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Published by MoreMoseySpeed

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Published by: MoreMoseySpeed on Feb 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beartracker’sAnimal Tracks Den
 The original online field guide to tracks and tracking - since 1997.Last updated: April 18, 2004
My name is Beartracker (AKA Kim A. Cabrera). I invite you to explore the world of tracking with me. I am interested in both animal and SAR (Search and Rescue) tracking.When you explore this site, you will find information on animals and their tracks. I havealso included links to my favorite tracking sites. As you follow the links below, you willfind pictures of animal tracks and drawings. In addition to animal tracks, you will findpictures of the animals themselves and natural history information for each species. If youknow how to identify animal tracks, you can tell who has visited the location. If you knowabout the habits of the animal, you will understand why it visited that place.You cannot find tracks unless you go out and look for them. Therefore, I have included afew tips on where to find them and even some links to my favorite tracking and hikingareas.This site is intended to be a source of information about North American animals andtheir tracks. I do not claim to be an expert tracker, just someone who loves tracking. The joy of tracking is in solving the mysteries out there. Every time you go tracking, you willfind new stories written on the ground, just waiting for you to unlock their secrets. I learnmore and more each time I go out for a walk. I invite you to explore this fascinating worldwith me. To get started, pick the type of animal you are interested in from the list below. Ihope you have as much fun exploring this site as I'm having creating it.Animal tracks, and tracking in general, are fascinating. You can share your tracking
experiences or just listen in to the discussions on my e-mail discussion forum for trackersand tracking. It's called the Signcutters List. If you wish to subscribe, click on the JoinList button at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to sign myGuestbook! Find a track and want to tell everyone about it? Want to find out what others havelearned about tracking? Whether you track animals or humans, you can post a messageto theAll Trackers Message Board. Open to all trackers, anywhere, for the discussion of  anything related to tracking. Animal tracks, human tracks, or even bicycle tracks. It's aforum for all trackers.Do you like this site? Want to tell others about it? Recommend the Animal Tracks Den tosomeone by clicking on this button:
Post a message on my Geocities message board.
Animals and Their Tracks
Animals don’t cover their tracks.
Now available: "Animals Don't Cover Their Tracks - An Introduction to AnimalTracking" on CD! (Version 3.0) New drawings, more species, more photos, moreextensive sections on tracking humans, more detailed directions for plaster casting,mystery tracks section, tracking stories section, and more. The CD features over 100species, including special bonus sections with the tracks of some African and Australiananimals. A large section on tracking lost people for search and rescue is included, withover four pages of photos showing the details of tracks and signs people leave. Easy to useformat. This web site is limited by bandwidth, but the CD-ROM is not. The CD isavailable in my online store at:www.cafepress.com/trackerWorks with Mac or PC.Happy tracking!!
Spring is here and the frogs are singing again! Check out the latest treefrog serenade onmytreefrogpage. Recorded March 2000 on Humboldt County's Eel River.
Anything that moves over the ground leaves signs of its passage. You can find these tracksand signs if you know what to look for. These pages will teach you to recognize the tracksand signs left by some common animals.
NEW... Download myfree animal tracks guide. This is an Adobe PDF file a little over 2MB. The download will be slow over a dial-up connection. (This guide prints on twopages.) You need the free Acrobat Reader to open this file.OR, download the brand new track guide for 2004. Three pages of tracks with all newdrawings and a few extra spaces to draw your own. This one is a 463KB PDF file.New 2004 animal tracks guide. 

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