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Feb 2 Online

Feb 2 Online

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February 2 edition of The Grip, Griffin's Regional Independent Press. Covers Safehouse Fire, gasoline pricing explanation, republican presidential campaign platforms and education SPLOST reform.
February 2 edition of The Grip, Griffin's Regional Independent Press. Covers Safehouse Fire, gasoline pricing explanation, republican presidential campaign platforms and education SPLOST reform.

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Published by: Jessica Williamson Gregory on Feb 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Monday evening redestroyed the buildinghousing Saehouse Coee& Tea, a beloved downtownGrin business.On Tuesday Grin-FireRescue Chie Tommy Jonesconrmed that it waselectrical re.When the re was rstdiscovered, two employees,Jacob Orr and StephenDozier, as well as regularcustomers ChristopherBlalock and Justin Liddellattempted to extinguishthe blaze with water andre extinguishers. A totalo seven people eventuallyevacuated the buildingsaely.Upon the arrival o GF-Rpersonnel, heavy smokewas pouring rom the roo o the structure. The mutualaid call also activated unitso the Spalding County FireDepartment. The re wasextinguished within a ewhours, but GF-R personnelremained on scenethroughout the night toguard against the relightingo hot spots.Even as they watched theirshop in ames, Saehouseemployees were planningtheir return. “We’ll be rightback,” they promised whilelming the re or theirvideo blog, www.dirtycup.com.“Not once have any o us eltanything but certain that wewould be back and betterthan beore,” said Orr. “Ourcoee will taste better, we’llserve our customers betterand we’ll smile a whole lotmore.” Two other businesses withinthe vicinity also sustainedsmoke and water damage inthe incident.Saehouse ounder HuntSlade addressed the publiclater that night, givingthanks or the outpouring o support.“To all our riends and amilythat share in the loss o ourbeloved shop this eveningto re, thank you all somuch or your support andencouragement. The worstsite tonight was not theames breaking through
Sta Writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
 At some point in time,virtually every motoristhas complained o highgasoline prices. Many donot understand how gasstations can justiy dailyprice uctuations, withsome locations actuallyincreasing prices multipletimes each day. However,according to industryexperts, there are a numbero variables that contributeto these uctuations, withthe vast majority beingout o the control o localstation owners.Aside rom the worldmarket and dollar valuationagainst oreign currencies,global supply and demandplays an important role inoil production.Over the past decade,developing nations,particularly those in Asiaand the Middle East, havecaused a tremendousincrease in demand orwhich production has notsuciently increased.“For example, China,in 2011 purchased547,000 barrels per day.In 2010, consumptionwas 426,000 barrels perday, or an increase o 121,000 additional barrelsconsumed every day,” saidone consultant who spokeon condition o anonymity.With such an increase indemand, the market ismore susceptible than everto unrest in oil producingcountries, which alsogreatly contributes to priceuctuations.In addition, other actorssuch as weather andseasonal challenges alsorequently result in higherprices.
FEB 2 - FEB 15, 2012 VOL. 02 NO. 03
MARKET pg 2 »
Rep. presidentialcandidate roundup -their views on taxes,health care & morep. 4When to just let go -releasing unhealthy relationships & belief systemsp. 5SRMC breaksground on new ERexpansion; 4H horsequiz bowl place 3rdin nation p. 6
Get creative - Crafty businesses andart classes now indowntown Griffinp. 3
 Jessica Gregory, Publisher jessica@the-grip.netwww.the-grip.net
Saehouse Coee & Tea destroyed by re; owners vow to rebuild
Current nationalaverage gas price:$3.46
(Regular grade)
Current lowestGrifn gas price:$3.41
(Regular grade @ Murphy USA )
Current highestGrifn gas price:$3.51
(Regular grade @ Phillips 66)
In-depth gas coverage; pricing explained
Credit card fees, taxesmake for low profitmargins on gasolineLocal gas pricesmay increase if county is designated"nonattainment" district
P.O. BOX 2251, GRIFFIN GA 30224Please support our wonderuladvertisers & check their advertsregularly or coupons and great deals!
all this and more coverage on page 2
Image credit: Jolie CookImage credit: Robert Hayden
Limited Americanrefinery capabilitiesincrease oil prices
FIRE, pg 6»
Current crudeoil price:$96.36
per barrel
2 Feb. 2 - Feb. 15, 2012
Nonattainmentdesignationwould result inhigher gasolineprices
Sta Writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
 With consumerdissatisaction alreadyrunning rampant, SpaldingCounty residents may soonace urther increases ingasoline prices i the UnitedStates EnvironmentalProtection Agency issuccessul in its eorts todesignate the county as anonattainment district.According to Jac Capp, airprotection branch chie o the Georgia EnvironmentalProtection Division, thisaction was not taken bythe state, but rather byocials o the ederalEnvironmental ProtectionAgency who claimSpalding County does notmeet ambient air qualitystandards or ozone.Ocials o the EPD on Oct.25, 2011 recommended tothe EPD that Cobb, Dekalb,Fulton and Henry countiesshould be designated asnot meeting the 2008ozone national ambientair quality standard,which would result inthose counties beingdesignated nonattainmentdistricts. Furthermore,the EPD reported that allother counties in Georgiashould be designated asattainment.However, the EPAresponded and indicatedthose our counties, alongwith 14 others – includingSpalding County – shouldalso be designated asnonattainment districts.Spalding County ocialsare strongly opposed tothis designation, primarilyon the basis that it wouldinterere with industrialdevelopment. The Boardo Commissioners hasapproved a contract withJoe Tanner & Associatesto attempt to haveSpalding County removedrom Georgia’s list o recommended cities.“There are two steps inthe process. The rst isthat we want to get onthe state’s list o countiesto be recommendedor exemption rom thenonattainment list,” saidCounty Manager WilliamWilson.“Then, ater that, i wemake that list, we go intoPhase 2, which is a muchlonger, more detailedprocess. The consultantwill work with the state o Georgia to provide datao why Spalding Countyshould be excluded.” The cost o this contractincludes two payments– or Phase 1, Tanner &Associates will charge$15,000. Should Phase 1prove successul, Phase2 will entail a secondpayment o $20,000. I ocials are unsuccessulin Phase 1, no urtherpayment will be made.Ocials say i Spaldingis designated anonattainment district,uture residentialdevelopment would alsobe hampered, and currentresidents would denitelyexperience a negativenancial impact, includingmore stringent air qualityrequirements that woulddirectly impact motorists.EPD CommunicationsDirector Kevin Chamberssaid the impact would beimmediately elt at the gaspumps due to regulationsthat would require only lowsulur uel be sold.“We require the low sulurgasoline be sold in thosenonattainment districts,because that helps usimprove air quality. That’sbeen in eect or years,”he said. “And reneries willcharge more or that lowsulur gasoline. That is acost that is passed on toconsumers at the pump.” The EPA has indicated it willannounce its nal decisionregarding Georgia’snonattainment districts byMay 31. Ω
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Sta Writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
Although consumers oteneel as i they are beingrobbed at the gas pumps,market analysis indicatesthat retail sales outlets donot benet rom a highprot margin on the sale o gasoline.Because o shrinkingprots, experts say majoroil companies no longerown the majority o gasstations.“It’s a very cutthroatbusiness, with 99 percento the gasoline stations outthere being independentlyowned,” said RobUnderwood, director o Congressional Relations orthe Petroleum MarketersAssociation o America.“When the market is morecompetitive – when the oilmarket gets tight – thesestores don’t make money. That’s why the major oilcompanies have exited themarket. The money isn’t inthe retail side; the moneyis in drilling or oil. In act,credit card companiesmake more money o gasoline sales than we do.”Underwood said the costis signicant, with 2008gures indicated gasolineretailers paid some $8billion to bank and creditcard companies in ees.In addition, ederal, stateand local taxes are prepaidby retailers, then directlypassed on to consumers atthe pump. For example, i a station is charging $3.50per gallon, that includespre-taxes already paid,including 18.4 cents inederal charges, 19.6 centsto the state o Georgia and9.1 cents going to localgovernment, or a total o 47.1 cents per gallon.A second consultant saidanother aspect directlyaecting Grin gasolineprices is the inux o immigrants in the retailindustry.“One o the biggest thingsabout the price o gas inGrin and other placesis new immigrants. Theybring their customs andbusiness ethics into ourculture, which is to makemoney, sell out and moveon,” the consultant said.“The American businessethic is to make a prot,maintain that protand keep your businessrunning.” The business practice isoten demonstrated inunder pricing gasoline,even i it results in gasolinebeing sold or less thanretail.“The gasoline is usuallysold at a loss to getcustomers into their storeor additional purchases,where things are higherpriced,” the consultantsaid. “For some owners, itcomes down to this – areyou going to give your gasaway at a loss or are yougoing to make a prot?” Ω
Sta Writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
 Although there have beenno recent incidences o gasoline shortages locally,the limited capability o United States oil reneriesdoes contribute to priceincreases, particularlyduring the winter months.Rob Underwood, directoro Congressional Relationsor the PetroleumMarketers Associationo America, said thecurrent status o Americanreneries is extremelypoor, and that currentgovernmental regulationsprovide little hope o improvement.“A new U.S. oil reneryhas not been built in over30 years, and dozenshave been shuttered,”he said. “Cumbersomeenvironmental regulationsand permitting processesmake rener plans toexpand productioncapacity more dicult thanthey should be.”According to anotherconsultant, Americanrenery capabilities, or lack thereo, are particularlyevident with seasonal priceuctuations.“During the winter months,prices go up because o thedemand or heating oil,”the consultant said.“Most American reneriescan only make one type o uel at a time. For example,a renery may produceheating oil or one week and then revert to dieselproduction or one week.” The weeks when dieselproduction is halted, pricesincrease accordingly, onlyto show a decrease whenproduction resumes.Weather also has thepotential to wreak havocon gasoline prices, ascenario that was perhapsbest demonstrated duringHurricane Katrina. Thecombination o ofineGul o Mexico reneriescombined with powerlosses and damage topipelines led to a gasolineshortage throughout theSoutheast.“We’re creatures o habit.People tend to ll up onthe same day or at thesame mileage, but duringHurricane Katrina, peoplewere hitting the pumpsat the same time andeverybody ran out o gasbecause there was noneavailable,” the consultantsaid, adding that thisresulted in a long-lastingand ongoing decrease insouthern consumption. Ω
market pricesaffected by many factors
“During the winter months,prices go up because o the demand or heatingoil,” the consultant said.“Most American reneriescan only make one type o uel at a time. For example,a renery may produceheating oil or one week and then revert to dieselproduction or one week.” The weeks when dieselproduction is halted, pricesincrease accordingly, onlyto show a decrease whenproduction resumes.Weather also has thepotential to wreak havocon gasoline prices, ascenario that was perhapsbest demonstrated duringHurricane Katrina. Thecombination o ofineGul o Mexico reneriescombined with powerlosses and damage topipelines led to a gasolineshortage throughout theSoutheast.During such crises,the governor has theability to intercede onbehal o consumers byimplementing the so-called“price gouging” law.Shawn Conroy, aspokesman or the GeorgiaConsumer ProtectionDivision, said this allowsthe governor to prohibitprice increases on itemsdeemed necessary topreserve, protect or sustainlie, health or saety o persons or their property.“Basically, in a ree marketeconomy, businesses canset their prices where theywant,” he said. “Unlessa state o emergency isdeclared, the market willset prices.”In the event a state o emergency is declared,Conroy said the governormay speciy services andproducts – includinggasoline – or which priceincreases are only allowedi they accurately reectan increase in the cost o new stock or its transport,along with the businessestablishment’s averagemarkup percentage duringthe ten days prior to thedeclaration o a state o emergency.“This serves to protectconsumers rom businessesthat might attempt totake advantage o anemergency situation,Conroy said. “Aside romthat, the market will setgasoline prices.” Ω
Local gasoline retailers donot see high prot margins
Station owners see low prot margins while consumers may see higher prices
Limited U.S. renery capabilities,weather aect price at the pump
Image credit: Jolie Cook
Feb. 2 - Feb. 15, 2012 3
If you've beenconfused about all themustaches that havebeen appearing herein The Grip, neverfear. It's all explainedhere, in a conversationwith 'stache studio co-owner Melanie Toland.
'stache studio
So...’stache studio is the newestbusiness located in downtownGrifn. What is ‘stache?
“’stache” is something yourpublisher, Jessica Gregory,and I have been talkingabout or a ew years now.When we were publishingScoop, we had a huge spacein the Old Coke building,a large portion o whichwas unused and I used todaydream about lling itwith chairs and big tablessuitable or arts and cratsand holding workshops inpainting, collaging, book-binding, sewing, etc. ButScoop kept us so busy, there just wasn’t any way that wecould do it and do it well atthat time.Jessica and I kept intouch ater Scoop ceasedpublication and we bothhad a continued interestedin opening a sips n’ strokestype business. Ater a ewconversations to hash outhow to share the idea, wecame up with what you’llcome to know as ‘stachestudio.We decided we’d take thesocial painting-type businessmodel and embellish it byadding social workshops onall means o being creative,like mixed media, collaging,paper mache, encaustic,sewing, and more. Ouraesthetic is sort o whimsicaland retro-Modern, I guess,so you’ll see lots o brightcolors, geometric patterns,humor, and whimsy.
The name is as unique as thebusiness itsel. Where did youcome up with it?
I’m not sure I rememberexactly. We nd the wholemustache meme/trend reallyhumorous, but it wasn’t untilwe came up with the namethat I realized how prevalentit is. People are picking upunny mustache-relatednovelties and giving themto me. I’m amazed at howmuch is out there.When Jessica and I weretrying to come up withsomething iconic that couldserve as our logo, we cameacross a mustache thatwe just loved. We know itdoesn’t make much sense,but we love that. Noteverything has to makesense.
What can people expect to do andnd at ‘stache?
Well, rst and oremost,we want people to not beintimidated by art. Sign upor a workshop or class anddon’t worry about whetheror not you think you’re the“creative” or “artistic” type. That’s really not the pointhere. The point is thatmaking art is about theprocess at ‘stache; there’ssomething about puttingdown your iPhone or anhour or two and gettinglost in paints, papers, tapes,abrics, and glues that’stherapeutic.
What types o classes will you beoering?
As I said earlier (I think), wehave the social paintingclasses that take placemostly in the evenings. These will be great or girls’night out or something todo on a date. You just bringyour avorite beverage (andsmall snack i you’d like) andwe supply the rest: aprons,brushes, paint, canvas, andinstruction. The other classes aren’tmuch dierent in that youcan still come by yoursel or with a date or group o riends, bring your avoritebeverage and snacks and--or most o the classes-- weprovide all the materials,instruction, and such.It’s still step-by-step andmeant to be more un thantechnique ocused, but youwill inadvertently learn somereally cool techniques ormaking all sorts o things.You’ll take home yourcreation ater any workshop/class you take rom us.I have to say somethingabout open studio, as well.Someone who loves tocreate, but just doesn’t havethe space at home will reallyappreciate having a table,chair and supply lockerreserved just or them, notto mention a get-away that’scompletely dedicated tocreativity, eliminating theneed to convert the kitchentable or spare bedroomrom studio to traditionalspace over and over again.Open studio membershipsare $35/month and can bepurchased on our website(www.stachestudio.net). They’re limited to 30members at any given timebecause we want to makesure we can accommodateall members appropriately. This might sound silly, butwe envision these membersas becoming a second amilyto us and to one another.We want members spendingtheir lunch breaks, evenings,and Saturday aternoonshere.
Will your studio cater to thecreative-minded or will anyonebe able to successully create apersonalized masterpiece?
Absolutely anyone will besuccessul. Our workshopsare step-by-step andinstructor-led, so you reallycan’t go wrong. I think andhope that people will bevery surprised at what they’llbe able to do. And besides,i you eel your painting isn’tall that good, but you had agood time, then you’ve beensuccessul in my opinion.
I see you’re oering ater-schoolprograms or kids. Why do youthink it’s important to introduceart into children’s lives?
I know that school budgetcuts are hitting both theperorming arts and thevisual arts programs prettyhard, but all children areartists (Picasso said that,right?) and to squash thatso early in their lives seemshorrid to me.Hallmark used to come toAugusta where I lived asa child with this bus or RVthat was converted into achildren’s art world. It wascalled Kaleidoscope. I don’tremember much o thedetail, but I remember theeeling. It was sort o surrealand I’ve never orgottenit. I want all children toexperience this at ‘stache.I should say, though,that we're not certiedteachers, but can supplythe encouragement, thetools, and some directionto children so that they are just given the opportunity toexpress themselves and playwith art.
‘stache studio seems so innovative!What should we expect rom youin the uture?
Who knows? Sometimeswe eel like the possibilitiesare endless. We talk aboutholding a series o art partiesaccompanied by an acousticguitarist. We’d like tocoordinate an art advocacygroup maybe. I personallywant to produce someonline video workshops orour website. We’ll have agallery space up ront thatwill be constantly evolving. Ithink that just about sums itall up! Ω
'stache studio is located at 116S. Sixth Street in downtownGrifn. Register online or any class or workshop at www.stachestudio.net or call 770-229-6599.
Art scene on the rise - craty businesses and art classes downtown
Birds o aFeather
“Birds o a Feather is somany things,” says co-owner Stacy Floyd Hallman.“We are basically split intothree departments. Theront o the store is ourboutique with variousartists and craters, thehigh majority o which areall rom Grin. Everythingin the ront o our storeis either handmade,handcrated, vintage,repurposed, reused,or recycled. We love todescribe it as a year-roundindoor crat air.” Items inthe boutique range romvintage clothing, crotchedanimals, mason jar candles, jewelry, headbands, bows,custom urniture and more. The second department isa consignment shop withhome decor and clothingor all ages. The thirddepartment - an antiqueand vintage boutique - is arecent expansion into theretail space next door, eventhough Birds o a Feather just opened a little overtwo months ago. The expansion allowedowners Stacy and SaraCornelison Marat (whocall one another Roosterand Chicken) to oer artclasses, which includesewing, sips-n-strokes stylepainting classes (bring yourown rereshment and paintalong with an instructor) inthe morning and evenings,and children’s classes aswell.Stacy dubbed Sara“Chicken” one day byaccident: “When I answeredSara’s call one day, I meantto say ‘Hey Chick’ and it justcame out with the slip o the tongue as ‘Hey Chicken.’She said, ‘Did you just callme Chicken?’ And I said‘Hmm. I guess I did.’ Andit stuck”. Stacy continuedto call her Chicken, andnally Sara dubbed Stacy“Rooster.” Their nicknamesare what led them toname the store, “Birds o aFeather.”“At the end o the day,Sara and I are best riends.We are moms. We run ourbusiness based on thevalues that are parentsinstilled in us. We chargeprices that we wouldwant to pay as moms. Weunderstand the need orthat artistic outlet and justwant to be a place wheremoms aren’t araid to bringtheir kids because its unor them to be here too,”Hallman said.“I made a acebook posta while back that said,“There is somethingsimply amazing aboutsurrounding yoursel with art, creativity, andcratiness . . .” and that’swhat you do when youvisit Birds o a Feather.And best o all, when youpurchase items rom ourstore you are supportingyour community, whetherits mom’s making moneyrom their clothes theirchildren have outgrownso they can do that nextround o shopping orthe next size up or its theartist who is working tosupplement their income. Tons o Grin’s teachersare vendors here too. So itsull o our own hometownhere. And as a businessowner, that eels great.” Ω
Birds o a Feather islocated at 135 S. Hill Street. Call Stacy or Sara at 678.603.2115 to become avendor, teach a class or signup or a class.
Melanie Toland painting at 'stache studio
126 E. College Street | 770-233-0902
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770.228.0760Coleman Tatum

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