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Folly Current - January 20, 2012

Folly Current - January 20, 2012

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Volume 4 Issue 7
Volume 4 Issue 7

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Feb 03, 2012
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Folly Beach’s Newspaper
 Vol. 4 Issue 6January 20, 2012
Flip Flop Drop
on page 4
A team climbed the water tower this week to pressure wash the tank and repaint the FB logo and blue exterior. From their perch on a particularly windy day (last Friday), the workers were afforded the unique perspective the iconic tower provides of our island.
n the end, 2012 began on Folly Beach with a happy celebration. Droppinga giant pair o ip-ops as the clock struck midnight seemed right in line withour island’s laid back reputation. Butunbeknownst to many o the revelers onCenter Street, working out the logistics o  where the ops would be dropped proveddicult. When Charlotte Goodwin and KenHickman came beore City Councilon November 15 to request a varianceallowing open containers outside orthe midnight ‘Flip Flop Drop,’ everyoneseemed on board. Teir plan was to dropthem rom the 9th oor o Te ideshotel, and Goodwin assured Council thatshe’d spoken with the hotel and gainedtheir approval. Weeks beore New Years Eve, however,the plans were altered to drop the opsrom the ladder o a fre truck, rather thanthe hotel. Te ides claims it never agreedto host the event in the frst place.“I personally believe it is unair thatsome people in the community believethat Te ides reneged on the Flip FlopDrop,” says Jonathan Weitz, Presidento Avocet Properties, which ownsand manages the hotel. “While it wasdiscussed conceptually, Ken (Merkel– General Manager o the hotel) had
Flip Flop Drop
Dropping the
Sittin' on top of the world
January 20, 2012
 All council members were present.
Mayor Goodwin and Oce J. Coucheintroduced Folly Beach’s
new Sergeant,Kevin Barckle
, rom Pennsylvania. “Hehas lots o experience, including fre-fghting certifcation,” remarked Couche.Barkle said, “I just turned 44 in Augustand I wanted to use the extensive trainingI have and not work at a supermarket. Ireally love the area. It’s a perect ft so hereI am. I’m so happy to be on Folly Beach.”Couche said citizens could meet the new Sergeant at aste o Folly next week.Next,
Kevin Whitsitt 
was introducedas the new director o Utilities andPublic Works or Folly Beach, starting inFebruary o 2012.
Mike Richards
 was presented with anaward or giving his time in public serviceas planning commissioner member.
Carol Linfeld 
thanked Council or theirsupport o Pet Helpers in the past year,and commended the city on the NYE FlipFlop Drop. 
Representative Peter McCoy 
rom James Island said, “I am honored to beyour representative or Folly Beach andI would like to reiterate that my door isopen. I grew up coming to this beach. It’sdear to my heart. One o my priorities thisyear is to work with the state and eds orthe unding or the sand or our beach.”
Ordinance 32-11
Raises sewer rates 9.8  percent 
Tird reading passed 5-1 with Ellisopposed.
Ordinance 37-11
Claries that a home that doesn’t meet food code cannot be improved beyond 50 percent o the market value o the building or ten years without  rst bringing it up to meet food code.
Councilmember D.J. Rich tried again tochange the language rom ten years to fve.Te amendment ailed. Te ordinancepassed its third and fnal reading.
was appointed to be onthe Planning Commission by CouncilMember Ellis.
Resolution R01-12, A resolution by the Folly Beach City Council initiating “Operation Home Sae” or the protectionand property o all citizens on Folly.
(See story on page 5 or details). EddieEllis clarifed that the program is strictly voluntary, and would begin on March 19.DJ Rich wanted to know what the cap is onthe money provided or extinguishers andsmoke detectors. “It is not clarifed and itshould be,” he said. Ellis stated that any surplus rom the allotted $3,000 or theprogram goes back to Council spending.Rich complained that it doesn’t say thatin the Resolution. Council memberPaul Hume asked how olks’ homes willget checked; Ellis said they will fll outpaperwork agreeing to every year. MayorGoodwin remarked that “it’s sometimescheaper to buy new supplies yoursel thanto get checked by an outside company such as Liberty Fire, which is who Ellissuggested. Mayor Goodwin moved topostpone the issue.Motion to postpone issue passedunanimously.
Resolution R2-12 A Resolution by Folly Beach City Council adopting the 2012 Regular Meeting Calendar or Folly BeachCity Council.
DJ Rich motioned to move the February 14th council meeting to February 7th,since many council members would beout o town.Motion was passed 5-1 with Stuckey opposed, saying she would not be availableon the 7th.
Resolution R3-12 A Resolution by the Folly Beach City Council authorizing the expenditure o $3,000 or Operation Home Sae supplies.
DJ Rich motioned to discuss the cap atnext week’s work session.Motion passed unanimously.Resolution R4-12 A resolution by Folly Beach City Council directing the city admininstrator to return 100% o local option sales taxes or property taxrelie, given FY 11-12 revenues exceedexpenditures by at least $100,000.DJ Rich said, “My thought was beachrenourishment project, but we have otherthings coming up as well.”Eddie Ellis said, “I think it’s importantto return the money to the property taxpayers. Tere are a lot o olks that live onfxed incomes. Lets retain what we likeabout olly.”Hume said, “Te idea is great, and I’mall about giving us our money back, butprematurely committing to that mightnot be wise.”Ellis motioned to decide on what to do with any money closer to the budget time,perhaps in July.Motion to postpone passed unanimously.
Resolution No. R05-12 A Resolution by Folly Beach City Council to close Center Street or Taste o Folly to corner o Huronand Center.
Passed, all in avor.
told everyone that plans arecontinuing or the Dog Park, particularly  working on encing and signing. Richdeclared Saturday Jan 28th to be a dogpark ence building party. No constructionexperience necessary.
Dale Stuckey 
reminded everyone that i they know anyone in Congress to talk tothem about renourishment.
City Council Notes
JANUARY 10, 2012
January 20, 2012 3
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ouncil met to discuss thetopics o the Folly Beach Park’srenourishment, as well as electionboards. Mayor Goodwin opened thediscussion by giving the oor to Mr. omO’Rourke, Charleston County Parksand Recreation Commission executivedirector.O’Rourke began by stressing how direthe situation is, and how sad the prospecto erosion is or Folly Beach.“We don’t have time to wait onsomething to happen with the state andthe eds,” he said to council. “We’re goingto go ahead and move orward. Te park is too important, and we have to bring itback. So ar, we’ve gone ahead and askeda coastal engineer to look at our permitsand see about bringing in sand.”O’Rourke emphasized that he didn’tbelieve Folly would receive any “special”money in 2012 to take care o the beach’srenourishment problem.“Honestly, I don’t think we’ll get any money right now, but i we get our regularmoney or 2013 everything should bene,” he said. “I do think we’ll get thatmuch. In the meantime, i it makes senseto the Coastal Engineer we have on board, we’ll do something sooner. We’re ghtingor this. It might be expensive, but we’ll try to move orward and keep you inormed.”O’Rourke next began talking aboutthe possibility o turning the old Sand BarRestaurant into a county-unded lodgingacility.“I’ve been talking about buying anotherproperty on this island,” he announcedto a wary council. “It’s the old Sand Barrestaurant. Te amily wants to git thisproperty to us i we agree to maintain itas it is right now. But I told him we’renot interested in competing with otherrestaurants on the beach.”O’Rourke went on to explain his visionor the old restaurant, which entailed alodging acility or “outdoor adventurer”types who want to visit the Folly area.“What we will do is have a sort o lodge—where people can come, stay ormaybe a week at a time, and do dierentkinds o outdoor activities,” he said. “Tis would be a great stop on the Blue Waterrail. It could be really good or the islandand produce year-round tourists. But noneo this is a done deal yet; we’re just talkingabout it so ar. What we’re working on now are people living there in the apartments who don’t know about any o this yet. Wedo want to give them sufcient time.” At this declaration, the council beganto look very uncomortable and O’Rourketried to smooth their eathers.“It’ll be a while—30, 60, maybe 90days--to get it empty, so it’s not immediate. We eel like the donation o this property  will be amazing, “ he stressed.“What about the plans or the waterway?” asked council member CharlieMcCarty.“We’ll leave the dock just the way it is,”replied O’Rourke.“We’re just concerned about thecongestion with river boards, et cetera,”said McCarty.Council member Paul Hume said,“Also, do you see that as competing withthe private hotels and rental houses?”“Tat’s air. It would be oolish to say there’s no conict,” conceded O’Rourke.“But what we are not ater are people who want to enjoy Folly. We want people toutilize our outdoor programs. You aren’t just coming to enjoy the beach—it’s aneco lodge o sorts.”“How many people?” asked CouncilMember Dale Stuckey.“Very small. A ew people,” repliedO’Rourke. “We won’t use it as a restaurant,but we could use the space as a classroomor reception hall.”“What about a Conerence center?”asked McCarty.“No. Tis is or the person doingoutdoor activities, like kayaking, saidO’Rourke.Te council members looked at eachother, not thoroughly convinced. Finally,council member DJ Rich spoke up.“You are taking a residence away roma signicant amount o people. You’rekicking out people who have lived here onthis island or orty years!” he exclaimed.“Tey have options. We’re not kickingthem out. Te owner would take actioneither way,” responded O’Rourke.“It’s another piece o Folly Beach gone.Tat’s going to be sad. Tey’ll be gonerom the island, those people,” musedCouncil member DJ Rich.“People think the county is trying totake over,” said Hume.Moments later, the discussion returnedto the park erosion.“I something happens and the park isn’t open or 2012, is the money or beachnourishment still coming through?” askedRich. “We have several pieces o property that need that money. A lot o people will eel like they aren’t getting airly compensated or something new on theisland.”O’Rourke began to look deeated.“Perhaps this idea isn’t good or Folly Beach ater all,” he said. “I this council isagainst it, it won’t happen.”“We need more inormation,” saidMcCarty as O’Rourke stepped down romthe podium.“Basically, we have good people on therenourishment committee,” said MayorGoodwin. “We have a good lobbyist in Washington, and their agency is workingor us at no cost. Tey are going to send aletter to our Senators that says how this isa ederal problem.Te council brainstormed on how uture erosion problems might be solved.“We need to look at another systemdown the road,” said Hume. “Te contract will run out in about 30 years. Some o the best engineers are the Dutch. Tey’reunder water. “McCarty laughed. “What’sexperimental in the US is proven in theNetherlands!”“Anyway, everyone who knows anelected ofcial needs to get in touch withthem,” said Mayor Goodwin.“We need to show what it means tothem,” said Hume. “We need to show Folly’s revenue in relation to the state”“I gave it to them or one year already and that impressed them,” said MayorGoodwin.Later, the council members reocusedtheir attention on the election board issue.“Tey sent us something that tells usnothing,” complained Hume. “I thoughtthey’d make it clearer like they said they  would. I want to know the advantage o these olks doing this. I don’t see thoseadvantages listed here. I don’t see whatthe city o Folly Beach gets. Te otherthing is, as I look at this inormation, thecommission that we currently have isn’teven legal. Let’s be honest.”Mayor Goodwin replied, “I we wantto keep things the way they are, we haveto have an election, but we’re not going tohave one beore Jan 21.”“Do we have people to do it?” askedHume. “Did any o the people resign?”“Yes,” said Mayor Goodwin.“ Is there an advantage or going to thecounty?” asked Hume.“It might save $600. Tat’s what Iheard,” replied Stuckey.Te council members deliberated ora ew moments on what the most costeective option would be. No one couldsay or certain i money would be savedthrough letting the County take care o elections.Mayor Goodwin nally said, “I it’ssomething like a ve dollar discrepancy,then that is not much.”“What could the county handle orus?” asked Hume.Stuckey said, “Tey could handle itcompletely, or let the election commissiondo part o it still.”Hume said, “We still have to pay orpublishing, printing, all expenses incurredby the county. What would we really besaving anyway?”Mayor Goodwin said, “With thecounty, we might get people rom West Ashley, North Charleston, JamesIsland…” Ater a ew more minutes o discussion,the council members seemed to agree thatkeeping things the way they are is best,and any cost dierences are too small tomention.“I don’t see any reason to change it tothe county. Right now the only thing wecan do, i we aren’t going to the county, which I assumed rom the beginning, is just to continue how we are,” said MayorGoodwin.
Renourishing the Beach,Reconsidering Election Commission

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