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Continuing Adventures

Continuing Adventures

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Published by lucashill1

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Published by: lucashill1 on Feb 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXT. SPACEA massive and overly complicated SPACESHIP floats over analien planet. Thousands of lights glitter across itstextured, worn surface. A battle tested warship.INT. SPACESHIP- HIBERNATION DECK 18Rows of semi-opaque hibernation pods hang in the antisepticstillness.A BLARING ALARM breaks the silence. Dull blue lightssequentially CHOOM to life.The curved glass of a single hibernation pod illuminates withinternal activity.A decompressing HISS, the glass canopy SLIDES OPEN.With a waking COUGH and an annoyed GRUNT, space hero ACEBRANDO pulls himself out of the pod. Clad only in a pair ofskin-tight space-underpants, his physique puts the VitruvianMan to shame.He runs his football sized fist through his spiked black hairand leans against a wall of identical, unlabeled squarebuttons.He slams a button.ACE BRANDO(sleepy, irritated)Computer. Terminate alarm.The alarm silences.ACE BRANDOWhy was hibernation interrupted?What’s ship status?COMPUTER(feminine, but digital)Stop screwing around, your dad hasto pick up contact solution before work so you have to get a move on.ACE BRANDO(with haggard annoyance)Computer, run diagnostic. Resethibernation for fifteen years.He plods back to his pod and starts to climb in.
Behind him, a door irises open and an enormous HAIRY ALIENenters. It has four legs, four arms, eight feet tall, golddiscs intricately woven into its beard. A space rifle thesize of an oar is strapped to its back.It crosses the room to Ace in powerful, quick strides.HAIRY ALIEN(pleading, meek, normalvoice)Come on seriously get up. You know my glasses give me a headache. Ireally need to get my contactsolution.CUT TO REALITY:INT. SUNDAY HOUSEHOLD- J.R.’S ROOM- CONTINUOUSAce Brando is really J.R. SUNDAY, ten-year-old boy, sportingSeattle Mariners underoos and spiked black hair. His father,LOUIS SUNDAY, the hairy alien and J.R.’s dad, is in his latethirties, short-sleeved business shirt, messenger bag securedto his back instead of a space rifle.J.R.Computer, we have a security breachin Hibernation Deck 18.Louis turns J.R. around by his head and guides him into thebathroom.LOUISYeah yeah. You can take a spaceshower, admiral.J.R.(correcting him)Captain.J.R. closes the door to the bathroom and the shower starts.CUT BACK TOFANTASY:INT. SPACESHIP- HIBERNATION DECK 18- CONTINUOUSLouis, now a hairy alien again, stands outside thedecontamination unit.2.

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