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GLBT News February 2012 e.mailer

GLBT News February 2012 e.mailer

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Published by mxchanak49
This is the February 2012 edition of the GLBT News serving SW Ohio, NKy and SE Indiana. The paper is published by Worley Rodehaver map@ella.net 513-241-7539. Michael Chanak is the associate editor and columnist. The paper is for to be reproduced or distributed but we do as an attribution for any material used.
This is the February 2012 edition of the GLBT News serving SW Ohio, NKy and SE Indiana. The paper is published by Worley Rodehaver map@ella.net 513-241-7539. Michael Chanak is the associate editor and columnist. The paper is for to be reproduced or distributed but we do as an attribution for any material used.

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Published by: mxchanak49 on Feb 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1February, 2012
GLBT Teen? Problems? Contact th
Trevor Project Hotline—1-866-488-7386 GLSEN Hotline—1-866-934-9119 
Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.” Gore Vidal
By David White
In March 2011,Caracole underwentthe most dramaticchange in the historyof the agency whenthe Ohio Departmentof Health approvedCaracole’s applicationto provide case man-agement services forthose living with HIV/ AIDS in the eight-county region inSouthwest Ohio.Overnight, Cara-cole’s client base grewfrom 240 to more than800. Today, Caracoleserves more than1,050 clients.“With the support of our amazing board of directors, staff andvolunteers, we knewCaracole had to stepup to continue provid-ing case managementservices for peopleliving with HIV/AIDSin our region,” saysCaracole ExecutiveDirector Linda Seiter.Nine additional casemanagers have beenhired to accommodatethis influx of clients.Caracole now pro-vides free, confiden-tial case-managementservices for anyoneliving with HIV/AIDSin these eight South-west Ohio counties:Adams, Brown,
,Clermont, Clinton,Hamilton, Highlandand Warren.In addition to Cara-cole’s transitionalhousing programs forpeople living withHIV/AIDS, Caracolebegan two new pro-grams that assistclients with rent,mortgage and utilitiesuntil they can get back on their feet.People of all incomelevels benefit fromthese services: medi-cal case management,substance-abuserecovery support, helpaccessing financialbenefits or legalcounsel/services,support maintainingcare and medicationadherence and muchmore.“Throughout thistransition, our sup-porters have embracedthe challenges and theexciting new opportu-nities we’ve beengiven to improve thelives of people livingwith HIV/AIDS,” saysSeiter. “While ourprograms have
and expanded, ourmission is still thesame — to providesafe, affordablehousing and support-ive services to indi-viduals and familiesliving with HIV/ AIDS.”As a result of thisexpansion in numberof clients and staff,Caracole’s administra-tive and case manage-ment offices willmove from Roselawnto Northside thisSpring. Clients willbenefit from this movebecause of the in-creased public transitoptions as well asadditional gatheringspace.For more informa-tion on Caracole, toreceive services, or todonate, please contactCaracole at 513-761-1480 or visit
Caracole has become a full-service agency for people living with HIV/AIDS
By Mark Szabo
Ohio Street Protests for Equality
First goal of ourmovement is to getmedia attention and toeducate attendees howto take our message,of full equality foreveryone at school,work, in marriage and
Ohio Street Protests move on to Cleveland
every day life, hometo change the heartsand minds of folks inOhio and the regionalstates to be more ac-cepting of the LesbianGay Bisexual Trans-gender (
) com-munity.Our second goal isto get people moreengaged in the politi-cal process to chal-lenge law makers atall levels to lead bypassing legislation thatremoves governmentsanctioned discrimina-tion and passing
, Page 3, Col. 1
Contents © GLBT News, 2012
Page 2—GLBT N
February, 2012
“Always be yourself,”
Billy Elliot 
This Newspaper is supported entirely by income fromour Advertisers. Editorials/Opinions are the opinions of the writer or organization and thepublisher assumes responsibility only for Editorials, Opinions or Commentary written by the publisher or editor(s). Views expressed inOrganizational or Independent columns or in Letters to the Editor are those of the organizations or writers.This Newspaper is distributed FREE at Advertisers' locations, through community organizations and other outlets. The publisher assumes noresponsibility for content, accuracy or validity of Advertising.
Vol. 16, No. 2; February, 2012
Publisher/Editor—Worley RodehaverAssociate Editor—Michael X. ChanakAdvertising—Karen Halazayn, 513-979-4295Transportation—Joe WilksContributors—Scott Renno and Nate Wessel
Greater Cincinnati GLBT News
“Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease, only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King
This publication is dedicated to those
t is our goal to record the positive contributions
people make to their community and the localcommunity at large. While AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek to draw thepositive from the negative. We hold up Paul Delph and Matthew Shepard and their families as models of how human beings should or could react to each other and how families should support loved ones whoselives are not in the box right wing religious zealots want themin. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian, diedof AIDS in 1996. His mother shut down her business to care for him. Shepard died in 1998, victim of a hateCrime and his mother worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which is now law.
who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes
MAP ublications, 1727 Highland, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-241-7539
GLBT News and UPDATE, Worley Rodehaver and Michael X. Chanak are on Facebook
is published monthly in Cincinnati, Ohio.
I never wanted to bethe local GLBTQPIAherstorian. It is notPlayfield, “Aware onthe Square” and thesmall gathering
city hall by local acti-vists in June 1999Colegrove 2001-2004(
independent committee
), and theGay & LesbianCommunity Center of Greater Cincinnati2005-2009 (
).For those herstor-ians, here are twolinks for the PRIDE in2000:
http://tinyurl.com/  pride2000a
 Note — even the
headline issomewhat misleading!
) and
http://tinyurl.com/  pride2000b
.Beginning in 2010and again in 2011,Dan Wells did host aNorthsiders PRIDEEvent sans parade. Of course, kudos to NKyPRIDE beginning alsoin 2010 and
.Did someone stealPRIDE from theCenter? No, TheCenter board made adecision almost threeyears ago that PRIDEhad outgrown itsability to manage itand take it to the nextlevel – and still focuson its core purpose.The Center actuallysought a new sponsor(
now Gay Chamber 
)to ensure stability andfuture growth.If I got one of thosepesky details wrong –drop me a line,
Mother Says
By Michael Chanak
Pesky details
much fun,takes time,research, aton of phone callsand e.mails.Even when I try, I amnever sure I did rightby the record.As the late NealHamilton (
 pianist at  New Spirit MCC and eventually All SaintsChapel
) once said of me “queens wantfantasy and you keepgiving them facts.”Alas, my fate. Yet,every PRIDE seasonsomeone asks me forBruce Beisner’s articleon PRIDE, or the listof former PRIDEParade Marshals. Lastmonth’s column wasdevoted to a list of former marshals, thistime – a quick sketchof almost 30 years of Cincinnati PRIDEhistory.The last PRIDEParade and Festival indowntown Cincinnati
before 2010 was in1995!
The first everCincinnati PRIDE washeld downtown in1973. Were therePRIDE events from1996-1999? Yes, butno parades. Someremember Lunken(
 Michael Blankenshipand Dr. Larry Wolf et al.)
Why didPRIDE move fromdowntown Cincinnatito Northside in 2000?My recollection —there were manydiscussions in theearly 1990s at theCoalition (
)that downtown hadbeen “done to death”and that no one wasout in downtownCincinnati on Sat-urdays to see theparade. Doesn’t thatthinking seem ironicnow? Better yet, think this year will be thefirst for Sawyer Point?Nope. John Maddux,former Coalitionpresident takes thehonor with moving thePRIDE Festival therein 1990 and 1991.A few points beforethe next round of PRIDE fever sets in:Greater CincinnatiPRIDE Parade andFestival ran for tenyears from 2000 –2009 in Northside.The owners/organizerswere Chris Good 2000(
independent com-mittee
), Ken
Shop locally and .... vote
By Worley Rodehaver
Back in the pre-Stonewall Rebel-lion days GLBT people met inbars, sometimes located on side
streets or hidden indark alleys. Some metin the few bookstoreslocated in biggercities, Back thensome men called eachother “gurl.”Not so much today, things havecome a long way since then. Gaybars are very visible in many casesand some even fly the RainbowFlag out front showing
GLBT business owners haverainbow stickers on their doors andbusinesses run by straight allieswelcome all to stop and shop.You can take a look at the pagesin this, our
GLBT News PrintEdition
and in our electronicweekly
to see the kindsof businesses that welcome GLBTpeople.Yes, we have come a long way,but..........................If you keep up with the news—many of us news junkies do—youwill feel the undercurrent of hateand resentment of the GLBT Com-mumnity slithering forth from themouths of fascists who are slowlytaking over the Grand Old Party—which my father loved so dearly.Be cautious of who you vote foror your hard fought for rights may just simply go away and you mightfind yourself trying to get back intothat dark alley.
Page 3February, 2012
Scott E. Knox
General Practice including:
Probate—Wills/Powers of Attorney Disability (Social Security/SSI/DisabilityInsurance) Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Legal IssuesHIV Legal Issues
Honored as one of 
Lawyers Weekly USA’s
Attorneys of the Year for 2002
13 E. Court St., Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Tel: 513-241-3800 FAX: 513-241-4032e.mail:
legislation that willprotect the LGBTcommunity frombeing discriminatedagainst.The brain childbehind the movementis Adam Hoover, a 17year old high schoolsenior in Harrison,Ohio. Adam since hewas 15 has run hisown charity whichcollects donatedclothes once a monthto give to families inneed. Adam and agroup of friends alsorun a page on FACE-BOOK called SupportGay Marriage in Ohio(
) which hasalmost 180,000 likes.It is one of the larg-est grassroots pageson FACEBOOK.While SGMO hashelped Adam educateand motivate folksinto making a differ-ence Adam wants todo more. A few weeksafter Marriage Equal-ity was passed in NewYork Adam beganplanning his first“Ohio Street Protestfor Equality.” It took place in November inCincinnati and hadCincinnati City Coun-cil Candidate ChrisSeelbach as the fea-tured speaker. Morethan 400 folks showedup. The event gar-nered attention fromboth the Cincinnatipaper and a few of thelocal stations the daybefore and after.The day after thatrally Adam beganplanning his secondrally to take place inColumbus in Decem-ber. Former USRepresentative MaryJo Kilroy was thefeatured speaker. Morethan 350 folks showedup. Again the storywas given positivecoverage. In a quarterof the time Adam wasable to gather a groupalmost equal in size.Adam has organizedtwo successful events.With those two eventsbehind him, morefolks want to getinvolved. Adam hasset March 24 andCleveland, Ohio as thenext date and place tohave his third “OhioStreet Protest forEquality.” Adam wascontacted by a groupof ministers andactivists from Indianainspired by his moti-vation and drive. Theysuggested the idea of having a mass wed-ding to include bothsame sex couples andopposite sex couplesperformed by minis-ters of several differ-ent faiths.This would help putinto perspective thatmarriage equality is anissue of governmentsanctioned discrimina-tion. They havepledged to bring morethan 700 folks to helpand attend.Through FACE-BOOK Adam hasalready gotten morethan 2,000 folks tocommit to coming andparticipating ascouples in the wed-ding part and attend-ees in our protest.
—From Page 1

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