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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Published by Noel Peterson

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Published by: Noel Peterson on Feb 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth
How exciting!In a very short while my wife and I will be welcoming our first child into the world! It’s aphase a life I am met with humility, excitement, and of course, fears. Perhaps it’s fear ofthe unknown, or hope that all will be well, or the overall uncertainty of how life willchange. As any friend, colleague, or family member has told me, life will undoubtedlychange.Through any change that pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting may bring to our life, I canconfidently rely on homeopathy to help bring some balance and healing. I especiallywant to dedicate this article to the all-important phase of having a healthy pregnancyand childbirth.This is certainly a new phase in our life, but is also a time of claiming what is trulyimportant for us. There are so many facets of this new journey. But, when it comes tohealthy pregnancy and childbirth there are innumerable opportunities to forgo one’sconvictions about how they want the pregnancy to go, or the childbirth experience tounfold.My wife and I recently watched a movie produced by Ricki Lake entitled“The Businessof Being Born.”It, along with
Ina May’s book “A Guide to Childbirth”
have beengreat resources for us that support our idea of how we’d like pregnancy and childbirth togo. We’ve also attended childbirth classes with a brilliant doula, as well. All this to saythis is our choice, our route, that makes sense to us.What also makes sense to us is using homeopathic remedies to help aid and supportmy wife and developing baby through this process.
Homeopathy is very safe andeffective for pregnant women and their developing baby. Homeopathy is naturaland has no side effects or toxic substances in them.
And we choose to make this as natural a process as possible. Pregnancy andchildbirth, after all, has been a natural occurrence since time immemorial and withoutthe use of toxic substances or invasive procedures, at least until very recent times.Nonetheless,
I dedicate this article to the women who are looking for naturalsupport in their own lives for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth usinghomeopathic remedies.
For a more detailed look into whathomeopathy is, whathomeopathic remediesare, etc. please follow the links to each of them. For now, I will give the reader insight into someof the most frequently used and most effective homeopathic remedies during pregnancyand childbirth.
Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth
First, I’d like to break down certain phases of pregnancy and childbirth for educationalpurposes and for ease of use.Before BirthThe most important ‘remedy’ during this time is practicing relaxation through breath-work. Visualize the kind of birth you would like. Communicate to the baby your love forthem; that you are going to work together for your mutual health and benefit. Perhapsthey know not, consciously, what you’re communicating, but most certainly they will takein your voice, love, and information somewhere in their being.Practicing yoga frequently will help you breathe, stretch appropriately, and accomplishpelvic floor exercises that will prepare you for healthy childbirth. I’d recommend the
DVD “Shiva Rea’s Prenatal Yoga.”
It is a safe and effective prenatal practice that ismodified for each trimester. My wife frequently does this video and I’ve accompaniedhere on a few occasions, even. It’s an excellent practice to maintain throughout thepregnancy.I’d also recommend taking pre-natal classes on childbirth from a doula or midwife. Thiswill help you begin preparing for how you want your childbirth experience to go. InAustin, there are many resources available. I’d recommend going to theCentral TexasDoula Associationfor more information.There are many nutritional guidelines that could be mentioned here. That would take anentire article in and of itself. So, I’ll just mention that drinking raspberry leaf tea (notbefore the sixth month of pregnancy, though) will help tone the uterine muscles.Additionally, doingKegel exerciseswill prime the muscles necessary for childbirth.Kegel exercises will also help you recover more quickly from childbirth and to also helpavoid any complications after delivery (such as post-natal incontinence, for example).The following sub-sections will describe the various phases of delivery:
Symptoms of pre-labor frequently involve the mother-to-be experiencing extra energy,perhaps she has a backache, she may have diarrhea, and may have a “show” (streakedmucus from the vagina). Not exclusively, but this stage is frequently when the waterbreaks.During this time, it commonly occurs to the woman and birth partner to rush to thehospital. Yet, this is a time that could be dedicated to sleeping or resting as much aspossible.
Eat light, nourishing snacks if you’re hungry, move around on anexercise ball, breathe, go for a walk, or take a bath
(or shower if the water hasbroken). The key ingredient here is to
breathe and relax as much as possible.
Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth
At this stage, use aBach Flower Rescue Remedy. A recommended amount would be20 drops in a glass of water and sip whenever you feel called to.
First Stage
This stage is characterized by low adrenalin; a time of waiting while the body does thework of opening up. Try not to resist it.
Breathe in when the rush (“contraction”)comes and breathe out during it.
The birth assistant should frequently remind you tocontinue breathing and relaxing. Our doula had a helpful reminder for this. The sayinggoes “As above, so below.” This refers to our jaws. If we are tense in our mouth, jaw,and neck, so everything will also be below. Tension is not recommended here.
the jaw and everything below will follow suit.Time the rushes (“contractions”). Stay upright as much as you can and keep moving!Work with gravity and the direction the baby will come out. Also, minimize distractionsand interruptions.
This is a sacred time shared by the lineage of womenthroughout all of time.
This is a time to be supported with maximum comfort, support,encouragement, and reassurance.To help with energy levels, sip watered down fruit juice between rushes to keep bloodsugar levels up. Continue to use the Rescue Remedy as needed.
This is the point where the cervix is fully dilated and the rushes will now begin to helppush the baby out. Frequently, this is where a desire for drug intervention is mostdesired. An alternative, though, is to
keep moving
, change scenery by moving to otherparts of your birthing location.
Continue to breathe!
the baby coming out asyou would like. Talk to it. Remember to take the Rescue Remedy as needed.
Second Stage
High adrenalin levels come on and action is taken for delivery of the baby. The pushingwill just happen. If the rushes have many peaks, divide the out-breath; as if blowing outseparate candles.
Third Stage
This is the delivery of the placenta. Note: it’s not unusual for contractions to stop for awhile before pushing the placenta out.There’s so much more that could be said about each of these stages. This is intendedto give you a brief overview for educational purposes. For more detailed information, I’dhighly recommend reading “A Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May!
Homeopathic Remedies

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