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Occupy Goals

Occupy Goals

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Published by Skywolf Neal Smith

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Published by: Skywolf Neal Smith on Feb 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OCCUPY: Partial List of GrievancesOccupy Wall Street is all about the struggle for a more equitable distribution of wealth and fairness in the economiclife of the country against rich and greedy individuals and corporations who are exploiting the majority of thepopulation, sample proof is that one percent of the population control more wealth than ninety percent of the rest of the population. Wall Street advocates that profits for companies are more meaningful and important than human life,society and communities and therefore should be acquired at all costs.The movement is not only about the inequitable distribution of wealth and greedy practices of individuals andcorporations, it's also about other social injustices and bad practices in the country ranging from global trade, tooutsourcing of jobs overseas, shifting manufacturing work to China and other countries purely for lower costs, toglobal warming, rising poverty levels, high costs of college education, health care and pharmaceuticals,environmental issues etc, it's high time for an overhaul of the system.When manufacturing is sent to China, we in America are loosing jobs, intellectual capital, while CEO's, managementand Wall Street all make record profits, this is certainly not in our national interests. An apt and timely lesson to be learnt from history is the fundamental causes and results of the French Revolution, aninequitable distribution of wealth entrenched in the wealthy and starving and desperate people caused an era of discontent and protest leading to the collapse of the French government and aristocracy and a total meltdown of thecountry, let's hope that we are not heading in that direction though the signs are similar with people losing hope andbecoming desperate. Many Americans are living in a comfort zone outside of reality and therefore do not see theplight of the poor and desperate.Here are a list of concerns:1. Wall Street - it's all about profits at all costs without respect or consideration for people and communities, highprofits for investors is okay in theory, but not practical at all, no company can continuously produce high profitsirrespective of swings in market cycles but investors demand recurring high profits and corporations have beenreciprocating by cutting costs by laying off workers without the welfare of workers at heart, also, foreign investors likeSaudi Arabia, Japan, Russia and China are investing heavily on Wall Street and benefiting on the profits of USCorporations, but they do not care about the US worker at all or the plight of the US economy. Corporate greed andexploitation and power and wealth in the hands of a few has resulted in the majority being left out and short changedresulting in an unequal distribution of wealth, One of the biggest misconception and bad practices is that companiesexist purely for profits for investors, this is the reason for the demise in society and the economy, companies existbecause of workers, without workers no company can survive, therefore it is the moral obligation and duty of companies to support it's employees during swings in the business cycle. What happens to all the extra profits thatare generated when we outsource jobs or send manufacturing overseas? This money is used to increase the CEO¶spackage and give top management higher salaries, the balance is shared with Wall Street, who is the net loser of this? It is the ordinary American worker.2. The rich and powerful are controlling government at all levels, ordinary people have no say in the process, so weare not truly a democracy, the government is controlled by wealthy individuals, large corporations and the media, agood example is the power of Pharmaceutical Corporations, Oil Companies and Medical Insurance companies over government. The rich control the stock market like cartels and insider trader, favors, closed groups and secretcollaboration keeps the wealth tightly controlled within the rich set making it difficult for ordinary people to break intowealthy circles and therefore wealth remains entrenched in the same groups of people or families. Influence peddlingbetween the wealthy and politicians is one of the root causes of the problem. Big Oil is making record profits bykeeping gas prices high, this is a monopoly and the entire nation is powerless to do anything about it because theycontrol the government.3. Greed of CEO's and Management - leads to a culture of greed and the quest for more this lead to higher pricesand inflation, in fact we have become obsessed with money and have created a new pastime and culture of greed,this has eroded basic moral values. There is an unusual imbalance between the compensation of CEO's and ordinary
workers, it is certainly justified for CEO's to be compensated at a much higher rate but not but not at the ratio that iscurrently in practice, it undermines all financial and economic principals, this culture of greed has spread throughoutall levels of management effectively side-lining the ordinary worker. At no time in the history of the country has therebeen such a big disparity between management and worker compensation, in fact, it amounts to CEO's andmanagement short-changing workers. When IBM¶s Sam Palmisano retires, he gets a $110 million handshake, wheredoes this money come from, from paying employees less and from raising prices, this causes inflation.4. Global Trade and Globalization - one of the primary practices of economics over centuries is factors of production,each country has it's own resources in the form of Land, Labor, Capital and Infrastructure to produce goods andservices for it's people, limited trade and bartering between countries has always been practiced, however, thissystem has gone out of balance because the US and other industrialized countries are currently not using their ownresources but exploiting the resources of other countries purely for profit, these extra-ordinary profits from globaltrade has not been benefiting the country as a whole but only a limited amount of wealthy individuals, Wall Street andlarge corporations, the majority of the population have not benefited from this at all.5. Food - our food contains toxic chemicals and carcogenins in the form of artificial chemicals, flavorants,insecticides, pesticides, anti-biotics, growth-hormones, etc. this is one of the main reasons for cancer and all themyriad of other health problems in the country proof is that companies like McDonalds and Burger Kings arecontributing to this problem, obesity and overweight population is going to be one of our major problems contributingto long term health issues, shamefully, the medical profession had been quiet about it because a sick and unhealthynation means big business for them, once again profits before people, also, genetically modified foods are causingunpredictable health issues by causing an imbalance in nature.6. Overuse of drugs - we have become the drug capital of the world, pharmaceutical companies and the medicalprofession are over prescribing unnecessary medications purely for higher profits, 'pill mills' are the norm around thecountry, these medications cause an untold amount of lifelong health problems.7. High medical costs caused by pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, hospitals, medical insurancecompanies all working in cohorts to fleece the general public for medical services, we have the highest medical costsin the world; these costs causes additional stress and other health related issues resulting in an endless cycle of health problems, also, the high number of of medical insurance companies creates additional layers in the health carewhich is totally unnecessary, unaffordable health care alone is a major stress factor on ordinary people.8. Wars for profit, not for defense, the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were oil wars to protect our energy resources,we did not do it for the love of the Iraqi and Afghanistani people, these remote wars destroy foreign countries, costs afortune and has resulted in thousands of lost American lives and injured soldiers, these wars are solely responsiblefor the financial woes that we have today. The wars are the result of the action of a small group of individuals andarmament manufacturers who wanted to go to war for a profit and personal agenda, how did we as a nation allowthese unjustified wars to happen? , we should amend our constitution to ensure that wars are not waged by smallgroups of people or the armaments industry. George Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost $1.3 trillion dollars andhas resulted in the financial meltdown of the economy and endless hardship and tough times throughout the country.war is an expensive business with no return on investment, therefore a bad investment, we can no longer be thepolicemen of the world, it's too expensive and therefore not sustainable, it's time to rethink our military strategies.9. Global Warming is for real, simply look at how the ice caps are melting or how the ocean temperatures arewarming up, yet, a large part of the population are denying the issue and have chosen to ignore it because it's bad for business to reverse or stop global warming, we are certainly warming up the planet because of our modern lifestyles,we can continue ignoring it at our peril, no other natural phenomenon threatens our future and existence like globalwarming.10. Damage to the environment, eroding and destruction of planet earth for profits at all costs, an example is thepolluting of our waterways, coal mining, extinction of species, oil spills, de-forestation, etc. Destruction of our naturalresources because of industrialization, an example is the power of 'Big Oil' over Washington, they continue to do asthey please and use the natural resources of the country as their personal playground to destroy.
 11. Waste and Recycling - our modern way of life is replacing natural mountains with toxic man-made garbagedumps, each city has a man-made mountain in the making, there is no county-wide effort to limit the amount andtypes of trash we generate, the use of plastics and packaging should be minimized by law, like other modern nationsare doing. Also, the amount of unnecessary packaging material and plastic and paper utensils that we waste isscandalous, we should be ashamed of it, no wonder we are totally dependent on foreign oil and trees.12. Our Energy Economy - our economy and lifestyles is much too dependent on Oil, we are an oil based economy,without oil our economy and life would come to a standstill, we need to find alternative forms renewable energy likesolar, wind, natural gas etc., not nuclear, nuclear has too many hazards and the waste is not degradable, in factnuclear waste has a half-life of one thousand years, so not a good solution.13. Eat local foods, we should grow our food locally and lessen the consumption of imported foods, imported goods,uses more energy and is expensive because of transportation of goods over long distances and the carbon footprint,food is not always ripe and fresh and therefore unhealthy, we are not using local resources for agricultural purposes.We should develop a culture of manufacturing and buying locally and lessen the need to deliver goods over longdistances, companies like Fedex and UPS are the biggest consumers of energy which is unnecessary if we changeour habits to supporting local and regional businesses.14. The Media promotes and indoctrinates a culture of materialism, consumerism, greed and commercialism, this haseffectively eroded the moral values of society and is one of the primary reasons for the evils of the modern world thatwe live in.15. Outsourcing of jobs to other countries, the main benefactors of this are CEO's and top management because theyreward themselves with higher packages, this is one of the main contributors to high unemployment in the country,CEO's and big corporations have very little loyalty to the country and it's people, the driving factor here is greed.16. Shifting of manufacturing to other countries, once again its all about CEO and management greed by bigcorporations, we know that costs of manufacturing is much lower in other countries, that is understandable becuasethey have a much lower cost structure, including production and raw material costs, but they don't have to pay highmortgages bills like we do, so where does the loyalty of corporations lie, with foreign countries or with it's ownpeople?17. Health Care - how is it possible that the wealthiest country in the world does not have an affordable health caresystem given the amount of money that is spent on health care, it's because of the layers and layers of wastefulhealth care insurance companies that make health care unreachable for ordinary, why don't we have public hospitalsand public health care systems like other countries, well, then corporations don't make money and CEO's and thewealthy don't make exorbitant profits.18. Lobbyist who represent big corporations do the country a disservice and make a mockery of the democratic formof government, this is plain simple corruption.19. Fast Food, Fast Nation, Fast Life - our entire way of life is based on the premise of being 'Fast', this is runninghavoc with society by creating highly stressed families and communities, overweight people and is shaking the moralfiber of society, we need to slow down and reflect on our lifestyles, this is obviously contrary to what greedybusinessmen would like to see, since they would like workers to work around the clock so that they can increaseprofits, this culture has to be reversed, it's a shame that leaders around the country are not talking or criticizing it.20. G8 and G20 Countries - countries belonging to these organizations perform modern day colonialism andimperialism mostly on Third World countries which are overloaded with debt burdens and then fall into a cycle of endless debt which they cannot repay and therefore remain enslaved by debt and cannot make any progress, theseorganizations represent modern-day financial cartels and mafias.21. Trade with China - how can me morally justify trading with China, it's an autocratic power that enslaves it's own

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