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When is Time Management Not Enough

When is Time Management Not Enough

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Published by Charles Hendrix

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Published by: Charles Hendrix on Feb 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Are you struggling with ways to manage your time to better your success? Are you having a lot oftrouble trying to discover the truth behind being the master of time instead of the slave? For "THE"Solution Check This Outhttp://timemanagement.nicheinformationsite.com ==== ====A working manager needs more than time management. That old saying, "Dance with the one that brought you to the ball," came to mind as I received areality jolt recently. Let me share with you that jolting insight. I was in transition away from managing several groups oftechnicians and professionals to more personal hands-on production management. My self-imageand reputation lead me to assume that simply putting in the same hours in my usual efficientmanner would do the trick. So, I continued tracking my time. Wrong assumption! It was necessary to get back to basics or, to use the wisdom of that old saying, to dance with theone who got me from there to here. Namely, tracking specific actions that produce results insteadof tracking time spent on specific and general activity. What I was suspecting was painfully true. Effective results were falling short of my own standardsand objectives. I replaced my time managing controls with production controls. My daily discipline, attitudes andfocus changed immediately and so did the output. I was no longer deceiving myself by playing thatlook-how-hard-I'm-trying game It's a humbling experience when the manager needs the same supervision as salespeople,technicians and other such producers. It's embarrassing when a manager applies to oneself thesame stringent supervisory methods he or she once used on salespersons and other responsiblepersons working in critical profit centers. While this piece is directed to the owner/manager who plays a hands-on role in a small business, itserves as a reminder to all managers who could be due for a comparative review of daily actions,time use and actual output. Now, let me share with you the simple control device that did the turn-around for me. It was set up as a spreadsheet. In the first column I listed the items to be produced, in the secondcolumn were the objectives (e.g: 10 / week, 0.2/day, 12 in can, etc.) and to the right columnsheaded with dates of the workdays for the month into which you tally your production. In the far

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