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circumlocutions but no wifi at supremecourt UK v.assange

circumlocutions but no wifi at supremecourt UK v.assange

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Feb 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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miss roseso says clare montgomery about julian assange's amazing lawyer dinah rose.dinah rose was termed the best barrister here---by a supreme court staffer. clare montgomery resumes after lunchthe prosecutorsecond from left page 30 parliamentary under secretary paragraph 45 without wanting to embarrass anyoneon the ball the EU committee framework decision scrutiny extradition act scrutiny datanovember one in feb---20042002not different parts on the actparagraph 66on the ninth of january case judicial authority---second from left---court decisionthe english translation had been mistranslated---the original french test---framework decision  when did he discover that are we to ignore that as a n unfort mistake---he asks clare  what one has to deal with the framework dec----as anticipated to be doubted on the far left---whether it is a mistake---it is a view of ministerial thinking---parliamentproceeded onzigzagthanked alexi for the FSI suit newsthey know perfectly wellits now november 2002 the ansard provisions upon which weight is placed2003representations based on volume 14
 green book flag124 electronic numbering it begins on 526 need more(proglaw) this is now november 2002124 volume 14 (the math of law---rose call for harmonising the electronic law pagination----)internally seventeenarm akimbo (me)refers in paragraph 59framework court decision issued by a magistrate to ensure UK courts be---clearly drawn to house's parliamentparagraph 62there will be no ability  the conclusion that they agreed judicial functionsthat is the explicit request---hansard materialthink the bill is we have got it in the appendix in the form as described by the home affairs committee\precise stageintroduced into the commons standing committeeelectronic page number132 all those authoritieshe deals with a variety of requestsamsterdamprosecutor van der holst plain from that when the words judicial authority the govt are taking the view alterationcourts and judges1208 in hard copy english sense  van der holstdutch warrant cases---JA making a funny face bust up laughing 
must read the dutch case---dutch v. french---the monkeys just walked into the courtroom. gorillas . . .from the green party stunning green suit on the friend of jennifer robinson very jackie kennedy matches my green purseshe is the one who wore the white dress on julian's arm 13 july 2011i do not know her name told KH i have it in the throat and ear infection coming on.if only working hard on the internet came with health care and a warm home!!!!!! clare sorting out numbers we are now in 2003 judicial---january to juneG4S guantanamo torturers and extraordinary rendition torturers drove by the court htis mornthey get mega olympics contracts.the ministerlord basonmechanical 1334second columnnotice1344 crispness of language and certainty---lady judge (the only) clear government policy nothing here would allow a ruleof obligation becauseover-ridingobligation of the united kingdom is to give effect to the framework decision then if we fail we are in breachalderelliany lesser level of cooperationand in addition (vomit)necessary---it montagu sharpe portrait overhead-- by spenser watson mance---parliamentary will must prevail prosecutors to issue warrants. supreme court UK motto on glass walls separating the gorillas from the other gorillasat the Supreme Court Monkey court 

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