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Paper 2 Writing Process

Paper 2 Writing Process

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Published by Elyse Kuntz

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Published by: Elyse Kuntz on Feb 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fruit LoopElyse KuntzMy mom used to tell me when I was a very little girl, You are unique, just like everyone else, and up until recently I never really thought how incredibly great that statement truly is when it comes to how I write. No one writes the same, we allknow that. But something not everyone understands is where creativity comes fromand how it is brought into the writing process. I have three different writingprocesses, and for the purposes of this article I will name them: The Student, ThePerson, and The Poet, and I am studying my writing process for each to explain howcreativity is brought into even the most strict forms of writing.How about we define what the differences are between my three writingprocesses before we talk about the actual process itself. The student: This is the oneevery kid can relate to. This is writing something that you are forced to write about;a research paper, a speech on a specific topic, or even something like annotatedbibliography. These are the papers that you sit there are say, I dont even careabout this, how in the world am I going to write about it?. The person: This writingis by far my favorite, this is free writing at its finest. This is writing for the sake of writing; poetry, letters, texting, or even stories. This writing process is all about getting what you are thinking and feeling on paper. The poet: This is thecombination of both the person and the student, which makes this the writingprocess that combines techniques from both. This writing is prompt writing, apersonal essay, a poem with a prompt, or a reflection paper. A type of writing wherethere is a definite topic but there are a variety of directions you could take thepaper. Creativity is seeped into even the most difficult writings without beingnoticed and I want to see how it is brought in.Lets start at square one, why I am writing in the first place? Ill be the first one to tell you, it is not always because you want too and have this urge that will not be satisfied until you write an incredible paper. Sometimes, it is simply because youhave to. So for circumstances like that (this is the student if you catch my drift)where do you start? For me, I read whatever it is I have to so I fully understand what it is I am asked to do, whether it be to read the prompt, find some information onthe subject, or even something as simple as looking at my notes. That is always myfirst step no matter how tedious and boring it is. So sadly for this first step, there isno creativity for the student writing process, but what about for the person?Like I said, favorite writing process by far, but the first step is almost asuneventful as for the student, and when I say almost I mean it is by far moreinteresting than the student. I will ask myself the same question, Why am Iwriting? and thankfully for this process it is because I am dying to get out exactlywhat I am feeling in the most interesting way possible. For me in this writingprocess the beginning step is situational. It could be from anything I feel, touch,hear, or see. But I will talk about a specific start I had on one poem that started on anunbelievably hot summer day. I was driving in my car and I saw a jungle gym in thebackyard of one of the houses I drove by and BAM right there it hit me the first lineof my poem, The indescribable feeling of flying just like that. So I pulled over onthe side of the road, grabbed my red 70 sheet college ruled notebook and a pen that 
had some sticky substance on it from God knows what that was spilled in my carwho knows when, and wrote it down on the top of my paper. And that is exactly howit started, so for this process creativity seeps in right at the get go.Now at this point for the poet writing process I am given the poetry prompt of, What seven deadly sin do you most relate too? Answering the question fromthe beginning, why am I writing? And the answer is, because I find it interesting andit is personal to me. Once I received this prompt the first step was writing downwhat the seven deadly sins are. (For those of you who do not know they are here isthe list: greed, lust, gluttony, envy, wrath, pride, and sloth) So since I really didnt know what I wanted to do I popped in my ear buds and watch the move Seven, andgot myself motivated. I had to take myself away from the writing process completelyand only have the topic in my mind, and after that I was able to decide on envy. That process was pretty simple and actually relaxing because I watched a movie, but right after I decided, I started thinking of all the words that could describe envy.The next chunk of the writing process is where most of the work starts toappear. Sentences turn into paragraphs, phrases turn into stanzas, and words createa story. For the student this process is still somewhat boring, but little things start shining through that makes it creative and yours. I did all the research for this longresearch paper and now I go, write, spit words out onto the paper hoping andpraying it makes sense. Then as I go I realize I throw in words that I think will helpmake the paper stand out a little more than the others, and make it more of anElyse Paper. So my creativity really shines through at this part of the process.Paying specific attention to details such as punctuation, metaphors, word choice,and a million other things.My person as a writing process in this chunk is very much  chaotic, to saythe least. Now as I continued to write this poem that was so outlandish and far fromlogical there still was a slight process to it. I wrote a line, and then thought about how I wanted it to connect to the line previous and so on so forth. I would changehow I was sitting, I would look up at that same very jungle gym that has been sittingthere in front of me for the past half an hour, Id play house in my head and imaginea scenario with a jungle gym, and all kinds of other weird mind tricks but it was allpart of the process, the process that was really letting my mind wonder and explore.In the end, I created something, I dont want to say a poem yet, but it was definitelysomething. I close my notebook and throw into my backseat, I shove the pen back where I found it, turn the car on and drive away.At this point for the poet I am doing everything I can to think of how I want the poem to form, what feeling I want it to give to my audience, how exactly do Iwant to relate the sin to myself in this poem, and a bunch of other things that most people think artsy people do easily, and that is not true. I probably have sat infront of this dusty computer screen for a good hour and nothing has come to mindand all of a sudden I think of how Barbie was the person every girl wanted to be. Noidea where it came from (maybe I heard a commercial but other than that, I have norecollection of how this thought came to mind). I knew how I wanted to relate to mysin and since it was such a young childhood memory, I thought I would make mypoem more playful. I wrote this poem in a story form because that is really how I

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