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Surviving Codex Food Control With Quiet Meat

Surviving Codex Food Control With Quiet Meat

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Published by MoreMoseySpeed

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Published by: MoreMoseySpeed on Feb 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You must have meat to live a healthy life. The meat must be clean, non-toxic, wellfed and raised in quiet, safe and clean conditions.Under Codex/Food Control, you will receive your food allowance purchase permitsmonthly. The food you will be allowed to purchase will be altered and poisoned. Ifyou are allowed to purchase meat, it will be toxic.Unless you pay prohibitive special fees and follow all of the poisoninginstructions, you will not be able to legally raise your own meat. In order toresponsibly feed your family you will have to become a silent outlaw.Your children will be encouraged to squeal on you if they know about your outlawedactivities. You will not be allowed to home school your children, because home-schooled children are not generally conformists.If you have a basement or solid shed with small or no windows, claim it now. Tellyour conformist spouse you need the space to keep the required lawn poisons in andyour dirty magazines or romance novels.For your sake, do not store those poisons in the house or anywhere near animals oryour hidden gardens. When the Codex worker comes around to do the soil sampling,being lazy and shiftless people, they will take samples from the closest lawn totheir vehicle. Spray the required poisons around that area only. Be careful to notover spray. Codex/Food Control has penalties, already planned, for no poisons ortoo much poisons.You must raise your own meat:1.Cattle, you can’t hide them and they are noisy.2.Goats and sheep, you can’t hide them and they are noisy.3.Pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, etc, you can’t hide them and they are verynoisy.You need small, easily fed, easily cared for and very quiet meat animals.Preferably, more than one kind, as each animal varies slightly in the enzymes,proteins and minerals their bodies supply you with.You have bugs, earthworms, mice, rats and rabbits. These are all quiet critters.The bugs, such as mealy bugs, are easily fed, multiply quickly, are easily caredfor, and unlike other bugs, with mealy bugs there is not bitter taste.If you are feeding only aware adults, the mealy bugs can be rinsed and eaten orrinsed drowned and eaten. They taste best if deep-fried in lard or olive oil.If you are feeding a conformist spouse and/or children, rinse the mealy bugs andthen crush them, let the mass dry, in either a thin layer or thick cakes. Add thedried mealy bugs to meals, while no one is looking.This will greatly increase and enhance the proteins, enzymes, minerals, etc, ofthe poisoned legal food.I suggest doing the crushing once weekly and drying the mealy bugs in thin layers.These are easily flaked or broken and will quickly dissolve in/on warm/hot food.The bodies of the people you are feeding will utilize the mealy bug, but no onewill know you are outlawing and providing them with excellent food to thin downthe poisons they are eating.
Note: Mealy bugs do not have a lot of fat/oil. You need fats to live.Note: No taste.Earthworms are done the same as mealy bugs; only before you rinse them gentlysquish them to clean out their digestive tracks. Crush and dry them into thinlayers or into thick cakes. You can add them directly onto foods or just eat theflakes or cakes.Note: No tasteNote: Not a lot of fatIf you also raise mice, rats and rabbits, feed them some of the dried bug andearthworm. They eat them in the wild and will benefit from them in their diet.Mice:You will need approximately one hundred mice to make a meal for four healthyactive humans. Remove the guts, save the liver, heart and kidneys, do not skinthem.Note: You are raising these mice; with a little care, they will be clean and non-toxic.Note: These are clean animals, you can eat everything, however, the gall bladderis bitter and the stomach and intestines will be processing foods, raising theacids and reducing the over all balance.Note: Meat needs to be killed quickly and cleanly. If the animal suffers at all,it will spread adrenalin through the meat. People who eat adrenalin-poisoned meathave stomach and digestion problems. A lot of the meat in super markets has highadrenalin levels.Note: Do not stress or scare your breeders or your meat animals.If you are pushed for room, hang a curtain between your stock pens and yourpreparation area.Choose your meat stock and using a deep solid sided tote, place your meat stockinto the tote. When you have chosen all of the animals you are going to kill, takethe tote to the preparation area and pull the curtain closed or close the door.Note: If you are raising animals for meat you will have some animals pregnant,some nursing and some separated from the mothers and fattening for the nextharvest. If you stress these animals, the females may abort or eat their babies orthe others may fight among themselves and damage each other.Put on long armed insulated gloves, using small leads with alligator clamps and acharged 12-volt automobile battery…Note: A small solar panel, discreetly hidden from casual view but still able tocatch the sun will recharge the battery.Hook one lead to a terminal and the other end to a small iron plate, sitting on awooden table. Hook the other lead to the other terminal; clamp the other end to asmall wet sponge.
You will need a not see through, low-sided tote to receive the bodies.Remove a mouse, set it on its feet, on the iron plate, and touch the wet sponge tothe nose of the mouse. Place the body in the low-sided tote and continue.Note: You will be able to kill 100 hundred mice in 5 minutes, with practice.Note: Keep a small bowl of water to wet the sponge. Also, wipe the iron plateoccasionally with a rag dipped in warm pepper water. This will cover anydanger/alert smells that will frighten your living stock.When you have finished killing the mice, remove the insulated gloves. Rinse themin the pepper water and hang them to dry. Wash the deep tote, rinse it in pepperwater, and turn it upside down to dry.Disconnect the electric leads and put them away. Empty the bowl of water and washthe sponge, rinse it in pepper water and allow it to dry.Note: Pepper water can be made with any pepper, hot, bell, or black pepper. Justheat some water to boiling and toss in some dried, ground pepper, allow to cool.It will act as a disinfectant, antibacterial, antiviral and will cover anyremaining odors.If you get some in your eyes or nose, it will burn. However, it will clean youreyes and sinus. No harm and a lot of good.Always clean behind yourself. Put away your equipment you will not be needingagain.Note: Many criminals are caught through sloppiness, panic and talking/bragging.For example: A bank robber makes a clean get-a-way, then runs a red light andpanics when a policeman tries to pull him over and makes a run for it, then talksto other prisoners, while in jail, not for not stopping at the red light but forrunning away.Make good habits at the beginning, always clean up after yourself.For the next step, you will need three large pans/bowls and one small pan/bowl,preferably stainless steel or glass. These are the easiest to clean and you wanteasy.One large pan will be for the carcasses, one large pan for guts. Set the otherlarge pan/bowl aside for now.If you are right handed, set the low-sided tote with the bodies on your left. Fromthe tote, remove a body. Hold it belly up; curl your thumb and little fingerbetween and around the legs so that the belly is taunt.Now using a hook scalpel, a Wyoming skinning knife or a very sharp penknife sliceopen the belly. Be careful to not cut into the guts. Scoop out the guts and putthem into a bowl. Usually the kidneys will remain attached to the back of thecarcass cavity, leave them.Do not rinse the carcass.Note: Rodents have fat and you need fat to live. However, if you skin and wash a

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