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Striving to Serve FHE

Striving to Serve FHE



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Published by Cranial Hiccups
Family Home Evening Lesson on service based on Elder Steven E. Snow's October 2007 General Conference talk. It includes the lesson outline and all visuals. Just print and cut!
Family Home Evening Lesson on service based on Elder Steven E. Snow's October 2007 General Conference talk. It includes the lesson outline and all visuals. Just print and cut!

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Published by: Cranial Hiccups on Nov 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Striving to Serve 
Based on a General Conference talk by Elder Steven E. Snow in October 2007
Preparation: Preparation: Preparation: Preparation: 
Print off and laminate the picture of the Good Samaritan. Get a piece of butterscotch candy for each person. Print off two Brainstorming Game boards. Cut out andlaminate service cards, put them in a jar. Have a second jar to move cards into. Cut outand laminate a calendar for every person.
Objective: Objective: Objective: Objective: 
To help instill the importance of small daily acts of service.
Opening Song: Opening Song: Opening Song: Opening Song: 
Love One Another, Hymns, 308
Opening Prayer: Opening Prayer: Opening Prayer: Opening Prayer: Scripture: Scripture: Scripture: Scripture: 
Matthew 22:39
Lesson: Lesson: Lesson: Lesson: 
In 1989, Elder Steven E. Snow’s mother was very sick and close to dying. Beforeshe died, Elder Snow had an opportunity to talk to his mother. In his conversation with her,he asked her if she had any regrets, or in other words, if she would have done anythingdifferently. She thought about it. Brother Snow thought she would say ‘a bigger home’ or‘traveling around the world.’ However, she didn’t. She simply said “I wish I had servedmore.” This surprised him, a lot. She continued, “I could have done more.” She lived agreat life and accomplished much, yet she still felt she could do more.
Discuss: Discuss: Discuss: Discuss: 
What is service and why is it so important? Help your children realize whatservice is by giving them specific examples….”When you helped your brother pick up histoys today, even though you didn’t play with them…that is service.”We are commanded to serve one another. We demonstrate our love when we serve eachother. The Savior taught this well when He shared the Parable of the Good Samaritan.{show picture} After everyone sees the picture, put it away for a few moments. Have yourfamily act out the parable telling it as you go along.Elder Snow says, “Service is to be given unselfishly, with no thought of personal gain orreward. It is to be given as needed, not when convenient.” [show picture of GoodSamaritan again]* Was his service given unselfishly?* Was there any thought of personal gain or reward?* Was the service given when needed or convenient?We have an obligation to accept callings to serve. Why is this important? What if you wentto church and there were no leaders? No Bishop? No Primary? We have a privilege to teachand serve others. Have someone read the following quote by Pres. Spencer W. Kimball:
“God does notice us, and He watches over us. But it is usually through another mortal thatHe meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other in the kingdom.”We have the responsibility to give service in our communities. We should work to improvewhere we live. Service requires unselfishly sharing and giving of what you have.Elder Snow shared the following story, “My wife and I learned a valuable lesson during ourtime of service in Africa. We were assigned to a district conference in Jinja, Uganda. EarlySaturday morning before our meetings began, we took the opportunity to tour a new chapelin the area. As we arrived at the building, we were greeted by a young boy of three to fouryears of age. He had come to the Church grounds to see what was going on. Struck by hisbroad smile, Sister Snow reached in her purse and handed him a wrapped piece of hardbutterscotch candy. He was delighted. {{give each member of your family a butterscotchcandy}}“We spent a few minutes touring the chapel before returning outside. We were met bymore than a dozen smiling children, who each wanted to meet the new neighborhoodcandy lady.“Phyllis was heartbroken, as she had given the boy her last piece of candy. Shedisappointedly gestured to the children there was no more. The small boy who initiallygreeted us then handed the candy back to Sister Snow, gesturing for her to unwrap it. Witha heavy heart, Phyllis did so, fully expecting the boy to pop the butterscotch candy into hismouth in full view of his envious friends.“Instead, to our great surprise, he went to each of his friends, who stuck out their tonguesand received one delicious lick of the butterscotch candy. The young boy continued aroundthe circle, occasionally taking his own lick, until the candy was gone.“Now, one can argue the lack of sanitation with this gesture of sharing, but no one candispute the example set by this young boy. Unselfishness, sharing, and giving are essentialto service. This child learned that lesson well.”
Brainstorm Game: Brainstorm Game: Brainstorm Game: Brainstorm Game: 
Divide into two teams. Take 5-10 minutes to brainstorm andwrite down as many ways you can serve in each area as possible. When the time is up,share your ideas. The team with the most ideas wins!
Service Ch Service Ch Service Ch Service Challenge: allenge: allenge: allenge: 
Pass out one calendar to each person. Using a dry erase marker,have everyone write their name on a calendar. Decide how long your service challenge willbe: one week, two weeks, or one month. Every day each person will remove one card fromthe service jar, read it, and place it in the other jar. Do the service that was on your cardthat day and mark it off on your calendar, or think of your own service ideas. Keepcalendars on the fridge.
Closing Song: Closing Song: Closing Song: Closing Song: 
When We’re Helping We’re Happy, Children’s Songbook pg 198
Closing Prayer: Closing Prayer: Closing Prayer: Closing Prayer: 

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This is a cool service FHE if you have a big family :)
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