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Close, But No (Cuban) Cigar

Close, But No (Cuban) Cigar

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Published by mozzy72
For all your Cigar needs & equipment check out this site, http://www.93porschersr.com
For all your Cigar needs & equipment check out this site, http://www.93porschersr.com

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Published by: mozzy72 on Feb 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====If you love your Cigars or are looking for good Cigars & anything to do with Cigars, then check thisout!!http://www.93porschersr.com ==== ====Gosh darnit people, we were so close. After nearly 50 years, I could definitely start feeling theeffects of the United State embargo on Cuba. Any day now I feel like they will open up andbecome the democratic neighbor we've been (literally) holding out for. Yes, it's true, the economicembargo the United States placed on Cuba turned 50 this October*. Additionally, we've beenplacing an "embargo" of sorts on travel between our two nations. But now the Obamaadministration is set to ruin years of hard work by easing travel restrictions and make it easier for,get this, sports teams and churches to travel to Cuba. My fellow Americans, this is despicable! If we have church groups traveling to this country, thenwe are destined to become communists too. Look what happened when we started traveling toChina! [Editor's note: bad example.] Truly, the best way to avoid communism is to let the Cubanpeople suffer. No food, water, or medical supplies for you, Cubans! Additionally, all this sufferingwill help us ease the severe lack of illegal immigrants in our country. I always say, the best way toget more immigrants is a good old fashioned embargo! But you know what is even more outrageous to me? The world trying to tell us what to do. Lastyear, the United Nations voted 187 to 3 to "advise us" to end the embargo. At least we can stillcount on our pals Israel and island nation Palau to support us. But darn our two other friendsMicronesia and the Marshall Islands for abstaining from the vote. Even we didn't abstain! I must also note that I for one am glad that we did not take on the added responsibility of openingup trade and travel because then we would be forced to exert democratic influence on thegovernment once the decrepit Castro brothers are no more. Compared to allowing the governmentto heavily regulate everything going in and out of the country, it sounds like so much work to letpeople vacation on Cuban shores! No, count me in as an embargo supporter. Now I was born about two years before the collapse of the Soviet Union, one of Cuba's biggestsupporters. Are you going to deny me the chance to continue living with Cold-War era regulations?My friends, please please call your senator and tell them to keep listening to lobbyists and let'skeep this embargo going! I don't want Fidel and Raul to have the privilege of ruining this countryall on their own. *The U.S. embargo on Cuba began partially in October of 1960, and then was expanded in theupcoming years and codified into law in the 1990's. Andre P. Audette publishes the blog "No Politics As Usual": Challenging partisanship, calling out

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