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Driggers Days February 2012

Driggers Days February 2012

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What would you do to read the Bible in your language? What can you do so that others can for the first time? Read more in the month's newsletter from Marty and Sara Driggers.
What would you do to read the Bible in your language? What can you do so that others can for the first time? Read more in the month's newsletter from Marty and Sara Driggers.

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Published by: Marty N Sara Driggers on Feb 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Partnering with Wycliffe and You February 2012
What would you be willing to do to hear God's Word in your language? Wouldyou hike for half a day? Would you cross a rugged mountain? Would you navigate avine bridge suspended over a raging river?
That's what Wapena Mei did in order to obtain a small solar 
 powered device that hasa recording of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts in the Pinai
Hagahai language.You see, Wapena knew it would be worth the trip because he had already beenlistening to the oral Scriptures for more than a year. But when his family's player  broke and they learned that 70 more would be distributed in a village across themountain, his wife gave him the charge, "Go and get us another one of thoseMegaVoice units."
Wapena was successful in his mission and he and his wife Makome will again beable to listen to the Pinai
Hagahai Scriptures in their small dwelling as they go tosleep at night. Wapena also uses it as a resource to prepare sermons for preaching inarea churches.
Convinced that God's Word is applicable to every area of life, Wapena is eager toshare the truth with others. Because hospitals are not easily accessible to everyone,the Papua New Guinean government trains people to work at Aid Posts in remoteareas. Wapena is one of those aid post workers. As he does his job, he does not forgetthe Scriptures he's heard. When he hands out medicine he tells the men, "You canswallow these pills, but they won't do you any good if you take another man's wife."
Hearing God's Word daily keeps it in the forefront of Wapena's heart and mind. Nowthat he has a way to continue hearing God's talk, Wapena will keep sharing that Good News with others in his home, his church, and in his work. Yes, it was definitelyworth the trip. (Story courtesy of Karen Weaver via Wycliffe Global Alliance.)
Many times each member of our family has been tempted to ask ourselves if what weare working towards is worth the trip as well. Is supporting the work of Bibletranslation worth uprooting our children from the lives that they have always known?Is it worth risking the huge financial loss of trying to sell our home in the currentmarket? Is it worth living a permanent life of transition separated by long distancesfrom close friends and family? Oh, the list could go on and on, and each member could add their own questions. But the answer will always be the same. Just likeWapena, we answer that supporting the work of Bible translation in Papua NewGuinea is worth whatever sacrifices we can make to answer God's calling for our lives.
What would you be willing to do so that others can hear God's Word in their language? Our family is committed to whatever it takes! Would you partner with us by praying for our family? Would you partner with us through your encouragement?Would you partner with us through monthly giving? Would you send us?
Until all have heard,
Marty, Sara, Taylor, Tia, Miriam and Jade 
Worth the Trip
Wapena Mei listeningto the Scriptures inhis language
How, then, canthey call on the onethey have not believed in? And  how can they believein the one of whomthey have not heard? And howcan they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preachunless they are sent? 
 Romans 10:14,15NIV 

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