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Liverance Questionnaire

Liverance Questionnaire

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Published by panamahunt

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Published by: panamahunt on Feb 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jesus Christ paid for your freedom; He came to destroy the works of the Devil1Jn 3:8. When going through this list, please pray that the Holy Spirit will revealthe truth. God resists the proud, but gives grace unto the humble. Please be honest,you have our full confidentiality, but light needs to expose
darkness. If youkeep even a little bit to yourself, full freedom is not possible. Joshua 7 – Achankept to himself a few accursed objects and caused Israel to be defeated and 36 mendied. This work is 2/3 of the process; casting out demons is the easy part!
The purpose of this form is to help determine possible entry ways for evil spirits...obviously, generational/ancestral permission as forewarned in Exodus 20:5 is a possibility in anyone's life.There are ancestors in your history that could have passed a spirit on to you, likely, you onlyknow about your parents and each of their two parents.
1. Please give any information that the Holy Spirit brings to your mind. Examples would beinvolvement with the occult, sexual perversion, alcoholism, depression or mental disorders, lotsof divorce, adultery, anger, criminal activity, births out of wedlock, involvement in groups suchas Free-Masonry, Shriners, Eastern Star, Odd Fellows, Rainbow Girls, and Rebecca Lodge etc.Aware of ancestor involvement in any of these?: Yes NoIf Yes, explain:
 Note: It is not necessary to go into detail with any of your responses. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any area of concern.
2. From birth and your early childhood: Trauma during pregnancy by your mom or dad, divorce, words of "We shouldn't be having this child", spent timein incubator, etc.? If Yes, explain:3. Early childhood fears, injuries, nightmares, see things in your room, felt evil presence, supernatural attacks?If Yes, explain:4. Any sexual abuse or sexual embarrassment?If Yes, explain:5. Spoken words from parents, or others that were condemnation: "You're fat,
you're stupid, you'll never amount to anything, you always mess up, I don'tknow why we had you. You can't be in our group, etc embarrassing or humiliating experiences at school or from school teacher?If Yes, explain:6. Any physical abuse from parents or others?If Yes, explain:7. Involvement (however innocently it may have been) with Ouija Boards,Magic 8 Ball, levitation games, séances, fortune tellers, tarot cards, astrology,horoscopes, fascination with books about magic, psychic seers, Harry Potter  books, Pokémon cards, Role playing games that involve magic, etc.?:If Yes, explain:8. Please list accidents or injuries that come to your mind as being frighteningto you at the time:9. Please list surgeries and approximate age:10. Movies or TV programs that were particularly frightening to you, or specific scenes that seem to stick in your memory:11. Have you participated in pre-marital sex?: Yes NoPeriods of immorality?If Yes, explain and specify ages:12. Drinking and/or drug use? Any supernatural experiences while high?If Yes, explain and specify ages:13. What do you fear? Or what triggers fear (lie, circumstance)? Please list all:
 14. What do you think may be the areas of demonic influence in your life?15. Problems in home?If Yes, explain:16. Are your parents divorced?: Yes NoIf Yes, how old were you?17. Unusual feelings such as: Never really felt loved, couldn't please myfather/mother, feelings of worthlessness, etc.?If Yes, explain:18. Exposed to pornography?: Yes NoIf Yes, how old were you?
Please answer the following questions as they apply to your life:
19. Homosexual tendencies?Yes No20. Participated in college fraternities or sororities?Yes No21. Feelings of guilt and shame?Yes No22. Hopelessness?Yes No23. Fatigue without medical reason?Yes No24. Abortion or caused girl to get one?Yes No25. Difficulty in forgiving, to include yourself or God?Yes No26. Is there bitterness, anger, or unforgiveness?Yes No27. If so, can you forgive?Yes No28. Do you hate yourself?Yes No29. Have you suffered from self harm?Yes No30. Do you have feelings of gloom?Yes No31. Do you feel rejected?Yes No

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