid ofthe pattern manwe callJesus, unfolded inme; and I now say, without embarrassmentor any bowing of the head, I am He. As long as I continue to wear my frail little body of flesh and blood Icannot claim myheavenly inheritance, but I know it willbe instantly mine when I leave this bodyfor the lasttime.There is conferred upon the Risen Christ, in the experience of men, the divine name of Lord. When Philipsaid: "O Lord, show us the Father and we will be satisfied," the Risen Christ replied: "I have been so longwith you and yet you do not know me? He who has seen me, has seen the Father." This experience takesplace after the resurrection, for the divine name ofLord is placed uponthe RisenChrist.This story is told as though a man of flesh and blood is speaking, but it is not. Scripture is completelysupernatural. The discovery of God is supernatural, for he reveals himself only to the one who has theexperience. And when you tell it, those who hear either believe your story or they disbelieve it. If someonehas a concept of God as a little physical man, that concept must be outgrown; and man must grow and growbefore he can comprehend what youare saying. So maybe those who hear your words can't take it, but donot despair; continue to tell it and maybe one percent of those present will grasp it. It doesn't matter howmanycanhear withunderstanding, youoffer it anyway.Dwellupon this change inmeaning. It is not in the beginning oftime and space, but in the head that the wordwas and is withGod, for the word is God. It was inthe head that God created the heavens and the earth, sowhere else would yougo to find anything?In the September 7, 1957 issue of the Saturday Evening Post, Harold H. Martin wrote an article entitled,"The Amazing Kennedys."In it he said: "Kennedyadmirers look forward confidently to the daythat theywillsee Jack in the White House, Bobby in the Cabinet as Attorney General, and Teddy as a senator fromMassachusetts."Here is a family who dared to break one of the most frightful barriers which ever existed in our countryconcerningthe White House - to be a Catholic! Myfriend David always used the word, “WASP,”(meaningWhite Anglo-SaxonProtestant), claimingthat ifyou were not a WASP youcould not seek the highest officein our land. Well, Kennedy was white, Anglo-Saxon, and Catholic. His entire family were ardent Catholics,yet theybroke that barrier. Why? Because imaginingcreates reality.Back in1957, the imaginalacts ofKennedyadmirers were printed for allto see. Theydid not saythat Bobbywould have a cabinet post, but specified what post! Or that Teddy would be a senator, but from whichstatehe would represent - and it all came to pass. If it did not last, that is not the point; it came to pass! Andbecause of the assassinations, their imaginal acts will remain indelibly impressed upon the history of ourcountry. Lincoln, as well as those who are not important as presidents, live longer in the minds ofmen whentheyare assassinated. So here we find that ardent admirers, determiningwhat they admired, persisted, and itcame to pass. Why? Because the whole thingis within!Canyouconceive of a desire and be fervent about it? Can youwant the grace ofGod withthe same intensityas the psalmist who said: "As the hart pantethafter the water brooks, so pantethmy soulafter thee, O God."Here is a little deer (for that is what the hart is) knowing that wild beasts prey upon every animal drinking

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