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Meeting Planner Checklist

Meeting Planner Checklist

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Published by Charles Hendrix

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Published by: Charles Hendrix on Feb 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Are you struggling with ways to manage your time to better your success? Are you having a lot oftrouble trying to discover the truth behind being the master of time instead of the slave? For "THE"Solution Check This Outhttp://timemanagement.nicheinformationsite.com ==== ====A checklist is a list of items or tasks to be documented, checked and followed closely. The list oftasks in a checklist are to be remembered also but as it's hard to remember a lengthy list of tasksand items, the tasks and items are documented for reference and so that they aren't forgotten. When planning for a meeting, there are several tasks to be executed and several eventualities tobe prepared for. New challenges invariably arise in the meeting planning process at the eleventhhour and you've got to plan ahead for these so that you're not stumped or foxed by problems thatmay crop up. A meeting planner checklist or a convention planning checklist, therefore, has to bedrawn up in advance so that your meeting's a success and so that everyone praises you as anefficient meeting planner. As your requirements as an event planner will be manifold, you have tothrash out a comprehensive meeting planner checklist that will cover all major and minor details. An ideal meeting planner checklist or event planning guide should comprise the goal and theme ofthe meeting; the agenda of the meeting; the venue of the meeting; an estimate of costs such asvenue, refreshments, electricity, and decoration costs; the program of functions to be held and thecost of hiring a DJ and holding functions after taking auditions and getting quotations; initial costquotations from different bidders on several items; list of sponsorships and the amounts for suchsponsorships; the amount to be charged as admission fees; the tentative date of the meeting; thelist of invitees and the list of VIPs to be invited; etc. In the meeting planner checklist or meetingplanner form, you should also include items such as how the invitation cards should be designed;the role of public relations; the preparation of press releases; the collating of bio data of VIPs andcelebrities who are to be invited; special permissions that may be required to be taken for hostingthe meeting at a certain venue that's been selected. Your meeting planner checklist doesn't end here. As the date of the meeting draws closer andcloser, you have to check and reconfirm that everything's as you've decided, that there isn't anycontroversy about the venue, date and time, before you finally send out the invitation cards. Youalso have to finalize on the rough estimate of the number of people who'll be attending themeeting, menu and the caterers, the light and sound effects, accommodation for the VIPs andcelebrities, who'll go to receive them at the airport, whether you'll allow TV personnel to give a livecoverage of the event, etc. A month before the meeting, meeting planners get hyperactive. They can't be blamed for itbecause the meeting planner checklist seems to get longer and longer as they come closer to themeeting date. A meeting planner checklist at the initial stage tends to be short and broad outliningonly general categories of tasks to be done. As the day of the meeting approaches, the meetingplanner checklist becomes more elaborate and detailed as each category gets divided into several
tasks which have to be executed with precision if the meeting's to be a success. So, the meetingplanner checklist now includes the placing of advertisements in newspapers, on television and inother media declaring the coming of the event with fanfare; making a final check of the guest,delegate and attendee list; the preparation of meeting kits for the VIPs and the other attendees;checking the final seating arrangement in the conference hall, on the dais, etc; the final estimate ofguests, which is to be handed over to the caterers so that they may prepare food according to thenumber of heads; checking whether all planes and trains are running on schedule and makingarrangements for airport pickups in limousines for VIPs; checking hotel bookings once again; etc. As the countdown to the meeting begins, there is no time for you to rest at all as you have to workto a feverish pitch. Your meeting planner checklist or corporate event planning checklist becomesyour sole companion as you verify, check and recheck whether you've left out something vital, ifsome new difficulty has arisen, whether everything is proceeding according to plan, etc. The finalbuild-up period to a meeting is the most crucial and can be nerve-racking for meeting planners. Itis better to groom some juniors in advance so that, god forbid, if you fall sick at the last moment,they'll be able to pull the event through. Most meeting planner checklists and conference planningguides, such as the one described here, put too much pressure on the meeting planners. Most ofthe tasks have to be documented by the planners themselves on such meeting planner checklists.Moreover, you can't afford to lose your meeting planner checklist probably because you've notonly documented all critical activities there but also because you've pinned vendors' andcontractors' receipts and bills to it. The latter you certainly can't afford to lose. On the day beforethe meeting, you have to make sure of everything that you've planned for months. It'srecommended that you also keep some cash aside in case of emergencies. Finally, on the day ofthe meeting, make sure that you get to the venue much before everyone else so that you can dosome last minute checking. Hopefully, if everything goes well that day and you don't get a heartattack before the event's over, you can keep aside your meeting planner checklist or meetingplanner form for the first time in months and breathe easily. If everything went as planned, remember you were just lucky. Because some terrible emergencycould have cropped up that might have jeopardized the entire program. Your meeting plannerchecklist could have got torn or could have got lost taking with it the vendors' and contractors'receipts and other important documents and papers. Besides, if you were the only expert planningthe meeting, a lot would depend on you. If you slipped up or failed, the whole event would collapselike a house of cards. Therefore, your nervousness right through the meeting planning processwas only justified but is it right to stay so tense? Doubtless, you're a good meeting planner. Butgoof-ups are only part of being human. If you've been perfect once, and excellent twice, it's quitelikely that you'll goof up the third time. So, why are you taking the tension and risk of the meetingplanning process on yourself alone? Why don't you share it with an ace meeting planner checklistsuch as the online diary planner? The online diary planner is a software that qualifies for an expertmeeting planner checklist. You can relax when you use a reliable online diary planner. A reliable online diary planner is aweb-based application that helps you to upload meeting agenda, meeting minutes, and meetingsummaries; names and details of meeting venues; meeting schedules; names and details ofmeeting contacts and invitees; and other meeting-related data into it easily. It helps you to retrieveinformation from it at the click of a mouse. There's no question of the online diary getting lost. Youcan access the application from any PC or machine in the world that's connected to the Internet.The online diary planner is a very secure meeting planner checklist and an event planning form.
You can only access your data with your Username and Password, which the application keepsconfidential along with your data in its fail-safe servers. If you wish to consult meeting schedulesand agenda with others, you can always share your meeting and agenda details with othersthrough the platform of the online diary. A reliable online diary planner works across different timezones and allows the importing of contacts from other email applications into it. But its distinguishing feature is that it is an exceptional meeting planner checklist and serves as anexcellent event planning checklist template. With built-in software that classifies the meeting-datamanagement process under different categories, the online diary planner supplies you with the keytasks that are to be executed for any successful meeting, You don't have to tear your hair andburn the midnight oil to thrash out the salient items that'll make up your meeting planner checklistas a reliable online diary planner brings them to you on a platter! Its single user-friendly platform ismore than sufficient for you to get the hang of the meeting planning process. You needn't be sotense about meeting planning as you can bank on a reliable online diary planner completely. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_diary_planner informs you of the most reliable and authenticonline diary planners that you can use as meeting planner checklists, absolutely free of cost. Youcan trust Wikipedia to give you authentic and unbiased information. Unlike an ordinary meeting planner checklist which you have to fill with items and tasks, the onlinediary planner is a meeting planner checklist that guides you in the process of meetingmanagement, work management and the management of your life. An authentic online diaryplanner restructures your thoughts and teaches you how to apply your mind to data classificationand storing. A reliable online diary planner helps you to have all essential facts at your fingertips! Ithones your skills in data management and helps you to be in control of the meeting-datamanagement process. A better meeting planner checklist than a reliable online diary planner isimpossible to find! Damien Ghosh is a prolific writer of articles that focus on technology, places, psychology andpeople. Damien has worked in different industries such as the information technology industry, thetravel and tourism industry and the retail industry. He has worked in several projects for blue-chipcompanies, that are part of the IT, travel and tourism and retail industries. His work and hispassion for traveling has made him journey across the world. He has led large work-teams toaccomplish business goals successfully. He is also an expert on psychology and has manydegrees and diplomas in clinical and business psychology. He has successfully coached,counseled and mentored several people in the various organizations he has worked as aprofessional HR manager and psychologist. He has also counseled many people by holdingcounseling sessions in different parts of the world. His counseling sessions have been very helpfulfor motivating people and for enabling them to identify and set their goals. His rich experienceundoubtedly helps him to write extensively. Damien writes for magazines, the web and fornewspapers. He has also done several research papers on motivation, goal-setting, and humanpsychology and has contributed chapters to textbooks that deal with human resourcemanagement, human resource development, business and industrial psychology and clinicalpsychology. His articles, chapters and papers have received lots of accolades from critics,professionals, psychologists, HR managers, industrialists, help-seekers and readers in general.Damien Ghosh's website is https://www.meetingdiary.com and his email is

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