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February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web

February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web

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Published by Ossekeag

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Published by: Ossekeag on Feb 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 12, No. 13 www.ossekeag.ca February 7, 2012
Delivered free, reachingover
Residentsacross SouthernNew Brunswick everytwo weeks!
Hampto Hrald
Sussx Hrald
Vally Viwr
35 Consumers Drive, Saint John T: 632-6000www.downeys.ca
35 Consumers Drive, Saint John T: 632-6000 www.downeys.ca
2011 F-150Super cab xlt 4 x 4
Every New & Used Truck Gets Tough Duck Downey Jacket
Every New & Used Truck Gets Tough Duck Downey Jacket
Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 2 www..c
“Your Community Connection”
Tel: (506) 832-5613 • Fax: (506) 832-3353 • email: info@ossekeag.ca • www.ossekeag.ca
Locally Owned & Operated by Debbie & Mike Hickey
242 Main St. • Hampton, NB • E5N 5L9Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
For your convenience you can drop off ads andeditorial at Ossekeag Publishing:
Pubihd BiW N Iu: Fbrur 21Ddin: Fbrur 14
So what do you do when your mind is just a blank and it istime to write a Ravings!!! A number o things are going on,but are still a little too resh at this point to write about. Tey need to simmer and stew a bit beore serving up to the public.Many years ago (nine maybe) I was able to use a brilliant articleby an Australian writer on how to get your adult children tomove out o the house. It was very witty and unny as heck!!!Unortunately, getting good substitute writers to ll in or you ispretty hard to do. Tat Musings lady has oered to ll in romtime to time, but I wouldn’t want her stu printed anywhere. So... out o desperation I called upon my best riend to see i hemight be able to help me out and being the good boy that he is… he said WOOF!!! So here he is!!Hi there, my name is Te Jet, and I belong to a wonderul mancalled Mikie. I also live with a strange little old lady, who hasthis even stranger liking or three at creatures that I have toshare the house with. Mikie is my best riend ‘cause he doesn’tlike those at creatures either!! Mikie is so wonderul because ...“Hey that’s not a ull dish” ... “You got to put more ood in therethan that!!!” “ You could stand to lose a ew pounds yoursel!!”I he wasn’t my best riend, why, I would gladly chew his leg o.Even when they are on a diet, the at creatures get three meals aday and I only ever get two!! What about that, big shot riend??”Although, Mikie is a real tight wad with the kibble, he doesregularly take me or walks in the woods. I love walking in thewoods!! “Hey slow poke ... why are you stopping and just lookingat trees?? I have squirrels to chase and I can’t just hang aroundin one place while you snooze!!” I’d just leave and go o onmy own, but the coyotes might get him. More importantly, thecoyotes might get ME!! Te kibble police can look aer himsel!!Te other nice thing about Mikie is that in the winter time helikes to light res. Don’t worry ... i the kibble doesn’t improvethe Fire Marshall is denitely getting a call. I just love sittingright in ront o the stove with a blazing re going. I am so happy that I even let one o the at creatures share some o the space.“Hey Mikie ... the re is dying down ... get over here!!”My best riend Mikie would be just about perect i it wasn’t orthe Strange Lady and the Fat Creatures!!!“Tanks Jet”. Te end!!
By Mike Hickey
Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 3 www..c
When the hottest hangout in town straddles theCanada/U.S. border, you get the best of both worlds:strong Canadian beer at weak American prices, and thehottest entertainment on either side of the line.
68 Exmouth St. Saint John, NB Telephone 693-8720 ~ 847-2421Call 693-8720 or 847-242168 Exmouth St. Saint John, NB
 Boarderline Crazy 
 Boarderline Crazy 
 February 10th, 11th 17th,18th, 24th & 25th
 February 10th, 11th 17th,18th, 24th & 25th
Show Dates
Show Dates
 March Shows: 2nd, 3rd,9th, 10th, 30th & 31st
 March Shows: 2nd, 3rd,9th, 10th, 30th & 31st
or contact Michelle for details
Medical Esthetics including:
·Permanent Make-up·Non Laser Tattoo Removal·Scar Camouflage·Eyelash Extensions·Eyebrow Enhancement/Replacement·Gel Nails·Full Service Hair Salon
Medical Esthetics including:
·Permanent Make-up·Non Laser Tattoo Removal·Scar Camouflage·Eyelash Extensions·Eyebrow Enhancement/Replacement·Gel Nails·Full Service Hair Salon
Valentine Pricing
$99.00 Taxes inc.Reg $135.00 + tax
Eyebrow Enhancement
$275.00 Taxes inc.Reg. $475.00 + tax
Tattoo Removal
Buy first removal session &get the second one free
HamPtoN-PIggs Peak NeWs
“Tank you dearly or accepting our request to help those ninedesperate students. Tank you many times. Please send our  gratitude to Hampton and your board o directors”.
Sam Mncina,Head eacher, Peak Central High SchoolTe Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership has committed topay high school ees or nineadditional students this year.2012 will be a challenge as eesor this year have increasedsubstantially because o additional expenses or theood program at schools;increases in the price o materials like books andstationery; and reducedgovernment assistance.Nevertheless, the Partnershiphas committed to pay 100percent o the necessary eesor all the students we selectedthis year. We will continue to support all the students remainingrom last year and, since some have graduated and a ew droppedout, a number o new students. Te criteria we use to select newstudents are threeold: need; academic ability; and dedication.Unortunately there are still many who meet these criteria butwhom we are unable to support. John Lovett recently wrote tome about 14-year old Nonjabuliso Dlamini who came to himwith tears in her eyes because she cannot attend school. Shehas proven hersel to be an excellent student in primary school(grade 1-7) but there is nowhere or her to live close to our highschools in Piggs Peak. John tells us “Her mother has died, herather has disappeared and she lives with her grandmother sometwenty kilometres rom Piggs Peak and who already has veother children whom she is struggling to support.”“Children like Nonjabuliso, without the opportunity o aneducation, are condemned to a lie o poverty. Tey are especially  vulnerable to abuse or at best being taken advantage o becauseo their dependency on any handout. Tese are all God’s childrenand their lives and utures are in our hands.”“Mark, I despair or these kids. I lose sleep as I strive to ndsolutions or them. I just want you to know how dicult it is toace children like this every day. I am certain you would nd it just as hard as I do.”For more inormation or to make a donation, please visit ourwebsite www.hamptonpiggspeak.ca or call me, Mark Bettle, at832-0003.

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